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Will you grant her permission?

There once was a civilization now known as the "Old World". It was filled with miraculous technology capable of accomplishing seemingly anything. But something caused that society to collapse, reducing much of the world to a wasteland and leaving the surviving members of humanity to pick up the pieces. In the present time, people scavenge the ruins of that society for "relics" of the past. These people are known as "hunters", braving countless dangers in search of fame, glory, and wealth.

Enter Akira, a novice hunter who dreams of earning the money he needs to escape the slums beneath the shining walls of Kugamayama Cuty. Armed with nothing but a handgun he pilfered from a corpse, he enters the perilous ruins of the Old World metropolis of Kuzushara City in hopes of finding a relic that will make him rich. His life is forever changed when he instead meets a mysterious invisible woman named Alpha that only he can see. An Artificial Intelligence from the Old World, Alpha offers him a contract: retrieve a certain relic from a certain ruin for her in exchange for riches beyond his wildest dreams. As a form of advance payment, she'll support him in all his endeavors until he's strong enough to live up to his end of the bargain.


Left with no alternatives to even survive the ruins, Akira accepts her aid. All the while, the Tempting Specter smiles as she prepares the boy to fulfill her desires.

Rebuild World is a Light Novel series, written by Nafuse with art drawn by Gin. It is published by Dengeki.

The Light Novel contains the following tropes:

  • Abnormal Ammo: Ammunition derived from Old World technology often has weird properties like being as thin as a hair until fired from a gun, making it possible to cram an absurd number of bullets into a single magazine at the cost of it being more expensive to produce.
  • Absurdly Sharp Blade:
    • One of the Old World relics Akira finds is a technologically-enhanced knife that was once a common household item. By breaking the safety limiter on it, it's able to shoot out a Laser Blade that Clean Cuts a wall and the person behind it in half, albeit turning the knife to dust in the process.
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    • Neila, one of the relic thieves, has one of the same knives and uses it to try and cut Akira in half. When that fails, she pulls out two more Old World relics that produce a liquid metal blade maintained with a forcefield. They're sharp enough to cut through the walls of a building tough enough to take repeated shops from an anti-materiel rifle without collapsing.
  • Adaptation Distillation: The manga removes several events, such as Akira's fight with five children looking to mug him, for the sake of pacing. It also cuts out a lot of the exposition, such as Shizuka's explanations on the history of the AAH rifle and the setup process for augmented suits.
  • Adaptation Expansion: The beginning of the manga explains Akira's cynicism by having him tell Alpha that he'd been fooled by numerous Con Artists offering him a better life in the past. Hence his initial refusal to work with her until she gives him a trial run of her services.
  • After the End: The story takes place after a post-apocalyptic event that left a futuristic version of society largely in ruins. While the rich live it up in the lavish walled cities, the poor scavenge the remaining ruins for high-tech devices and relics that they can sell for a profit.
  • And Your Little Dog, Too!: Members of the Shijima gang attempt to threaten Akira by telling him that they know where he sleeps at night. Akira scoffs at this, asking if they're suicidal enough to attack a hotel for hunters. Then they tell him that they know his favorite store and talk about shooting Shizuka. That's when Akira goes ballistic and instantly shoots the gangster dead before holding the rest at gunpoint. He then asks to be taken to their leader, either to negotiate or start a firefight.
  • Armor Is Useless:
    • Akira gets some dated protective equipment as a freebie for his first-time purchase at a hunter's store. While it's certainly better than running around in a tank-top and jeans, Alpha's holograms indicate that his new clothes would offer no real protection against the monsters running around the wasteland. He later replaces it with an augmented suit, which subverts this trope thanks to the physical enhancements it grants Akira, though it's still noted that it provides basically no protection from gunfire or monsters.
    • Downplayed with other forms of armor used by hunters, which is designed to withstand small-arms fire. Completely averted by powered suits, Powered Armor that borders on Mini-Mecha and can be equipped with forcefields strong enough to take repeated shots from a BFG.
