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Literature / Chasing The Bard

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Philippa Ballantine's second novel, published in 2005 by Dragon Moon Press and released as a full-cast podiobook in 2008. The podcast edition won the 2009 Sir Julius Vogel Award for Fan Production and featured the voices of the author and fellow authors such as Tee Morris, P.G. Holyfield, and Chris Lester.

The Fey world is dying, and Sive will do anything to save her people. Her brother Auberon, their king, prefers to spend his days in idle pleasure. When she discovers a powerful human child, destined to wield the magic of both worlds, she sets her cousin Puck to watch over him, intending the young Will Shakespeare will grow up to be the weapon she needs. Will thinks he has his own life to lead, but the dark powers that are behind the decay of the Fey world also have designs on him and circumstances force him to care about the fate of the Fey.


Digital Magic is the Darker and Edgier sequel.

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