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Road to nowhere

Black Trip is a 2018 supernatural fantasy novella by Asi Hart.

Mack is a PI in Smoky Bay. He gets hired to look for a missing person, and this leads to him getting trapped in another dimension. As happens.

In there he quickly finds the guy he is looking for, and the guy who was sent in before to investigate. None of them are in any hurry to leave.

They eat sandwiches, drink liquor and fight ghosts.

Tropes in this novella include:

  • Eldritch Location: The city will change when not watched, and it is best not to go too far into the houses if one doesn't want to get lost.
  • Our Ghosts Are Different: Faceless apparitions are strewn about the city. They have firearms. They are deadly if ignored.
  • Story Within a Story: The guys tell each other jokes and stories while drinking vodka and reloading guns. They are random and have very little bearing on anything.

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