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Films — Animated:

  • The titular man turned monster from Beauty and the Beast, he noticeably moves very fast at some points despite his size, Beast can also take on an entire wolf pack and kick acclaimed hunter Gatson's ass.
  • Tarzan just like in Edgar Rice Burroughs‘ books is easily superhuman. Given he can swing/surf fast enough to clear entire jungles in minutes, jump ridiculously far, tank getting slashed in the chest by a freaking Leopard and can physically overpower a Silverback Gorilla which is certainly impossible for any normal human.
  • The Incredibles:
    • Mr Incredible despite his build can run at breakneck speeds (especially after working out), he also hits like dump truck and can endure getting a speeding train to the face.
    • Elstagirl interestingly is much stronger than she looks and can clear entire buildings with her stretchiness. Also thanks to her special suit she can survive three missiles exploding her jet while she protects her kids
    • The Omidroid looks, moves and hits like a wrecking ball with robotic arms. What's more, the Omnidroid is near invulnerable the only thing strong enough to hurt it is itself.
  • How to Train Your Dragon has the Night Fury, Toothless, easily the fastest dragon in flight, and with one of the most powerful fire blasts. Also, despite being comparatively small, he easily survives hitting the ground any time he gets shot down or loses control of his flight.
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  • Gru from Despicable Me has great reaction speed, an impressively quick dash, is fairly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, possesses several inventions with great destructive power like his Freeze Ray, and is remarkably good at getting back up after taking serious abuse, as per Iron Butt Monkey standards
  • Moana
    • Tamatoa is a fifty-foot crustacean who dances around his lair at speeds more appropriate for a creature approximately a 50th of his size. He hits like a body-building dinosaur and is unfazed by hits from Maui in their battle.
    • Maui himself is strong enough to lasso the sun and pull up islands with his hook, can get knocked around by monsters several times his size and run on lava, and is surprisingly quick for his size.
  • Mulan
    • Chien-Po may look like a Big Guy Mighty Glacier, (and he shows himself to be just as strong as he looks,) but he's as agile as a monkey.
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    • Considering that Shan Yu is able to trade blows with him during the climax, and towers over the rest of his army while still being exeptionally agile; and walks way from an avalanche, he more than qualifies.
  • The title character of Wreck-It Ralph is fairly fast, able to wreck things so quickly that his fists act like a pair of jackhammers and take a fair amount of punishment. Also, King Candy's Cy-Bug form has enough power to smack down Ralph of all people, has tough chitinous plating, and is shown to be remarkably fast.
  • Jafar in Aladdin, when Scaled Up to his giant cobra form. Just like a real cobra, he is REALLY fast and his huge size makes him very powerful. While he's not invulnerable, he does take a sword wound that would kill or cripple a human with no more than a momentary cry of pain.
  • Hercules. Justified since he is a Physical God Brought Down to Badass.
  • Tai Lung from Kung Fu Panda. Dear God, Tai Lung. Just watch his jawdropping escape from prison or his fight against the Furious Five for a demonstration.
  • In Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children:
    • Cloud has exceptional reflexes and speed, including the ability to keep up with and fight flashstepping opponents such as Loz and blocking gunfire from Yazoo while riding (and jumping on and off of) speeding motorcycles. He also has the strength to carrying a large man like Barret with one hand while easily leaping multiple stories in height. As for hitting power, Cloud has quite an array of Implausible Fencing Powers, combined with the strength to slice apart huge chunks of rubble and smack down a giant monster out of the sky. Additionally, Cloud has the durability to withstand a head-on energy blast from Bahamut Sin, survive being smashed through buildings and getting impaled in the chest by Sephiroth, followed by getting shot through the chest again with a magic-enhanced gunshot by Yazoo. And he needs every bit of that strength, speed, and durability to barely keep up with Sephiroth.
    • Kadaj, Loz, and Yazoo are basicially Sephiroth-lites, having Sephiroth's extraordinary speed, strength, and durability to a slightly lesser degree. Loz is strong enough to stop a speeding motorcycle by digging his "Dual Hound" weapon into the ground, then throwing that motorcycle at Cloud using just lower body strength, but he can also speed between locations so rapidly that he has virtual teleportation.
