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Lightnovel / Shikkaku Mon No Saikyou Kenja

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left to right - Matty, Ruri, Alma

Once upon a time, there was a mage who excelled in combat known as Sage. He devoted himself to the pursuit of magic and combat art, learning every one in existence. However, he came to the conclusion that he could never achieve his goals in the body he had. In order to surpass these limitations, he sealed his own soul away to be reborn in the distant future. When he was, he found everything completely different from the way he’d left. Specifically, the understanding of magic had gone through a massive backslide and left them nearly powerless.

Reborn with all of his memories as Matthias Hildesheim (aka Matty), the son of a duke, he decided to attend a school for magic users.

This story was started in February of 2017 by Shinkoshoto and is ongoing.


[Shikkaku Mon] contains examples of:

  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Practically any battle that Matty takes part in.
    • The rematch between the first and second academies where Marty and his party have been forbidden from participating. First academy sends 152 of its top 1st crest students. Second academy sends... five (two 2nd, two 3rd, one 4th crest) lower tier students. Second academy students proceed to mop the floor with their opponents.

  • Delightful Dragon: Iris becomes this after meeting Matty.

  • Invincible Hero: Matty is definitely this. He decided to reincarnate after he was unable to defeat the biggest, meanest monster available in less than 27 seconds. Now that he got his combat power boost it’s even crazier. Thankfully, he usually takes a step back and lets his allies take on the enemies, plus there are drawbacks to his younger body. He’s always there to intervene if things get too out of hand, though.

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  • Legendary Weapon: Matty made a vast number of different weapons during his first life, and when he was reborn into a low-magic future he was surprised to find a number of his creations (not even his best ones) had been elevated to the status of legendary national treasures.

  • Magitek: This appears to have been the norm during Matty's first life. Definitely not the case during his second.

  • Power Tattoo: There are 4 marks. Every human born in this world has one and each mark has a particular set of traits attached to them. Matty was born originally with the mark that excelled in the creation of magic items, but is not equipped for combat. He caused his reincarnation so that he could get one of the marks more suited to combat.

  • Reincarnation: This is what Matty (then under the name of Gaia) does that kicks off the plot of the series.

  • RPG-Mechanics Verse: In their world, you gain power by killing monsters to gain exp and level up. That’s one of the many reasons why dungeons are incredibly valuable.

  • What Measure Is a Non-Human?: monsters can be sentient, but they are usually slain by the main characters, often as resources. Unique exception, Iris, a talking dragon, able to transform in a beautiful young girl. On the other hand, another talking dragon is quickly summoned and slain for resources. (Iris declares to be conflicted about it).
    • Being able to assume a human form probably helps. Although demons are able to as well, they are continuously declaring their homicidal intentions and they do not discuss.

  • They Look Like Us Now: The Big Bads are demons. This is one of the more subtle tactics they use.

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