  • The Artful Dodger:
    • The child gang that tries to mug Akira over 300 aurum is a subversion. Like him, they're orphans with no education, no food, and no one to turn to. They only barely scrape by and aren't especially bright or resourceful. Even after Akira explains that it'd cost more to shoot him than they'd get off him, they still try to kill him over pocket change, forcing Akira to kill them in self-defense.
    • Played straight with a pickpocketer named Alna, who goes after fresh-faced hunters who aren't wary enough to secure their belongings. She manages to swipe 100,000 aurum from Akira, though pisses him off enough that she's forced to feign innocence to Katsuya, who defends her from Akira until he gives up.
  • Back-to-Back Badasses: Despite his poor first impression of them, Akira is forced to trust his back and flanks to Reina and Shiori when they're surrounded by a massive swarm of Yataka Scorpions. He repeatedly blasts away at the scorpions with his BFG while Reina and Shiori prevent him from having to stop firing due to a scorpion sneaking up on him.
  • Bathtub Scene: After trying a bath for the first time, Akira becomes addicted and jumps in the tub every chance he gets. While this is also used as a source of Fanservice by Alpha going naked in an attempt to seduce him, Akira is usually too occupied with the bath itself to react with more than minor embarrassment if he pays her any mind at all.
  • Backup Bluff: When Akira makes Sheryl the new boss of the Sebia gang, the remaining gang members confront her and try to oust her. She taunts them and flashes the necklace Akira got her as proof that she's her favorite, using the gang's knowledge that Akira single-handedly wiped out a large portion of the gang and the previous boss single-handedly to threaten them into backing off. She also purposefully spent half a day walking aimlessly around the market with him in order to sell the bluff. The gang members initially leave, but are ready to charge back in to call her bluff when it turns out that Akira is in fact tailing her. He kills several of them to make them back off, leaving rest alive to spread the word and make them think twice about doing it again.
  • Beauty Is Never Tarnished: Discussed and justified. Female hunters tend to be good-looking because the constant action requires them to be in tip-top shape, lest they get killed in the crossfire. In addition, the medicines they take work on the cellular level, removing blemishes and injuries that would normally cause scarring. As a result, they tend to have lithe, curvaceous bodies, glossy skin and hair, and a healthy amount of muscle. Sufficiently wealthy hunters can even order limb regrowing treatments, preventing them from being permanently crippled.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: When Akira decides to essentially sell four hunters to Katsuragi as recompense for trying to kill him, one of the hunters declares that they'd rather die than take on a trillion aurum in debt. Akira complies by instantly shooting the guy dead. The other three hunters quickly shut up afterward.
  • Beyond the Impossible: Akira and Alpha both agree that he's likely to die on the rare occasion that he loses her support completely, with Alpha outright saying that he has a 0% chance of escape in that situation. And yet, he surprises them both when he blasts his way out of being Eaten Alive by the Overgrown Snake despite losing all contact with her, surpassing all of Alpha's projections.
  • Big Creepy-Crawlies: Yarata Scorpions are enormous bugs the size of a dog that attack those exploring the ruins in swarms. Their carapaces are thick enough to deflect normal gunfire, forcing hunters to aim for weak points or use piercing rounds to punch right through it.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Akira runs out of ammo while trying to fight off a horde of monsters after a caravan. All seems lost until Sara and Elena show up out of the blue and proceed to annihilate all of the incoming monsters as the hunters who accepted the caravan's emergency request.
  • Brain Bleach: Alpha floats a hypothetical situation where a hunter discovers the ruins an Old World fashion designer's workshop. Should they find a lot of maid uniforms there, they might sell the uniforms for cheap, not knowing that they're even more effective than the latest hunter armor. Akira then has the Imagine Spot of huge, brawny guys marching into a ruin in maid uniforms and asks her to not destroy his common sense.
  • Brain in a Jar: Alpha mentions that individuals whose brains have the ability to interact with the Old World domain are highly valuable to the government. As a result, Akira might get dissected and be reduced to a brain in a jar if anyone finds out about it.
