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"So you really don't understand and that means I have to do a total exposition. Alright, let's get this started."
— Ollie Pirenci, resident villain of the book

Burnt Empire is this troper's attempt at making something readable. She's been working on it for a few years now and it's probably not going to be published. It's about three kids, one of whom was a resistance leader but was captured and escaped. She (self-named Vallian) is travelling with the other kids for reasons unknown for most of the book. And so you're not confused later, the other kids are Hane (girl) and Morley (guy).


Now has a character sheet.

The author's on the third revision, so the download link is down.

The author's a Wordpress at this address if anyone wants to look at excerpts and things from the new one.

The tropes used are:

Section for Magical here. Shall be edited tomorrow.

Magical is a sort of prequel to Burnt Empire, this troper's previous novel. It focuses on Esme The Magnificent, who infiltrates the rebel base to turn in information to the queen and become (more) famous. Of course, there are some problems.


Alternative Title(s): Magical


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