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Mia Luna Tearmoon is a selfish princess of the fallen Tearmoon Empire who, after being captured in the wake of the revolution that overthrew her, is sentenced to death by guillotine for her numerous crimes. With her last breath, she takes a look at the setting sun as the blade cleaves her head right off.

...Only for Mia to wake up back in her bedroom afterwards, 8 years younger. She thought her execution was a dream, but her bloodstained diary, which has everything she had written prior to her execution, reveals that Mia has reincarnated back in time into her younger self. Knowing the fate of her future and scared of having to go through the guillotine once again, she knew she had one chance to set things right, and it's up to her to fix everything bad going on in the Tearmoon Empire, including her own selfish actions, to avoid repeating the same outcome. Hilarity Ensues as Mia finds out the hard way that it's not as easy as it sounds, and old habits die hard.


Tearmoon Empire is a Light Novel series written by Nozomu Mochitsuki and illustrated by Gilse, originally starting as a web novel in 2018 before being officially published in Japan in 2019, and later localized worldwide by J-Novel Club in 2020.


  • 0% Approval Rating: Played with. In the previous timeline, Mia was hated by all people from varying backgrounds, but the current timeline has her trying her hardest to avert this, trying to win back her kingdom and get a 100% Adoration Rating.
  • 100% Adoration Rating: Due to some big misunderstandings, Mia is this to the people interacting with her.
  • Accomplice by Inaction: At her worst Mia is not a bad person, even in the original timeline. At worst, Mia was a lazy self-centered noble who did blew off the hardships and sufferings of commoners because they were not her responsibility. But then a revolt happened and the royal family got executed by the embittered public.
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  • A Lesson in Defeat: In the new timeline, Mia made it clear that she did her best to learn from some of her past mistakes and is determined to not repeat them. Such as avoiding rude manners in front other people. Making a better effort to socialize and avoid saying things on impulse(Sometimes).
  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: Some of Mia's crimes from her previous timeline range from the severe offences (abusing her servants and neglecting the plague and famine) to the most petty of squabbles (being jealous over boys not picking her over other women).
  • Because You Were Nice to Me: In the previous timeline, when Mia was locked up in a dungeon and the whole kingdom wanted her dead, one of her maids, Anne, was the only one who treated her kindly, regularly visiting her and attending to her needs, even though Mia used to treat her rather harshly before her imprisonment. This goes to show how much of a Nice Girl Anne is. The princess was so moved that upon going back in time, she decided to repay Anne's kindness by appointing her as her personal attendant.
  • Big Bad: Jem, a member of Chaos Serpent.
  • Chekhov's Skill: Mia in the new timeline started to learn some extra skills and knowledge such as outdoor survival skills in case she ever had to run of by herself. For the most part, they are just extra bits of knowledge that never sees any usage. Until Volume 4 when due to Esmeralda's foolishness, they end up stranded on an island where her knowledge gets put to good use.
  • Fatal Flaw: There are many flaws that the nobles in the story has, but Pride is arguably the biggest. Many of them, especially from Tearmoon constantly do terrible/stupid things and treat commoners badly because they are driven by it. Mia used to be one of them, but in the new timeline, she has outgrown it and cares little about Pride and appearance and more about results...for the most part. In front of those close to her like Anne, she will still show some pride so as to not disgrace herself or them.
    • In volume 1 Ludwig takes advantage of this by edging them on to contribute funds to build a hospital in the slums after the declaration that Mia had sold some prized possession to fund the project. In order to maintain their appearances of not being cheap, they had no choice but to contribute.
  • Greater-Scope Villain: Chaos Serpent.
  • In Love with the Mark: After enrolling at the Saint Noel's Academy, Mia makes it her goal to try and court Prince Abel of the Remno Kingdom because she believes if all else fails and she triggers her death flag, she could rely on the Remno Kingdom to provide her support against a future rebellion. Abel ends up falling heads or heel in love with her and Mia, for her part, is in denial that she is falling in love with him.
  • It's All About Me: If you are a character in the series, you would think that each action the protagonist makes serves a benefit to the people, think again. The reason why she's doing it is mostly she's afraid of repeating the first timeline where she died by decapitation of the head.
  • Kid from the Future: Miabel Luna Tearmoon
    Miabel Luna Tearmoon: My name is Miabel! Miabel Luna Tearmoon! She who inherits the noble blood of the Saint and Great Sage of the Empire, Mia Luna Tearmoon!
  • Laborious Laziness: Most action Mia makes is to avoid her death flag, in this case, death guillotine and to live long. After confirming her actions have achieve that goal, she would be making excuses and do what she wants to do. Volume 3 implies future Mia refusing to become the Empress since she thought everything will be okay as some future book showed her a good future which let her guard down.
  • Mistaken for Badass: Mia, all the time. Ever since the word about how she had a hospital built in the slums spread, everybody around her is convinced that she's the embodiment of wisdom and a genius who's constantly one step ahead of everyone. But the truth is they're all just over-interpreting everything she says and does in ways that surprisingly work in her favor.
  • No Historical Figures Were Harmed: Mia is an Expy to the real life historical figure Marie Antoinette, or at least the popular interpretation of her. Like Marie, Mia lived a pampered and lavish lifestyle while the commoners outside of the palace suffered from sickness and strife. When even confronted with how scarce food supplies Mia nonchantly responds "if there's no bread, than we should just eat meat." And like Marie, Mia's life gets tragically cut short after a rebellion leads to the execution of the royal family.
  • Right for the Wrong Reasons: Many of Mia's actions in the new timeline are often done with the intention of making things better, and in most cases, her actions does end up benefiting people and in turn raising their opinion of her. However many of them often misunderstood her intentions, believing that she's doing things out of the sake of benevolence, when her intentions usually come of as selfish or impulsive.
  • Off with His Head!: Mia's fate at the guillotine in her previous timeline, and if she doesn't change her ways in the current timeline, she's doomed to suffer the same fate once again; being beheaded in front of the masses.
  • Older Than They Look: After travelling back to their past self, Mia is this.
  • Peggy Sue: Mia experiences this along with her diary.
  • Secretly Selfish: A lot of humor driven from the series is that now Mia has been given as second lease on life, her now seemingly altruistic actions almost always have a self-serving end goal. The populace at large now view her as an in-universe Purity Sue, while the narration is always quick to remind the reader that she is anything but.
  • Shout-Out: Mia, as an Expy for Marie Antoinette, have some references regarding the historical figure.
    • The Mia from the first timeline died by guillotine.
    • Never again would she tell people to eat cake when they had no bread.
  • Skewed Priorities: The only reason Mia wants to change the history of the Tearmoon Empire is not out of a desire to change her ways, but rather because she's scared of having to go through the guillotine again, as she hates pain more than anything else.
  • Villain Protagonist: Deconstructed. Mia's previous incarnation was uncaring and cruel, but her current incarnation shows shades of trying to be as good as possible, with occasional lapses of her bad behavior appearing out of habit.
  • Wise Beyond Their Years: Despite being reincarnated into a 12-year old, Mia still retains her 20-year old mentality from her previous life, and comes off as wiser as a result. Naturally, this leads her servants to be confused about her sudden change in personality.
    • Though is both played straight and subverted at times. As Mia occasionally does silly things such as opening her mouth when she knows nothing and getting into trouble. At the same time she showcases what she had learnt previously and using those lessons to great effect.


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