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Light Novel / The Advent of Death's Daughter

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(Drunk) Behold, the Queen! Bow before the Calamity of Crown Coliseum!

Medea Naoko died in a traffic accident, along with her best friend, Hiiro, while trying to rescue a small child from being run over by a truck. Moments later, both of them appear in the afterlife with a woman that looks like an adult version of said child. The woman reveals herself a goddess and stated she sought out Hiiro, but dragged in Naoko by mistake. Extremely vain and haughty, the goddess chooses Hiiro as her champion and dumps Naoko onto the other 11 gods of the new world, Dorne, but the rest are just as vain and don't want her either. Stuck between the afterlife and Cessation of Existence for a month, she causes a bottle-neck and so the overgod of the world Thanatos snatches her up and makes her his champion, but being lazy and shameless, dumps her in the middle of a forest without explaining anything she really needs to know about Dorne before she gets there...


Associated Tropes:

  • Can't Hold Her Liquor: Do not, under any circumstances, give Naoko alcohol, ever. One sip and "Drunk Nao" comes out to play. The consequences are never pretty.
  • Cosmic Chess Game: According to Thanatos, all the gods choose a single champion and summon him or her to the world of Dorne and then take bets regarding their progress.
  • Fantasy Pantheon: The world of Dorne has 12 gods/goddesses plus their boss, Thanatos, who is so hands-off that the population has forgotten he exists, which is just the way he likes it as he gets to laze around as much as he wants.
  • Fractured Fairy Tale: In the late chapters, a damsel gets caught between a dragon and a prince. The damsel finds the dragon charming while the prince is an abusive boor.
  • God's Hands Are Tied: The gods are specifically banned from directly interfering in the world of Dorne, but they have various ways of interfering indirectly, like summoning storms and having trees uproot themselves and topple, as Naoko found out.
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  • The Gods Must Be Lazy: Especially Thanatos. He specifically likes how people have all but forgotten about him, since that means that no one expects him to do anything.
  • Just a Kid: People frequently underestimate Naoko because she looks like a 12-year-old despite being 17. At best, this irritates her.
  • Kidnapped by the Call: None of the 12 heroes nor Naoko asked to be brought to Dorne. They were extorted into it.
  • Protagonist-Centered Morality: What's good and what's evil is entirely dependent on what Naoko says it is. When sober, she's a very diligent and upright person. When "Drunk Nao" comes out to play, she's wild beyond reason, and don't you dare go into a drinking contest with her as she will, without fail, drink you under the table, even if you've got a die-cast orichalcum liver!
  • RPG Mechanicsverse: Justified. The gods created Dorne after being inspired by playing rpg video-games.
  • Switching P.O.V.: Throughout the story, the POV shifts from character to character, with entire chapters being devoted to seeing the story through one or another major character's point of view, most of them belonging to Naoko, of course, but many of her friends, acquaintances, allies, and even enemies show us how they see the world and how they think about the situations where they find themselves dealing with her. This makes some of them more sympathetic, and some of them less so.


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