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Curse Words is a web serial novel about magical teenagers uncovering conspiracies and trying to survive their mage training. It's been described as "Harry Potter, if it were a political intrigue."

Kayden is a boy with a curse in his heart. He's successfully kept it a secret for years, preventing it from hurting anyone, but when he's pushed too far and lashes out at a bully, he finds himself up on charges of magical assault. A teacher from a magical school he's never heard of shows up and offers to get him the best lawyers possible to make the whole problem go away, at a cost... Kayden must attend his hidden magical school for six months. An obvious trap, sure, but when Kayden hears that the school can teach him to control the curse so it never hurts anyone again, he feels he has no choice to accept.


Immediately, Kayden is flung into a world of magic, politics, terrible school administration and frustratingly designed enchanted bedrooms. Oh, and he might have to find out who keeps trying to murder a famous mage on campus. If he can convince anyone that there's a murderer at all.

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