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Light Novel / Welcome to the Impregnable Demon King Castle

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The world is at peace. While demons were once at war with humans, nowadays adventurers are entertainers. Monsters and adventurers use avatars in dungeons to fight each other and people are rating the strongest and most entertaining parties. Remmé is a member of the fourth-highest ranked party. However, his party members feel like they can't rise higher in the ranks because they don't think Remmé, a black mage who generally specializes in applying Status Ailments, is contributing much. Since parties are limited to five members, Remmé's party members suggest to replace him with someone else. Despite the protests of their party leader and Remmé's best friend, Phoenix, Remmé gives in to the pressure and leaves the party.

Now without a job, Remmé tries looking for another party, but no one is interested in a black mage, until a woman approaches him and invites him to an interview. Remmé quickly finds out that he was invited to the impregnable Demon King Castle, the dungeon his former party has recently started to explore which no one has ever conquered. The woman who invited him is one of the dungeon's four demon generals. When Remmé is introduced to the demon queen, Lucy, she realizes that Remmé must have been trained by her grandfather, a former demon king. She then makes Remmé her chief of staff and dubs him Lemegoton, to fend off any heroes who try to invade her dungeon.


Welcome to the Impregnable Demon King Castle (難攻不落の魔王城へようこそ, Nankoufuraku no Maou-jou he Youkoso) is a web and light novel series written by Hozumi Mitaka. The web novel is published on Shousetsuka ni Narou, while the light novel is published by GA Bunko with illustrations by Yuuhi.

In 2020, it received a manga adaptation by Jeiichi Kaidou in Square Enix's Manga Up!.

This series provides examples of:

  • Long Title: The full novel title (難攻不落の魔王城へようこそ~デバフは不要と勇者パーティーを追い出された黒魔導士、魔王軍の最高幹部に迎えられる, Welcome to the Impregnable Demon King Castle – The Black Sorcerer Is Offered a Seat as a Member of the Demon King Army's Top Brass After Being Kicked out of the Hero's Party Because They Didn't Need Debuffs) actually fully describes how the story begins. It's still present in the light novel and manga, but the subtitle is much smaller.

Alternative Title(s): Welcome To The Impregnable Demon King Castle


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