  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse has Miles Morales, Peter B. Parker, Gwen Stacy, Peni Parker (in her Mini-Mecha), Noir Peter Paker and Peter Porker who can all swing at great speeds, hit with enough strength to send huge foes flying through walls and shrug off blows from heavy hitters of the Rogues Gallery.
    • While there's plenty of villain examples e.g Prowler, Scorpion and Olivia Octavius, Kingpin is the crowning example. Just try to imagine Gru on steroids, despite being Top-Heavy Guy Kingpin moves swiftly, lifts cars and can survive multiple explosions.
  • Io from Escape from Planet Earth. A genuine example.
  • True to her species, Gloria the hippo of Madagascar is capable of running great speeds despite her bulk. It's carried over to the video games, where jalapeños can be used to boost her speed.

Films — Live-Action

  • The Amazing Spider-Man: The Lizard, who is very big, very strong and very fast. And can heal from any gun wound, even More Dakka.
  • The Dark Knight Trilogy:
    • Batman/Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins, due in part to Nolan's use of quick cuts for every move. He's more like The Juggernaut in The Dark Knight. The Dark Knight Rises brings in elements of both tropes in his fights.
    • Bane's portrayal in The Dark Knight Rises demonstrates this as well. He is so tough he No Sells all Batman's attacks until the latter learns to Attack Its Weak Point and strong enough to punch holes in concrete. Yet he also has incredible reflexes and speed to match up with Batman; in the stock exchange raid, he uses a motorcycle helmet to knock out three security guards in under seven seconds.
  • In Blade Runner the Nexus-6 Replicants can run faster than humans and lift entire grown men one handed and will shrug off anything that's not a LAPD Blaster.
    • The Nexus-9 Replicants in Blade Runner 2049 are even stronger able to burst through walls just charging through them and aren't too fussed by stab wounds or explosions.
  • In the Marvel Cinematic Universe:
    • Obadiah Stane/Iron Monger in the Iron Man film could be considered one of these; his suit (which is built like a Tank) is fast enough to catch up with Tony's despite Tony's smaller suit and head-start, while also being stronger to boot.
    • For that matter, Iron Man himself, Tony in his suits is strong enough to fight Thor, Hulk and even freaking Thanos the Mad Titan. As for speed, Tony can fly faster than two F-22 Raptors who can go 2,960 km as well as literally catching to speeding nuclear missile (probably going at 7,500 mph), grab it and then guide it through a portal into space. Tony's armors are crazy durable too, his third suit could shrug off tank rounds and his sixth suit could tank blows from Mjølnir.. the same hammer which knocked the Hulk over.
    • Iron Man 2 has Ivan Vanko AKA Whiplash aside from his namesake whips which are fast and powerful enough slice through multiple race cars likely going at 375 km/h, he also survives getting hit with a car multiple times. If that wasn't enough he gets Powered Armor similar in to Iron Monger at the end forcing Tony and Rhoedy to use a Beam-O-War-Combination Attack to beat him.
    • Thor is a literal version of this trope because he is the God of Thunder and Lightning. He's strong enough to throw his hammer through multiple Frost giants at a time, has the toughness to match, and he flies. Very, very fast. Fast enough to put a hole clean through an ice beast. In Thor: Ragnarok after Odin posthumously teaches Thor that Mjolnir is just conduit for his lighting, Thor takes his father's advice to heart and channels the speed and power of a lightning bolt made of pure badass.
    • The Incredible Hulk in The Avengers (2012) is remarkably fast for a huge green rage monster as poor Black Widow discovers when he starts chasing her down. It's especially evident during the final battle, when he's just plowing through the alien forces with amazing agility, smacking giant alien monsters around, and shrugging off any hits he takes. In fact, only two villains have been shown able to penetrate the Hulk's super tough skin, are The Abomination and Hela's massive undead Wolf Fenris.
    • Vision is the true Flying Brick of the Avengers, in Avengers: Age of Ultron he flies faster than War Machine and does a better job ripping apart Ultron-bots with his raw strength as he can rip them apart as easily as the Hulk.
    • Gamora, Drax and to a lesser extent Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy they hit harder, move faster and can tank greater damage than Quill, Rocket and Mantis.
      • Nebula is this too being a Cyborg, Ronan is this too seen in his fistfight with Drax
    • Both Captain America and Bucky Barnes the Winter Soldier demonstrate above human reflexes, speed and strength in the second film and subsequent appearances. It might not be as jawdropping as the other examples of this trope in the MCU, but it's nonetheless quite impressive. Cap with his shield has the charging speed of a human cannon ball; being able to smash straight through solid walls like cardboard.