  • Canis Major: The largest of the cannon dogs Akira encounters is so huge that it dwarfs the nearby buildings. Akira is barely as large as its pupil, and he empties his clip in a panic on Alpha's orders in a desperate but successful attempt to kill it.
  • Clean Cut: The knives of the Old World have Absurd Cutting Power able to slice a perfectly clean line through walls tough enough to take repeated shots from a modern anti-materiel rifle. Never mind what happens to the much squishier people behind the wall.
  • Crapsack World: Not only there is a HUGE divide between the rich and the poor but the latter has to fight, kill and steal to survive. In addition, the areas outside of the walled cities are crawling with cyborg monsters from the Old World waiting to devour or obliterate any non-monster that enters their territory.
  • Cyborg: There are two different brands of cyborgs in the setting:
    • Traditional cyborgs are exactly what the name implies: people who replace parts of their bodies with mechanical versions to enhance their physical abilities or grant them new ones. These include becoming Multi-Armed and Dangerous, enhancing one's brain and arm to have a lightning-fast quickdraw, or simply being far stronger than one looks. There are also people who choose to become child-sized cyborgs in order to fool others, though this comes at the cost of being not nearly as strong as an adult-sized cyborg.
    • Nanite-enhanced humans are instead bolstered with nanites stored somewhere in their bodies. These nanites are used to enhance general physical abilities, allowing them to move with superhuman strength and speed rivaling an augmented suit so long as their nanite supply holds out. But this also means they need to pay out the nose to replenish their reserves after big fights.
  • Death World: The setting is filled with things out to kill hunters. The wastelands are bare and nearly devoid of life save for hordes of monsters all the size of cars or greater. To add insult to injury, those monsters are often armed with powerful weaponry from the Old World. Even if you survive those, stepping in the wrong place can get the Old World domain downloaded into your brain all at once, causing instant brain death.
  • Deflector Shield: Kain's powered suit possesses a forcefield generator tough enough to easily withstand multiple shots from Akira's anti-materiel rifle. Akira also runs into autonomous weapons with the same forcefield, but they're forced to lower it in order to shoot, creating an opening for him to take them down.
  • Degraded Boss: Discussed. It's mentioned that monsters worth an enormous bounty and requiring multiple teams of hunters from Kugamayama City to defeat are common on the "front lines" where the best hunters work to keep monsters away from human settlements. The strongest hunters are armed with tanks and other powerful equipment to take one of these bounty monsters down all on their own.
  • Depleted Phlebotinum Shells: CWH rounds are specially-made armor-piercing bullets designed for use with an anti-materiel rifle when normal piercing rounds don't cut it. These rounds are so powerful that they can take down monsters the size of a building by blasting a bus-sized hole in their skulls while still retaining enough momentum to shatter a part of a concrete structure behind it. Smaller monsters are instead reduced to unrecognizable Ludicrous Gibs. Naturally, this level of power comes with a price tag that makes it Too Awesome to Use, leaving hunters to pack only one or two of them for emergencies.
  • Diving Kick: Colbert is hiding behind a rock while trying to take potshots at Akira. Rather than go above or around the rock, Alpha instructs Akira to make a running start to throw a diving kick through the rock with the help of his augmented suit, shattering Colbert's cover and leaving him open to a bullet to the chest.
  • Does Not Know His Own Strength: Shizuka warns Akira to not crush the trigger of his guns by accident while getting a handle on the Super Strength his augmented suit provides.
  • Dramatic Chase Opening: The manga opens with Akira sprinting to the Kuzusuhara Ruins, all while evading other hunters who either wanted to take the pistol he found or anything of salable value.
  • Dungeon Crawling: The setting's economy runs on hunters going into ancient ruins of the Old World and bringing back any interesting relics they find. Said ruins are also infested with traps and monsters ready to tear people to pieces, but being a hunter is the only way to get enough money to escape the slums.
