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Cilva is the immediate prequel to Remember To Always Be Brave, written by Daniel Rodriguez and published in 2015.

Starting in the year before Remember To Always Be Brave (07/1998 AUC versus 07/1999 AUC), Cilva briefly recounts how Zoticus got into the military in the first place. As the war in Africa (known to the Romans as "[The] Southern Old World [Continent]", wages and seems to be tipping in the favor of the Rebels, Zoticus is simply a young warehouse worker living in New Corsica (Puerto Rico) with his girlfriend, Alala. Alala, however, wants to save her parents, and as the war rages and the continent is quarantined off, the only way to do that is to join the military - and get into Southern Old World, somehow.

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  • Alternative Calendar: Uses the Roman Ab Urbe Conditia Calendar as the only calendar, and forms the chapter titles.
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  • Always Chaotic Evil: The Demented are this, with not one being anywhere near friendly.
  • Always on Duty: Zoticus and Alala for most of the December chapters.
  • Abandoned Warehouse: Alala tells Zoticus to meet her at one if they get separated.
  • Corpse Land: Cilva is this, especially the streets.
  • Darkest Africa: Ends here - in Cilva.
  • Enemy Mine: The Romans are called into Cilva in the first place to aid in a rebellion/uprising against the Alliance of Nations. The truth is far worse.
  • Gender Is No Object: Just like in Remember To Always Be Brave, females fight alongside the males and not an eyelash is batted at this.
  • Istanbul (Not Constantinople): Roman and native names are abound, even the continent of Africa is not referred to as such. (Since the Romans only saw 'Africa' as a province, not as a continent, another name was made for it.)
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  • Overnight Conquest: Seems to be this way, especially in Nigrita after the Rebels overrun Bornu.
  • The Horde: The Demented work this way, and maybe even the rebels.
  • The Plague: Rears its ugly head rather personally.
  • The Quest: Alala goes on one to get her parents out of Southern Old World at any cost.
  • Quarantine with Extreme Prejudice: Happens to the whole of Africa, and is why Alala has to go into the military to even get a chance at getting her parents out.
  • Sinister Subway: The Roman Military in Cilva ends up in this to avoid the more dangerous top ground.