      • Cap becomes a literal Lightning Bruiser in Avengers: Endgame when he wields Mjølnir.
    • Black Panther thanks to the Heart Shaped Herb is strong and tough enough to go toe-to-toe with Captain America and the Winter Soldier and fast enough to outrun them, and he is also, fitting his big cat motif, impressively acrobatic. In Black Panther T'challa can bring down a charging Rhino who are the Lightning Bruisers of the animal kingdom in Real Life capable of going 50 km/h, Black Panther is a beast.
    • MCU's Spider-Man seems like a Fragile Speedster, but as the Winter Soldier and Falcon unfortunately discovered in Civil War he's a Pint-Sized Powerhouse. Spidey is capable of moving faster than bullets and at one point dodged Bucky throwing a bench at him from behind thanks to his Spider-Sense. As for strength Peter Parker can lift massive chunks of concrete off himself and briefly hold a split ferry together in Spider-Man: Homecoming, he's pretty durable too getting up after being run over by a train in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Most impressively in Avengers: Infinity War Spidey can smash Cull Obsidian with a taxi then later is able to stagger the Hero Killer Thanos with kicks and punches to the face.
    • Captain Marvel (2019) thanks to the Space Stone is super strong (she stopped a massive missile), super-fast (she can travel across the solar system in no time at all) and tough enough to plow straight through space ships. In Avengers: Endgame she single-handedly destroys the Black Order’s starship and even puts Thanos briefly on the ropes.
    • Thanos himself is probably the biggest example of this in the whole Marvel cinematic universe so far, being able to go head to head and beat the Hulk in 30 seconds without even using the stones, with the stones he can destroy and throw a moon. In addition, Thanos can barely feel pain, only getting a scratch from Iron Man and being able to survive Thor's Stormbreaker getting logged in his chest. Interestingly Thanos unlike what you'd expect from this trope isn't even seen moving that fast aside from the start where he beats Hulk, the easy justification is that Thanos doesn't need swiftness when he can curb stomp everybody with power. Even then Thanos has Super Reflexes seen when he catches the speedy Spider-Man and Black Panther out of mid-air. In Avengers: Endgame Thanos shows even without the Gauntlet he’s strong, fast and durable enough to fight the aforementioned Iron Man, Thor and Captain America in a three on one fight.
  • Danny Bateman in The Replacements (2000). He plays on the defensive line, so you expect him to be strong. What you don't expect, is him crashing through the other team's blockers after the snap, and tackling the quarter-back before he's had the chance to take two steps back. The guy's day job? A one-man SWAT team.
  • Star Wars
    • The droideka in the prequels. It can roll into a ball and move at ridiculous speed, and when it unrolls, it's protected by a deflector shield and a pair of rapid-fire blaster cannons. In the films, they could drive off even Jedi. It's weakness? It can't deflect or shoot while it's rolling around, and it often has to lose the shield to reduce expenses. It's also revealed in the Revenge of the Sith novelization that their shields are precisely tuned to be used only when standing upright, so if one can be knocked over, its generator will short out.
    • Yoda becomes this in the prequels, when the usually Old Master drops his staff and pulls out his lightsaber to fight Count Dooku he becomes a green-blur forcing Dooku to threaten the fallen Obi-Wan and Anakin as to escape from Yoda. Yoda is truly the definition of a Pint-Sized Powerhouse, as for the lightning part of this trope Yoda summons a literal lighting bolt in the The Last Jedi.
    • Darth Maul... thanks to being played by Ray Park. Maul combines his double-sided lightsaber with martial arts to kick the crap out of Qui Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan with Combat Parkour, he is still the most ninja-like Sith Lord in movies to this date.
      • But we can't forget the badass who beat Maul: Obi-Wan who after seeing Maul kill Qui Gon got extremely pissed and not only dodged Maul's kicks but proceed to slice Maul in two. Even as a old man Obi-Wan still has Super Reflexes as the Doctor Cornelius and Ponda Baba found out when they attacked Luke in Mos Eisley cantina.
    • Palpatine, as well. During his duel with Maul and Savage, he not only outclasses them in terms of swordplay, but proves to be much faster than either of them, as well as matching them in feats of strength, and doesn't show any signs of tiring. There's also his surprising spinning move which made it into subsequent video games.
