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Cover of Scorching Love

Costa Leona Series is a series of stories created by Filipino Wattpad Author, Jonah Mae Pacala, known by her pen name, Jonaxx, in 2016 starting with the first series, Scorching Love. Costa Leona Series is composed of two generations, the 3rd Generation (which spans from series #1 to #8) and 2nd Generation (which spans from #9 to #14).

The series focuses on different stories revolving around the members of the Riego, Hidalgo and Mercadejas clan, all of whom resides in a fictional place called 'Costa Leona'. Each stories focuses on different problems but are related one way or another.

Costa Leona Series is found formerly at Wattpad but is now transferred in Jonaxx' own app, Jonaxx Stories App.

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    3rd Generation 
  • #1: Scorching Love
  • #2: Waves of Memories
  • #3: Island of Fire
  • #4: Blown By The Wind
  • #5: Sands of Time
  • #6: What Lies Beneath The Sand
  • #7: Ruling the Wild Waves
  • #8: Sunburned Heart

     2nd Generation 
  • #9: Whispers of the Wind
  • #10: Love in the Dark
  • #11: Kissing The Dust
  • #12: Sweet Flames Of Vengeance
  • #13: After The Chains
  • #14: The Sun's Heartbeat