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  • For the DVD releases of the Doctor Who revival, three to six episodes at a time are released on 'vanilla' DVDs with few or no extras just a month or so after broadcast — longer for North American releases, although the broadcasts have been day-and-date with the UK since 2011. Full series DVDs with lots of extras are saved for later.
    • There are also various limited special editions of the boxed sets themselves. Series three had a normal version, and two retailer exclusive sleeves for and Woolworths (the Cyberman head was a previous Amazon exclusive, the TARDIS box was used for all early S1 boxes).
    • The earlier stories "The Five Doctors" and "Remembrance of the Daleks" were both released twice on DVD in the UK. The original DVD of "The Five Doctors" was one of the very first DVD releases of BBC shows to test the market, had no special features at all, featured an new "extended cut" version of the story that is to say the least controversial among fans, and is not officially considered part of the Who DVD release programme. The original DVD version of "Remembrance of the Daleks" had a notorious blooper in which the first and most spectacular use of the "glowing skeleton" Dalek extermination effect was left out because of a remastering error, and also had relatively few special features by later standards. Both stories came out a second time in 2008 and 2009 respectively with much more special features.
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    • Almost all of the DVD releases from the first two years of the release schedule were later re-released with improved picture quality and new special features, along with a couple of other famous stories released later.
    • Spearhead from Space ended up with three different DVD editions: the original one, the expanded version released in the Mannequin Mania box, and a 2013 Blu-ray edition (as the only story made entirely on film other than the 1996 TV movie, it won't look rubbish in HD).
    • 2013 saw the release of a humungous "Regeneration" box set containing every Doctor's final story from "The Tenth Planet" to "The End of Time" along with a coffee-table book. Exploitatively, it was released well in advance of the standalone "Tenth Planet" DVD as well as "The Time of the Doctor", which aired at the end of 2013 as Eleven's Grand Finale and was later released as a standalone disc.
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    • Most of the longer Christmas Episodes, the 2009 Spring and Fall specials, "The Day of the Doctor" 50th anniversary show, and "Deep Breath" (the Twelfth Doctor's debut) had standalone releases with more bonus content than usual. Most of the Christmas episodes (with their bonus features) were later folded into Complete Series sets, while the 2009 specials were repackaged as "The Complete Specials"...but "The Day of the Doctor" and "The Time of the Doctor, plus "Twice Upon a Time" on standard DVD, remain standalones leaving both Series Seven and Ten incomplete — ending on massive cliffhangers that led into Grand Finales for their respective Doctors!
    • 2018 saw the release of the Blu-ray set The Complete Peter Capaldi Years, which contained every Twelfth Doctor episode and special and the vast majority of bonus features from their previous releases. The only missing bonuses were those from the standalone "Deep Breath" disc, the most significant of which was the Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor special that announced Capaldi's casting; on the upside, it added several fresh bonus features such as the Series 8 deleted scenes reel. It even threw in "The Fires of Pompeii", the Tenth Doctor episode that featured Capaldi's first appearance as a marble merchant (later retconned to explain why Twelve resembled him).
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    • Later in 2018 came a Blu-Ray exclusive set collecting all of the Season 12 serials (Tom Baker's first season) in one package for the first time, along with all special features from previous releases and several new ones.
  • The re-release of the first season of 24 (with added commentaries, alternate endings, deleted scenes and short films). The set was first released as a barebones edition to bring in more viewers before the second season première in 2002.
  • Lost has the box set with all the seasons, in a fancy-looking box, with lots of Feelies and an extra disk of behind-the-scenes material.
  • Several Mystery Science Theater 3000 volumes have mini-statues of the robots like Tom Servo and Gypsy. The 20th Anniversary Edition had the movies, retro-mini posters (standard) and a Crow mini-statue inside a tin case.
    • One of their most interesting MST3K-related release was a special edition DVD of "Manos" The Hands of Fate, which not only contained the actual episode, but also the uncut original filmnote , two documentaries (one an interview with the MST3K cast and another the Hotel Torgo documentary) and the short featured on the episode reconnected with its first half.
  • Firefly had a very good DVD release, with many commentaries, documentaries, a gag reel, etc. The Blu-ray, in addition to all the old features and remastered episodes, included a roundtable and extra commentary.
  • The Man from U.N.C.L.E. somewhat subverts this, because the box set release, done up with a case resembling a metal briefcase and with over 10 hours' worth of extras on two extra discs including the film version of the pilot, was for many years the standard (and only) version of this release on DVD. In fact, before 2015, the individual seasons were never made officially available as such; fans wanting a particular season were compelled to search on sources such as eBay or Amazon for sellers who had an individual-season box set (probably removed from the overall collection) for sale.
  • Power Rangers:
    • Time-Life and Shout! Factory initially released a massive box set of two box sets, the first collecting all three seasons of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and the second Power Rangers Zeo to Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. Both sets are now available separately but for a while was the only way to get both. The massive box set also came with a figurine of Armored Red Ranger (re: Red Ranger with the Green Ranger's gear). Shout Factory also released two more box sets with the third containing Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue to Power Rangers Dino Thunder and the fourth Power Rangers S.P.D. to Power Rangers RPM. Unlike the above, there doesn't seem to be a Time Life bundle for these remaining sets.
    • Shout! Factory also issued a Power Rangers limited edition $650 DVD set called, "Power Rangers Legacy: The First 20 Years", which covers everything from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers to Power Rangers Megaforce over 92 discs. It also comes with six discs of bonus features (five already appearing on the aforementioned box sets and the last one being an exclusive), a book, and a holder resembling the helmet worn by the Red Ranger. It's limited to 2000 copies. As an aside, since otherwise Shout's Power Rangers license only goes up to the end of the Disney era (IE: Power Rangers RPM) with duty for mass retail home videos of the Saban Brands era (Power Rangers Samurai onwards) passed off to Lionsgate, the Samurai and Megaforce discs included on the Legacy collection are exclusive to it, exclusively containing unique CGI DVD menus and the Samurai episode "Trickster Treat" which Lionsgate wouldn't release on home video for another two years.
  • The Twilight Zone got this treatment with the “Definitive Collection", all 5 seasons in iridescent packaging, tons of bonus features, and some editions came with The Twilight Zone Companion Book to boot.
  • Paramount has a habit of releasing TV seasons with no bonus features, then releasing the complete series in a boxset with a bonus disc. (eg, The Brady Bunch has DVDs containing no extras other than the first season's three commentaries and 15-minute retrospective, while the complete series set adds A Very Brady Christmas, some Brady Kids cartoons, and the first episode of The Bradys.)
  • Warner's 2014 DVD and Blu-ray sets for the Batman series, with extras including, but not limited to, a miniature Batmobile, a 32-page episode guide and The Adam West Scrapbook.

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