    • Anakin Skywalker is definitely this trope in Revenge of the Sith, since he's at the peak of his abilities as The Chosen One. Since the last film he's become much stronger and faster and takes down Master Swordsman Count Dooku (who trounced him the first time they fought) and even though he's eventually defeated by his mentor Obi-Wan, it's still only after a hell of a fight. Word of God says that if he hadn't turned evil and become the Handicapped Badass we know as Darth Vader , he would've become the most powerful Jedi who ever lived and could have defeated Palpatine, something even Yoda couldn't do.
      • Hey now, even with the walking life-support Vader is an absolute machine as Rogue One shows, where he deflects dozens of blaster shots and acts as the human-blender to some extremely-unlucky rebels. This scene showcases that Annie was kinda holding back against Obi-Wan and Luke, and he could've really let loose if he wanted to and he did kill Palpatine let's not forget.
    • Speaking of the Skywalkers, Luke when he became a Jedi butchers the whole of Jabba's crew in mere minutes when he gets his Lightsaber back as well overpowering dear old dad Vader in the climax. Luke also has Super Reflexes, as he cuts a speeder bike out of mid air with his lightsaber, not to mention to the Matrix dodge he does against Kylo in the climax of The Last Jedi though he was a Astral Projection there.
    • Kylo has the raw destructive power of his uncle and grandfather, when chasing Rey through the forest on Star Killer-base he cuts over multiple trees with his tri-saber (faster than any real chain saw could). Kylo is also the first force user in the movies to stop a blaster volley in mid air. Kylo also tanked getting hit with Chewie’s bowcaster and getting slashed by Rey in the face.
    • Speaking of which Rey herself, can outrun tie-fighter blasts, defeat Kylo in one on one match and shred Elite Praetorian Guard to pieces all despite not having more than a couple basic lessons in Jedi training. Rey can also take more of a beating than most female characters in Star Wars which overall makes her a Cute Bruiser.
    • Star Destroyers. The heavy anchors of the Imperial fleet and only matched by the very heaviest Rebel ships, but it is demonstrated in the first two movies that they can keep pace with the Falcon when going flat out (the Falcon's advantage is that they turn like a brick). Being able to outrun them at all is rare enough that Han has it as central to his boasting in his first scene. Oddly enough this gets cut in almost all adaptations, which make them a Mighty Glacier.
    • The Rebel's MC85 Star Cruiser or Raddus from The Last Jedi which showcases exactly what happens if you Hyperspace into another ship.
    • The iconic Millennium Falcon. It's fast enough to keep up with smaller fighters, tough enough to tank hits from capital ships, and packed with enough firepower to wipe out entire squadron of TIE fighters. Even 30 years after it's last major combat outing, it can shrug off the scorching heat and rough sandstorms of Jakku, withstand the frigid coldness of the Starkiller planet, and can even plow through an entire forest without any real damage. Who knew that a scoundrel and his Wookie friend could turn a dull civilian freighter into a Cool Starship that can outperform even military-grade capital ships and fighters.
    • But you don't have to be either a Jedi or Starship to be Lightning Bruiser in Star Wars as Chirrut Imwe proves in Rogue One where despite being blind he takes down a whole Stormtrooper squad in seconds with a stick.
  • The Transformers are incredibly fast and graceful despite being made of huge, durable metal parts.
  • The Terminator is fast, superhumanly strong, and incredibly tough, and the later movies showed them getting progressively faster and meaner. Between the original, Uncle Bob, the T-1000, the T-X, Cameron, Cromartie, Catherine Weaver, Marcus, and Pops, there's no shortage of these tough, fast, and very literal killing machines.
  • All robots in Real Steel are big, armored, and heavy. And yet they move no different than a heavyweight boxer. Atom even more so, as he is smaller than an average fighting bot (but still bigger than a human), while possessing a lot more armor (he can shrug off punches that shatter latest-generation contenders).
  • In Kung Fu Hustle, The Beast is super strong and super fast even by the standards of the martial artists in the film. He demonstrates this to the Axe Gang who initially underestimate him due to his appearance by firing a handgun a few inches from his head and catching the bullet. And he's also so tough that most of the martial artists' attacks don't seem to bother him at all.