  • Dynamic Entry: When all hope seems lost for Akira and the caravan he's fighting alongside, Sara and Elena burst onto the scene in a jeep, guns blazing. Their highly explosive ammo blasts a massive hole in the incoming monster army, and they soon clean up shop.
  • Fantastic Rank System: Hunters are ranked based on the number and quality of the relics they're able to bring back. The higher your rank, the better the equipment you are authorized to purchase and use. Akira begins as a temporary Hunter, but later ranks up to an official Rank 10 Hunter from the relics he brings back. He continues to rank up and purchase better equipment with Alpha's guidance, gaining access to an anti-materiel rifle when he hits Rank 17 and later a license to rent vehicles when he reaches Rank 20.
  • Fictional Currency: The currency of the setting is "aurum", which is given in both coins and bills. It seems to be analogous to real-life yen.
  • Food as Bribe: Shiori treats Akira to food from a high-class restaurant in hopes of putting their differences behind them. Although he was already willing to let things be water under the bridge due to his combat record being scrubbed, he forgets all about it by the time he sinks his teeth into the food. Afterwards, he isn't sure if he'd be able to keep his head on straight if someone decided to bribe him into talking by treating him to a full course meal again.
  • Government Conspiracy: It becomes increasingly clear over the course of the story that the corporate government is not as competent or as clean as they like to present themselves. While its goals are unknown, its actions include goading the nationalists into leading a huge horde of monsters against Kugamayama City, bribing Akira to keep silent about his fight with the relic thieves so they can come up with a cover story to make itself look better, and leading unregistered explorations of the Kuzusuhara Ruins.
  • Guns Akimbo:
    • Lampshaded and deconstructed. Akira has an Imagine Spot about dual wielding assault rifles, but Alpha quickly disabuses him of this notion. At best, he'd miss all his shots. At worst, he'd tear his arms off from the recoil because he's too small and scrawny to even be comfortable carrying two guns at once without an augmented suit, much less shooting them.
    • Sara does this while blasting away the army of monsters after Akira and Katsuragi, Dual Wielding anti-materiel rifles loaded with explosive rounds to annihilate the opposition. Also justified by her nanite enhancements, which give her enough Super Strength to absorb the recoil and keep a steady bead on her targets.
    • The cover art for the second volume of the light novel depicts Akira wielding his assault rifle and anti-materiel rifle in one hand each while Alpha has her arms around his neck. The manga adaptation also depicts him shooting his anti-materiel rifle and assault rifle like this while trying to fend off the Yarata Scorptions.
  • Gun Porn: Shizuka lovingly describes the firearms she sells in her shop to prospective customers, explaining the AAH rifle's hundred-year history and enduring popularity among hunters as well as its firing specifications.
  • Healing Potion: Nanite medicine can be taken in the form of pills to heal wounds and stave off fatigue. It's considered essential for a hunter in order to stay alive in the field and avoid collapsing of exhaustion. Unfortunately, it's difficult to verify the quality of medicine, forcing hunters to take whatever they can get regardless of the side effects. Taking too much over a short period will also cause the nanites to go haywire, causing one to collapse into a several day long coma. Akira's life is saved numerous times by an extra powerful version from the Old World he found in the Kuzusuhara Ruins, but that runs out after his encounter with the cannon insects.
  • Hollywood Acid: Akira is subject to this after beating Eaten Alive by the Overgrown Snake. The monster's stomach acid is powerful enough to even dissolve the vehicles it eats, so he puts nanite medicine on his head to protect it while hoping his augmented suit lasts long enough for him to kill the snake.
  • Hope Spot: While delving into an unexplored ruin, Akira comes across what appears to be the remains of an old jewelry store and happily rushes over to see what he can pocket. But when he arrives he discovers that the entire shop is nothing more than an excessively advanced holographic poster. To rub the salt in the wound, he can't even take the poster with him since it's embedded in the wall. Then it's Double Subverted when Akira discovers what is implied to be a convenience store full of toys, utensils, and knickknacks, which he manages to sell to Katsuragi for a respectable (but somewhat disappointing) 2 million aurum.
