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Literature / Chance Fortune and the Outlaws

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In this fantasy adventure of good versus evil, Burlington Academy exists for the sole purpose of training and grooming humans who have superpowers. Regular guy Josh Blevins doesn't care about that. All he's ever wanted to do is attend the academy. With help from a retired action hero, he manages to manipulate his way in, changing his name to Chance Fortune and listing his superpower as "Unnaturally good luck."


Actually, what he really has is good old-fashioned common sense, something his teammates, the Outlaws, seem to lack. As they practice and compete against one another in mock battles, it becomes apparent that something is amiss at school. Evil has come to the sacred grounds and Chance and the Outlaws are left to fend for themselves. Intimidating villains rev up the conflict while the underrated good guys bond together to defeat what comes.


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