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“Don’t throw nukes at me!” he protested, trying not to sound as terrified as he felt. Before he could reconsider, Jacques turned and gripped the silver, rounded crate.

The Countryship Yoors is about a spaceship the size of a country and there is not a lot else to it. The entire story at the moment consists of four chapters, and it has not been updated for over eight months, but the author has expressed a desire to update as soon as he gets time. The story can be found here. Make sure you scroll to the bottom and read upwards.


The main character, a man called Jacques, awakes in an unfamiliar town, and quickly learns that he somehow managed to get aboard a 'Countryship' - a large spaceship that presumably holds an entire country inside it. By the fourth chapter, Jacques, Kwog, and Lince find themselves trapped inside an alien spacecraft, hunting Lince because he tried to evade paying a large amount of 'yills' he lost during gambling.


Contains examples of:

  • Cool Starship: The titular Countryship Yoors.
  • Nuclear Option: Apparently the best way to shift the ship away from the planet Jupiter involves planting several nukes on the side and then detonating them.
    • Hold on a second, isn't the top of the dome made of glass?
  • A Iis A Crap Shoot: Apparently, robots aren't used because they 'cannot be trusted'
  • Teleporters and Transporters The 'instaporter'. It isn't actually instant.

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