  • Indentured Servitude: While slavery is officially illegal under the Corporate Government, people can be forced to do labor to pay off a debt to others. In cases where one side has caused damage to another, a person can made to work off their debt if there's sufficient cause for it. There are also debt collectors who monitor and seize those who try to escape their debts without paying them.
  • Inexplicably Awesome:
    • A small percentage of individuals are born with the ability to connect to the Old World domain, potentially granting them access to its secrets. Unfortunately, this also means they're at risk of brain death by walking in the wrong place and having the domain dumped into their brains all at once. Akira is one of these individuals, which allows him to meet and make a contract with Alpha.
    • Some people are noted to be born with Super Strength matching those with nanite enhancements or wearing augmented suits. No one knows why these individuals are so strong, but they tend to become great hunters thanks to being able to handle heavier ordinance.
  • Impossibly Delicious Food: As an apology for trying to kill him in order to protect Reina, Shiori takes Akira out to a high-class restaurant and offers to foot the bill if he can put their differences behind them. Once he agrees, he's treated to the restaurant's special course. It's so delicious that Akira completely drops his usual antagonistic paranoia and nearly passes out from how much he's enjoying it. Shiori is also able to coax a lot of information about him out of him since he's he's totally occupied with eating.
  • Kill It Through Its Stomach: The Overgrown Snake swallows Akira and his vehicle whole in an attempt to digest them. While Akira panics from losing his connection to Alpha and having stomach acid dripped all over him, his Cornered Rattlesnake instincts are kicked into overdrive without her help, allowing him to aim straight down the snake's vulnerable gullet and rip it apart from the inside with minigun rounds.
  • Law of Inverse Recoil: Averted. The firearms that Akira handles are large, loud, and heavy. Because of this, the recoil throws his aim off at the beginning because of how unused to it he is. Alpha also has to warn him against trying to go Guns Akimbo, as the recoil would throw his aim off at best and tear his arms off at worst because of how scrawny he is. This is also why any hunter worth their salt will wear augmented suits to help them handle the recoil more easily and allow them to wield more powerful weapons without injuring themselves.
  • Let's You and Him Fight: Yajima holds Reina hostage to force Shiori to attack Akira, hoping that one of them would kill the other so the remaining one would be easy pickings.
  • Lost Technology: The civilization of the Old World was so advanced that it could even control the weather as it pleased. The relics of this civilization sell for a pretty penny in the cities set up to process them. This tech can range from Augmented Reality Artificial Intelligence like Alpha to common household items like knives. Even those items can become dangerous weapons if the limiter is taken off, though this often destroys the item in the process.
  • Ludicrous Gibs: Akira is forced to expend a huge number of CWH rounds to survive a swarm of Yataka Socrpions rushing at him through tunnels. The result is that the scorpions are more or less splattered across the walls and turned into unrecognizable mush. Hunter HQ is unable to determine just how many he killed because of their bodies being mashed together by every One-Hit Polykill, instead paying him based on approximation based on how long he was fighting.
  • MacGuffin: Alpha is insistent on reaching a certain, unspecified relic, helping Akira get stronger for the purpose of leading her there and granting her access to it. She says she'll let him sell it for a pretty penny, but it's obvious that she has big plans for it.
  • Marshmallow Hell:
    • Shizuka is prone to hugging Akira when he returns from a dangerous mission to show how glad she is that he's alive. He's initially embarrassed by how his face tends to be sandwiched between her breasts due to his height, but soon finds the hug warm and comforting, later remembering to hug Sheryl to get her to stop crying. Sara and Elena also do the same to him while he's resting at their house.
    • Subverted with Carol. When she and Akira escape from a building infested with mechanical monsters, she's so happy that she pulls him into a bear hug. But her reactive armor hardens in response to pressure and impacts, meaning that her chest feels more like a pointy rock than a marshmallow and he squirms to get out. Then it's Double Subverted when she zips open her armor to push his head against her breasts for real. This time, he more or less sighs and gives up, though Alpha taunts him over reacting differently to something he can touch.