  • Godzilla and MonsterVerse:
    • While he's usually a Mighty Glacier Godzilla himself was this in the Millennium era, having all his usual strength, Atomic Breath but also able to make great leaps, and do body slams as well. Though the results can be little Narmtastic.
    • Titanosaurus is one of the few Kaiju who can toss Godzilla around like a pillow in addition to being extremely durable and able to jump high and swim very fast.
    • King Caesar has a deadly combination of speed, strength, agility, toughness along with surprising various martial arts techniques for his size. Making him one of Goji's toughest foes.
    • King Ghidorah is just as strong and tough as Godzilla but thanks to a Flight speed that can reach over Mach 3, he's certainly more of a Lightning Bruiser than his titular rival is usually presented as.
    • A lot of the Humongous Mecha such as Mechagodzilla or M.O.G.U.E.R.A. can jump very high, move shocking fast and have plenty of firepower.
    • Rodan especially in 2019 film where he can outpace fighter jets going at 7,500 mph and perform a 360° spin mid-flight as well being strong and tough enough to fight Godzilla, Mothra, and the aforementioned Ghidorah.
    • King Kong while he lacks any powers like the previous examples, makes up for it with sheer primate agility, to match his strength and durability. Technically he's only a teenager, yet his been fighting and beating the lesser Kaiju that roam the Skull Island for decades.
    • Monster X who's essentially the badass Final Boss of Godzilla: Final Wars gave Godzilla himself a hell of a fight. He was equal in strength to Godzilla who staggered him with a backhand and Tail Slap, great agility and speed, and was the ONLY kaiju to actually survive an Atomic Breath. Not only did he shrug it off quickly but was able to retaliate with his Gravity Beams that brought Godzilla down to his knee.
  • Star Trek: Nemesis has the warbird Scimitar, which is faster and more maneuverable than the Enterprise as well as having more guns and better Deflector Shields. Even the combined firepower of the Enterprise and two Romulan Valdore-class warbirds isn't enough to destroy her.
  • In Star Trek Into Darkness, Admiral Marcus commissions the U.S.S. Vengeance, a beast of a starship (called "Dreadnought-class" in-movie) that is designed to run down enemy starships while at warp and tear them to shreds.
    • Big Bad Super Soldier John Harrison aka Khan Noonien Singh qualifies, being the physically strongest and toughest character in the film series seen so far, as well as being lightning fast in close combat.
  • In Ip Man 2, the Twister is not only as fast as Master Hung and Ip, but stronger and tougher. He holds the distinction of being the only character to knock Ip down onscreen.
  • The Australian Jaeger, Striker Eureka from Pacific Rim. Despite being the fastest of any of the unveiled Jaegers, it's easily a match in strength and durability to the Mighty Glacier Russian Jaeger that out masses it by 560 tons. That said, considering size and scale of the Jaegers, 560 isn't a massive difference in weight. Justified, Cherno may have about 30% more mass than Striker, but Striker has four generations on Cherno.
  • The Chronicles of Riddick:
    • Despite his size and weight, Riddick is incredibly quick on his feet and is capable of performing amazing feats of physical athleticism, such as leaping great distances, running without stop for long periods of time and being strong enough to go toe to toe with a Bioraptor and mutilating it.
  • Martin Brundle/Martinfly from The Fly II after he fully mutates. Unlike his father in the first film (who got his genes mashed together with those of a fly, which slowly transformed him into a strong, but sickly and asymmetrical monstrosity), Martin was born with those genes, meaning not only he's completely lucid, but his insect form is much more natural and viable. He's remarkably fast and capable of leaping great distances, strong enough to fold a grown man in half (backwards) and toss another one across the room. A bullet to the torso only very temporarily slows him down, if he wasn't outright feigning injury.
  • X-Men Film Series
    • Toad from X-Men. Given it's Darth Maul portraying him...
    • The Juggernaut from X-Men: The Last Stand is big and strong, while also fast (particularly because he can't be stopped).
    • The Liev Schrieber version of Sabretooth in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.
    • Hank Mccoy aka Beast, a Genius Bruiser who tangles with Sentinels and is fast and tough enough to trounce Magneto in both timelines.
    • Wolverine may be even more of Lightning Bruiser than seem in comics since he's played by 6'2 Hugh Jackman so when he goes on a berserker rage e.g the end of Logan Wolvie feels unstoppable.
