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Vhesdra: "Magic! Now, that is an interesting topic! However, an intelligent man such as yourself would surely be aware that that is something foreign to this world, yes?"
Reis: "Of course it is not something that originated of humble Idyll, but that does not mean it doesn't exist here."
—>—from the first published chapter of "The Man With Violet Eyes"
Dayfall is the first of a series of online fantasy novels. Currently, eight chapters are available to read at this WordPress page.On a distant world, where
there is no magic to speak of, but there exists indication that it used to be abundant. Reis Dayfall intends to find out where the magic went, and to see what can be done to bring it back.

Tropes found in Dayfall:

The LeaderReis
The LancerVerren
The ChickVhesdra
The Smart GirlHeulwyn
The Big GuyAylward
The Sixth RangerHarvar

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