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Literature / An Encounter and an Offer

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In An Encounter and an Offer two travellers journey to a dreary forest, to search out a fae hiding there... and make him an offer. By E. G. Castle, an online short story.

"An Encounter and an Offer" contains examples of:

  • Can't Argue with Elves: The fae boy. Utterly refuses to cooperate with the discussion, particularly when it involves pointing out his degraded circumstances.
  • The Exile: The fae boy. Why is not revealed: the fae refuses to explain, and would rather die than tell.
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  • The Fair Folk: The fae boy, and references to fae realms and courts.
  • King Arthur: A reference to the Arthurian legends at the end, when 'Brian' renames the fae boy to Arthur.
  • King Incognito: 'Brian'. Ahem.
    I am Richard Edward Plantagenet, King of England, Duke of Northern Amebia, Duke of Scotland, Duke of West Ireland, and of whole bunch of other places, blah blah blah, and so forth. Well met!
  • Meaningful Rename / Named After Someone Famous: The fae boy is renamed to Arthur, because he's being put under Sir Kay's care. Ironically, he doesn't get the reference at all.
  • Name Amnesia: The fae boy. Apparently his name was stripped from him. How is not explained.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: 'Brian' aka King Richard. He goes out on a journey just to get a fae to work for him.
  • Weather Report Opening: The first few paragraphs go to some lengths to tell you how dreary a day and area it is.
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  • Wild Wilderness: The forsaken forest that's 'Brian' and Sir Kay's destination is one.
  • Withholding Their Name: The nameless fae boy, whose name was stripped from him by the fae courts, refuses to reveal why.


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