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D8 is a fantasy story by author Tonniwott.

According to the author, D8 is the prototype of a planned novel. There's also a spin-off comic and a collection of one-page comics. A spin-off story has also been launched.

The plot revolves around a separate dimension to our own called The Board, which co-exists with our own. Essentially a chessboard, The Board is divided into two factions: Black and White. Every citizen has a rank according to a chess piece; the King's guard are called Bishops, the archers are called Rooks, normal citizens are Pawns and so on. Occasionally, a person from outside the Board will get sucked into the game, and this is where our story begins.


The conflict between the two kingdoms has prevailed since before anyone can remember, but there are personal reasons behind the current Black Queen's adamant struggle - and just as Black Kingdom is about to buckle under, a new King rises to the throne, with the goal of ending the war once and for all. Les Yay abounds.

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