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Ancient Dreams is a book trilogy by Benjamin Medrano.

Long ago, Sistina, a summoned demoness, was bound into a crystal by a summoner with a grudge and left without sustenance to slowly fade away. Now, hundreds of years later, having only dim memories of her previous life, she finally manages to start affecting the outside world, in the process slowly growing into a Dungeon.Unfortunately, Sistina's Dungeon location sees her embroiled in a conflict between the Kingdom of Kelvanis, an imperialist state that makes heavy use of enslavement magic, and two neighbouring elven countries.


The series pits demonic corruption against Dungeon Core powers in a novel fashion. Notably, though, the LitRPG elements have been muted compared to most works containing Dungeon Cores.

Ancient Dreams contains examples of:

  • A Dungeon Is You - the protagonist
  • Horny Devils - the antagonists have heavy ties to succubi, which is where they got their nifty enslavement magic.
  • Mind Control - the standard tactic of the antagonists

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