  • Matryoshka Object: The Overgrown Snake is colossal at its full size, but should it be on the verge of defeat, it can abandon its current body by having a smaller snake inside it escape to live another day. This is what lets it attack Akira after it fought Katsuya's team, but Akira prevents it from getting away again by aiming his minigun straight down its gullet, killing the even smaller snake further inside.
  • Meaningful Name: "Aurum", the currency of the setting, is named after the Latin word for "gold". Given the decrepit state of the world outside the walls, having the main form of currency being named after gold makes sense.
  • Mechanical Monster: Some monsters are built by still-working weapons factories from the Old World. These monsters are made entirely of metal and long for nothing but to destroy anything not like them, attacking humans and other monsters alike. With enough time and enough food, these machines can grow to the size of castles, chomping on humans, vehicles, and other monsters in equal measure.
  • Melting-Pot Nomenclature: The story is implied to take place in the ruins of what was once a futuristic version of Japan, given how the characters use Japanese honorifics and the Japan-themed naming of the ruins and cities. Despite this, you have characters with both Japanese and Western names in the story, such as Akira, Sara, and Sheryl.
  • Mundane Utility: Augmented suits increase one's strength to be able to handle the recoil of powerful weaponry, go Guns Akimbo, attacking opponents with superhuman speed and force. They're also helpful for simply lugging more stuff around or moving wreckage out of the way.
  • Muscles Are Meaningful: Akira is noted to be short and scrawny for his age because of how young he is and how little he got to eat before he started making money with Alpha's help. Because of this, he can't comfortably carry and fire more than a single assault rifle at a time without the help of an augmented suit, compared to older, more fit, and more experienced hunters who are armed to the teeth. When his augmented suit is damaged beyond repair, he has to give up hunter work until his new one ships in because he can't handle his weapons without it.
  • My Skull Runneth Over: The Old World internet still exists, and those who aren't careful might have huge chunks of it directly downloaded into their heads, resulting in their brains shutting down from sheer Sensory Overload. Alpha protects Akira from this by acting as a filter for it go through, preventing him from suffering its effects while also hoarding the information to herself to reveal to Akira at her discretion.
  • Mystery Meat: The cheapest and free food in the slum city is an unrecognizable mush made from nanomachines and monster meat. While it passes for food, it's also disgusting and full of residues that would likely shave years off your life if eaten continuously. Having eaten it for years, Akira gives Sheryl a million aurum to help her buy meals for the other slum kids under her care, considering it a good enough deed to win him some of his good luck back.
  • Nanomachines: Nanites are mentioned as Old World technology that can be used to rapidly (but painfully) close wounds by consuming them as pills and rubbing them on wounds. Nanites are also used to create enhanced humans who are capable of superhuman feats of strength and agility, but this also essentially turns them into Cyborgs reliant on a continual supply of nanites to survive.
  • Never Smile at a Crocodile: Oversized alligators the size of a bus are among the monsters prowling the wastelands. They can charge at surprising speeds and easily swallow someone whole if they aren't careful. Akira also encounters a building-sized, armored, two-headed crocodile with cannons growing from its back on one mission. Its Healing Factor forced him to use expensive CWH ammo to put it down.
  • Ominous Fog: The "colorless mist" is a phenomenon in which a strange, transparent fog descends over an area. It's extremely hard to perceive with the naked eye, only blurring the edges of objects in one's vision. But it's also extremely dangerous, as it scrambles radio, electromagnetic radar, sounds, and smells. Guns will suffer a unilateral drop in effectiveness, electronic locks will cease to work, and all forms of long-range communication will be filled with static. Naturally, this make things exponentially more difficult for a hunter, even if it also reduces the effectiveness of the monsters' tracking systems.
