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A planned series of books (two now, CALEXIT and CALEXIT 2: Politics as Normal) by Ira Tabankin.

The 2016 US Presidential Election shocked the world, and no one was more shocked than the people of California. While liberals take to the streets in protest, a movement altogether different from "Resist" starts bubbling. Californians have long believed themselves to be the intellectual and cultural hub of America, and feeling disrespected by the election start to contemplate something not attempted in over a century: secession.


At first, the men in power merely scoff at the notion, but as more and more people are deported and more of the liberal agenda overturned, a grassroots movement garners more and more popular support for CALEXIT. In 2018, the question of California's secession makes public ballot, and passes due to some dirty tricks (such as hiding or unplugging voting machines in right-wing districts). The People's Republic of California is formed.

Immediately, China recognizes the new nation in exchange for basing rights. Now a new civil war begins between conservative America and China-backed California. Battles are fought over control of West Coast ports. The US Senate vote to condemn the secession and send in troops is held up indefinitely by Democratic filibuster.

Meanwhile, heavily conservative Yuba City attempts to counter-secede and remain with the union.


Not to be confused with CALEXIT, which is a similar story told from the opposite perspective.

CALEXIT contains examples of:

  • Divided States of America: Actually, if you ignore California's leaving, so far everyone seems to be pretty much on the same side.
  • 20 Minutes into the Future: The main plot kicks off early in 2018.
  • War On Straw: Liberal leaders are consistently shown as childish.
  • Yellow Peril: Much concern is had that an independent California would become a Chinese puppet-state and seek to expand. How true this is remains to be seen.

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