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Light Novel / The Reunion With Twelve Fascinating Goddesses

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An Ordinary High-School Student is summoned to another world. This world is filled with spirits and magic but is also being threatened by the Demon King. The student makes contracts with twelve goddesses and, with their power, manages to kill the Demon King and save the world. He then revokes his contracts and returns to his original world. Sounds like the usual light novel plot, doesn't it?

For Tooi Cross, all this is a thing of the past. But one year after he came home, he receives another call from the other world. Having settled all of his business on Earth, Tooi decides to return there and, this time, stay there. But upon arriving in the other world, he discovers two major changes.


First, it turns out that the flow of time is ten times faster in the other world than on Earth. Consequently, ten years have passed, so the people Tooi once knew have aged much more than he expected and technology has advanced.

Second... those twelve goddesses who used to be on Tooi's side? Now, they've scattered around the world and are causing all sorts of chaos. As a result, Tooi is charged with a new mission: fighting his former allies and making them fall for him once more.

The Reunion With Twelve Fascinating Goddesses is a Light Novel series written by Kota Nozomi and illustrated by Merontomari.


This series provides examples of:

  • A-Cup Angst: Alua hates the difference in chest size between her and her sister.
  • Blow You Away: Ryura's power. She (and Tooi when using her power) can create tornadoes, Razor Wind, and even change the distribution of gases in the air.
  • Clark Kenting: Tooi claims to be his own successor, since his actual identity is widely hated for the actions of the goddesses. He manages to maintain this facade despite looking almost identical to his previous self, just one year older. This is partly because he's only a year older, since most people aren't aware of the different time flows and would expect Tooi to be 26 by now.
  • Cool Bike: Motorbikes have been invented in the other world prior to Tooi's return. They are powered by Ether, so only Spirit users can operate them.
  • Cool Sword: Zodiac, Tooi's personal sword. It was forged by Zesca, the Deity of weapons, using Etherium mined by Gushana, the Deity of earth, and was completed using Tooi's blood and the souls of all twelve goddesses. It normally takes the form of a black short sword, but changes in appearance depending on which of the twelve goddesses possesses it.
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  • Experienced Protagonist: Prior to the start of the story, Tooi has already mastered the powers of the twelve goddesses and defeated the Demon King. Even during the year he spent back on Earth, he continued training in order to maintain his skills. However, it's noted that almost all of his power comes from the goddesses. Without them, he can't beat even an average Spirit knight in a fair fight.
  • Famed in Story: Tooi is known far and wide for his unprecedented feat of contracting twelve Deities (the previous record being five) and defeating the Demon King, the latter giving him the title "Tyrant Slayer". However, he's now also hated by many for releasing the goddesses into the world where they then caused havoc.
  • Fighting Your Friend: The entire premise of the series.
  • Gag Boobs: This is one of Laila's defining characteristics. This causes no small frustration for her sister Alua.
  • Magic Knight: Spirit knights are those who have contracted with one or more Spirits and can use them to summon weapons and armour.
  • Magitek: Recent advances in technology fall in this direction. Examples are Ether-powered motorbikes and Spirit communicators (essentially telephones).
  • Morality Chain: This is the reason why Laila makes Alua accompany Tooi on his journey, despite her being much weaker once Tooi has recontracted with Ryura. Laila is concerned about Tooi potentially becoming a threat to the world in the future, and wants Alua by his side since he seems to restrain himself around her.
  • One-Man Army: Deities and Deity Knights. It's mentioned that a force of at least 1000 Spirit Knights is needed just to stand a chance against a Deity.
  • Our Gods Are Greater: Deities are the highest rank of Spirits, numbering 21 in all. Both the twelve goddesses and Demon King Hadar are examples of Deities. Humans can form contracts with them just as with lesser Spirits, becoming the rare and renowned Deity Knights, but this is obviously extremely difficult.
  • Our Spirits Are Different: Spirits are supernatural beings that live in the other world. Low level Spirits have the forms of animals, while Deities have human forms. Humans can make contracts with them to use their power.
  • Playing with Fire: This is the signature power of warriors of Ifnatus, such as Gilfrain. They can produce heat so intense that it melts weapons used against them, and when used to attack, it can melt through enemy shields.
  • Rule 63: Tooi is unnerved to learn that, among the many works of art based on his exploits, there's one series that has him as a female, and another that turns the twelve goddesses into males. This concept was introduced by Astarot, another human from Earth.
  • Smoking Is Cool: A number of characters, including Tooi's grandmother and Gilfrain, love to smoke.
  • Spontaneous Weapon Creation: Zesca's power allows her contractor to manifest any weapon or other equipment that she has previously forged.
  • Stellar Name: The twelve goddesses have surnames taken from various stars: Ryura Vega, Di Anna Altair, Zoema Spica, Zesca Aldebaran, Gushana Rigel, Minami Arcrux, Jimalta Mimoza, Al Ai Yuk Capela, Pandura Regulus, La Shii Fomalhaut, Mephiros Betelgaus.
  • Technology Uplift: Much of the advances in technology is due to Astarot, another human from Earth. Unlike Tooi, he was able to bring his smartphone with him and uses the stored knowledge to his advantage. This isn't limited to technology but also to other things like military strategy and the arts.
  • Ultimate Blacksmith: Zesca. She can make weapons that allow even the unskilled to use the power of Spirits and is also the one who forged Zodiac.
  • Unobtainium: Etherium is a rare and powerful alloy created from compressing high-quality ether. It is extremely compatible with Spirits and makes an ideal medium for them. However, Etherium production is small and working it is impossible for humans as this causes it to lose its special properties. There is exactly one Etherium weapon in existence, Tooi's sword Zodiac, which was created by the goddesses.
  • Year Inside, Hour Outside:
    • Time in the other world flows at around ten times the rate of Earth.
    • La Shii's Shrine has this property, fitting her nature as the Deity of time and space. Tooi used this in the past to train himself.

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