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An ongoing story chronicling the Adventure Series of a Super Team Written by Blade 100, the story of Calling All Heroes is Fictionpress' own version of the The Avengers and Justice League of America. The story has a group of six super powered beings, one who already has his own established continuity and two more with their continuities created after the creation of the story, teaming up to face a Big Bad from another dimension. From there, the story is turned into an ever growing world, with Loads and Loads of Characters. What makes this story Fictionpress' own Super Team is the fact that you can submit superheroes, heroines, and villains to join the cast of characters.


You can find it Here.

Calling All Heroies provides examples of:

  • Amulet of Concentrated Awesome: Kid Chimera's powers come from the amulet that's stuck within his body.
  • Badass Normal: Archangel.
  • Berserk Button: Do not mess with TAG One's girlfriend. He'll kill you without any remorse.
  • Bewarethe Nice Ones: Raven is easily the nicest and shyest of the group. He can control the very air, creating tornadoes and hurricanes with his power.
  • Big Bad: For the first arc Oude Rode Ogen. For the second, T seems to be acting as this.
  • Catchphrase: SUCK ON MY JUSTICE! - Captain Justice
  • Clothes Makethe Superman: TAG One and the rest of TAG all wear special armors and use advance technology.
  • Cloud Cuckoolander: Captain Justice isn't very good at making sense, unless he feels like it. He usually doesn't feel like it.
  • Darkis Not Evil: D is a black robe wearing, red eyed, wine drinking, sharp tooth, and frightening Devil-like character. He helps the heroes and gives them rewards for helping others.
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  • Did We Just Have Tea with Cthulhu??: As stated above, D can be quite polite when he isn't being drop dead creepy.He also prefers wine.
  • Eldritch Abomination: When D isn't a Humanoid Abomination, this is him. Showing his true face to Ogen ended up putting the villain into a comatose state! We've yet to see if T can pull off anything like this.
  • Evil Counterpart: The Society of Superheroes to the Coalition of Criminals.
  • Expy: Captain Justice and Deadpool. Both are Fourth Wall breaking guys with healing factors who never shut up. Major differences between the two are that Cap has a Thou Shall Not Kill rule, no weapons, and is not as good of a fighter as his more violent counterpart.
    • TAG One and Ironman. Both are guys in suits who can fly.
    • Static Shock, Black Lightning, and Black Vulcan are all similar to Railgun. They're all black and have lightning powers.
    • If Batman was a mute and wore white ninja clothes, you'd get Archangel.
    • Gunner is a lot like Wesley Gibbson from Wanted.
  • Five-Man Band: For the Founders, though it isn't really five.
    • The Hero: Arguably Captain Justice.
    • The Lancer: TAG One
    • The Smart Guy: Virus, though she is a girl.
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    • The Big Guy: Railgun is very quiet, but is still incredibly powerful, especially when he absorbs the electricity around him.
    • The Heart: Raven. And look! He's not completely useless!
    • The Chick: ActionGirl Flame is this.
    • Sixth Ranger: Captain Justice again.
    • Team Pet: The Founders also have Jack the Talking Cell Phone and Michael the Talking Laptop.
  • Heroes Unlimited: After the first arc, the heroes decided to expand and recruit as many heroes as they could, forming the Society.
  • Humanoid Abomination: Subverted. D seems to be a benevolent being who is just...really creepy. He's not evil, people just assume he is due to how he acts and looks. Having a black robe, blood red eyes, and razor sharp teeth can do that. Wordof God states he takes this form because he likes screwing with mortals.
    • T is a better example, as he actually is evil. But again, this is subverted slightly as T usually appears as a benevolent, kind being.
  • Lightis Not Good: T appears as a white robed, blue eyed, almost angelic figure. He wants to kill all heroes and practically worships death.
  • Legion of Doom: The Coalition of Criminals, a large organization of you guessed it! Criminals.
  • Sufficiently Advanced Alien: D compares himself to this. Whether he's lying or not is yet to be seen.
  • Super Team: The Society of Superheroes, which has a smaller Super Team in it called TAG. There is also the supervillain counterpart, the Coalition of Criminals.
  • Take That!: The world of Ogen and Captain Justice is obviously inspired by Wanted and Gunner is inspired by Wesley Gibbson. Gunner gets his butt kicked by Captain.
  • Talkative Loon: Captain JUSTICE, BABY! And he knows it!
  • Thou Shall Not Kill: The Society, and most heroes, seem to have a no killing of sentient life rule.
  • Too Kinky to Torture: When Captain Justice was captured, he asked if he was going to be raped and seemed pretty okay with it, whether it was by a man or woman. When the torture session was over, which was pretty much tearing him apart and keeping him in a bunch of jars to keep him from healing, he showed slight discomfort after putting himself back together. To be honest, he seemed more focus on the fact that he was naked than anything else.


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