  • In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014), the greater size and weight these incarnations of the Turtles possess don't seem to do much in slowing down their traditionally acrobatic abilities. Special mention goes to Raphael, who has shoulders bigger than truck tires but is flipping and ninja-ing with the best of them, and even manages to sneak into the back of the Fenwick Express without April or Vernon hearing him. The Shredder's Powered Armor also allows him to retain his swift fighting style.
  • Agents in The Matrix can leap from rooftop to rooftop, are strong enough to punch holes in concrete, tough enough to survive falls off a skyscraper and fast enough to dodge bullets. The human resistance are this as well within the Matrix, but to a lesser degree, Neo's speed matching Agent Smith's is one of the first signs that he is The One. Justified because they exist in a simulated environment where the laws of physics don't apply.
    • Neo and Agent Smith eventually become the ultimate expression of this by the end of the trilogy, both evolving into Flying Bricks who lay waste to an entire city between them.
  • DC Extended Universe
    • All the Kryptonians in Man of Steel. Superman himself is a certified Flying Brick, and while Zod and Faora are trained warriors and outclass him in skill, he's shown to outstrip them in raw power thanks to his long exposure to Earth's sun. Faora takes it a step further and liberally employs Flash Step.
      • In the finale, Zod acclimates to Earth and masters flight. We witness a titanic clash between two Flying Bricks and It.Is.Brutal.
      • In Justice League (2017), when a Came Back Wrong Superman is curb-stomping the rest of the heroes, the Flash tries to run around behind him while he's distracted. There's a Bullet Time sequence as the Flash runs, with everyone else appearing motionless, then Superman turns his head and glares right at him. Barry makes the mother of all Oh, Crap! faces as he realizes that Superman can keep up with him. He also uses the flash step fast enough to catch even Wonder Woman by surprise.
    • Wonder Woman (2017) is essentially a beautiful amazonian wrecking ball. She can go toe-to-toe against Kryptonians and in the climactic battle with Doomsday, she's able to more than keep up with the behemoth, block its blows, getting smashed through rubble and debris and comes away unscathed.
    • Batman also qualifies, at least by human standards. At one point, he's seen clearing house on twenty mooks in no time and demonstrates skill, agility, speed and strength with a fighting display straight out of the Arkham games. Keep in mind that this is the oldest Batman to be depicted in live action to date.
    • Doomsday takes Kryptonian strength and amps it Up to Eleven in an body of feral and uncontrolled rage.
    • Aquaman has enough strength to lift a submarine, tank getting shot in the chest with a grenade launcher and swim at speeds of at least Mach 4.6. as he can create sonic booms in the water behind him. Even againist stronger foes like Steppenwolf he was still able to send the New God flying with a blow of his quindent.
    • The eponymous SHAZAM 2019, the villain Doctor Sivana and the rest of the kids are literal Lighting Bruisers.
  • The 2011 version of Conan. The film is much Truer to the Text when it comes to the legendary barbarian's fighting style than the Arnie ones, and while he believably comes off as Charles Atlas Superpower incarnate; despite being played by the very muscular and 6'4" tall Jason Momoa, he also demonstrates all the ferocity, speed and agility that makes the character The Dreaded in Howard's stories.
  • The Tyrannosaurus rex from Jurassic Park. Hammond clocked her at thirty-two miles per hour and she's the largest and strongest carnivore on the island. This was Truth in Television, as the real T. rex was likely a capable runner. Subverted with the Velociraptors in the same film. As well as being highly intelligent, they are incredibly fast. But despite being perfectly capable of running down a human, they're no match for the T. rex.
  • In Master and Commander, the Acheron, the enemy ship that Captain Aubrey and the crew of the HMS Surprise are pursuing, is a fictional sister ship to the six super-frigates that the fledgling US Navy built (see the Ships section in "Real Life" category for this trope for details). As such, she can No-Sell the Surprise's cannon fire to her hull... but not concentrated fire on the base of her mainmast, or raking fire from behind.
  • Alita: Battle Angel: Alita is incredibly fast and agile, able to do things like stand on her hands on the Motorball while it is in play, then lever her body so as to throw both the ball and herself with devastating force. In the Motorball sequence, Alita creates a high-speed Mook Horror Show, knocking and tearing off limbs and heads from the hapless cyborg assassins sent to kill her while dodging their attacks.


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