  • One-Hit Polykill: Akira uses his entire stockpile of CWH rounds to slaughter the scorpions rushing at him in the tunnels of a ruin. Thanks to being forced to run through such a narrow space, the armor-piercing rounds splatter a dozen scorpions with every shot, their bodies being mashed together by the devastatingly powerful ammunition.
  • One Size Fits All: Augmented suits are made of a special elastic metal weave that starts at a default size, but it can stretch or shrink based on data input to fit anyone.
  • Playing Possum: Yarata Scorpions are Big Creepy-Crawlies smart enough to play dead near the corpses of other scorpions to catch unwary prey (usually hunters) off-guard.
  • Powered Armor:
    • An augmented suit is a special mix of Future Spandex and an exoskeleton that greatly boosts one's strength and agility. Using it incorrectly can lead to wear and tear on one's body, but it's an enormous help in traversing a battlefield. Because of the risks, there are classes on how to utilize them, and Alpha gives Akira additional training so he doesn't become reliant on it. That said, it's explicitly called a "suit" and not "armor" because it offers no protection against gunfire or monsters. In addition, it's costly and time-consuming to repair, meaning that hunters are incentivized to use the enhanced strength and speed it provides to not get hit at all.
    • In addition to an augmented suit, "powered suits" are much more traditional suits of powered armor bordering on Mini-Mecha. They're large enough to house an entire person in its torso and armed to the teeth with weaponry like missile launchers and heavy machine guns powerful enough to take down the walls of an Old World building. Kain's powered suit is also equipped with a forcefield generator tough enough to take repeated shots from a CWH anti-materiel rifle with ease.
  • The Many Deaths of You: Alpha uses her Perception Filter abilities to create holograms for Akira to train with, be it fighting monsters or training in hand-to-hand combat. Whenever he would die to the real thing, she leaves a hologram of Akira's corpse to show how gruesome his death would be. The floor is usually littered with dozens of dead and mutilated Akira holograms by the end of their training sessions.
  • Private Military Contractors: Hunters act as this during patrol and extermination missions, being sent in to wipe out monster nests and guard the city from monster incursions. Gangs like Drankam also form to gain more clout and recognition for more work. The City Government also has its own private army who work solely for the government rather than hunting relics.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: When Akira first brings in a strange relic from the Kuzusuhara Ruins, he's outraged that Nojima, the clerk at the relic exchange office, only gives him 300 aurum for it: barely enough for a meal. Even after Akira is tempted to pull a gun on him, the clerk tells him that his anger is understandable and to come back tomorrow after the relic is fully appraised. When Akira does return, the clerk hands him 200,000 aurum for the relic along with the relic he just brought in. Given the number of shady figures in the office the first time, it's implied that the clerk purposefully withheld payment to protect Akira from those who would mug or kill him for the money.
  • Running Gag:
    • Akira's nearly nonexistent sex drive becomes a source of comedy when women try to seduce him for the sake of getting him to spill his secrets. These women tend to be extremely confident in their looks, so they're offended when he reacts with complete indifference or confusion when they're basically throwing themselves at him. Meanwhile, Alpha cheers from the sidelines about how her anti-Honey Trap training (read: being a Shameless Fanservice Girl) is working on him.
    • But even Alpha isn't immune to this. Her frequent attempts to evoke Bathing Beauty on him as a means of getting closer to him are met with embarrassment at most. The rest of the time he's too busy enjoying the bath to pay attention to her.
  • Savage Wolves: Cannon dogs are canine monsters the size of a small car with heavy weapons growing out of their backs from Old World nanobots in their bodies. They ruthlessly hunt anything that enters their sights, either pouncing on them or blasting them until there's not even a smear left.
  • Scary Scorpions: Yarata Scorpions are giant scorpions the size of a car with thick carapaces that deflect normal assault rifle rounds. In addition to the general menace they pose with their strength and size, they're also smart enough to play possum near the corpses of their brethren and camouflage themselves among the rubble to ambush unwary hunters.
