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Literature / Cheesecake, Jr. in the Future

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Cheesecake, Jr. in the Future is a book by Devin Moffit. It revolves around an adolescent dinosaur-person who time-travels to the year 2311 and does shenanigans.

It starts of with the title character playing videos games with his friend Ron Hinkleton. Then, his father walks in suspiciously, and Ron know's something is up. They then find out his father's pantry is actually a secret lab, and they use a time machine to travel forward in time. They see the world changing around them, and eventually stop in the year 2311. They find CJ's distant descendant, and a he decides to take them in and even feed them dinner. The kids later go to school, and learn about the future. When learning about a future war, CJ cries and shorts a machine.


He later goes to a mall, but while they are gone, someone destroys the time machine. They find out who it is, and the perpetrator chases them. CJ then manages to go further forward in time to an a time beyond Earth, and discover a new civilization with backwards time travel technology. The backwards time travel hurts them so much, it knocks them out. They finally arrive in the present (then 2011), and the story ends there.


Provides examples of

  • Everything's Better with Dinosaurs. All the main characters are anthropomorphic dinosaurs.
  • Time Travel. The plot of most of the story.
  • The Future. Duh, it's even in the name.
  • Global Warming: Averted. In fact, when CJ arrives in the future, he complains how cold it is.
  • World War III. It's mentioned, occuring around the turn of the 22nd century.
  • World War Whatever. Another nuclear war is mentioned happening around the year 6000.
  • Non-Mammalian Hair. All the main characters (who are reptiles) have hair. CJ even mentions it in the beginning of the story.
  • Dumb Nickname. Cheesecake, Jr.? Come on!
  • Random Events Plot. Not many useful things happen in the story. The conflict doesn't even appear until 2/3rds the way through the story, and it briefly ends a moment later.
  • Sacred Hospitality. The man from the future takes CJ and Ron in, no questions asked. Of course, CJ is the man's distant ancestor...
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  • Forgotten Fallen Friend: After about a chapter or two, Ron is mostly ignored, and it could be assumed that he was left in the future. Of course, he didn't die, but he hasn't appeared since (except for the next book, but he still hasn't appeared since).


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