  • Sense Loss Sadness: Discussed. Akira is confused to see cyborgs at a restaurant and wonders why they're even sitting down given how many of them have lost the ability to eat food as part of their augmentations. Alpha surmises that they either have highly advanced prosthetics that allow them to digest food, or simply wish to try to eat food to bury any feelings of loss they might have over being unable to process it. Akira just scoffs at them for wasting perfectly good food.
  • Simple, yet Awesome:
    • The AAH assault rifle is regarded in the same light as the AK-47 in real life. It's a rifle model with a hundred years of history that's renowned for being inexpensive, easy-to-use, and reliable. While it's far from the strongest firearm available to a hunter, it's popular because of its cheapness, ability to fire semi-automatic and full-auto, and decent stopping power. Even first-class hunters have at least one in their arsenal and many have an Ace Custom variant manufactured to their specifications. To some, an AAH rifle is essentially a Good Luck Charm on top of doubling as an excellent Emergency Weapon.
    • The AAH rifle's enduring popularity means that there are also some hunters who swear by it and use it as their sole Weapon of Choice. These "AAH-fans" will take the gun against enemies that are normally too durable to take down just to prove the rifle's chops. Some particularly zealous fans eschew modifying the gun entirely when doing this, going on borderline suicidal missions to prove a point.
  • Sliding Scale of Idealism vs. Cynicism: The setting is dark and punishes naivety. Akira learned from an early age to be suspicious of everyone given how he was constantly abandoned by those who offered him food and a place to stay once he outlived his usefulness. His ruthlessness saves his life on multiple occasions when he's forced into a firefight. But that doesn't mean that compassion is out of place in the setting, as Akira's decision to kill a gang he deemed a threat saves two women who become supportive mentor figures to him. In short, carving out a life in the slums of Kusugayama means knowing who your friends and your enemies are. Akira is rewarded for showing kindness to those deserving of it even when he's motivated by self-interest as well as when he's Properly Paranoid and ruthless enough to know who to pump full of lead.
  • Shockingly Expensive Bill:
    • Following his battle against three Relic Hunters, Akira is left with a 60 million aurum bill for medical treatment, only half of which was covered by his original payment. Hearing this nearly makes him lose consciousness then and there, but Kibayashi instead offers him a deal: the government will cover his bill and give him 100 million aurum in exchange for having his combat record wiped and not breathing a word of this to anyone. For Akira, it's a no-brainer given how little stock he puts into said record. He doesn't know that he's being scammed, as the hospital purposefully gave him expensive treatments to jack up the bill since the City Government would pay for it, all to pressure him into signing their non-disclosure agreement.
    • Later on, Shiori takes him out to a high-class restaurant and offers to foot the bill for the Impossibly Delicious Food there as an apology for attacking him in the ruins while Reina was kept hostage. By the time they're done, the staff are in disbelief at the size of the bill paid, but Akira never learns how expensive the bill is aside from it being way too high for him to come on a regular basis.
  • Snakes Are Sinister: The Overgrown Snake is a massive beast powerful enough to require multiple teams of monsters working together to defeat. It's a hodgepodge of biological and mechanical components from all the different monsters, machines, and vehicles it's eaten. It's deceptively fast for its size, can easily crush vehicles between its jaws or under its tail, and has powerful stomach acids that allow it to eat nearly anything.
  • Springtime for Hitler: When Akira gets a request direct from the Hunter's Office to assist in the extermination of the Yarata Socrpion nests, he tries to get them to drop him from the mission by adding on a series of ridiculous demands like having the government pay for all the ammo he uses, getting additional pay for every scorpion he kills, and being allowed to move freely on his own. To his alarm and chagrin, they agree to all of his demands, forcing him to go on the mission. He then mutters that he should have asked for even more things like paying for medicine.
  • Surprisingly Realistic Outcome: A setting dominated by guns means that with just a bit of guidance and a handy means of detecting enemies around him thanks to Alpha, even someone as weak and meager as Akira can slaughter entire enemy groups and monsters. However, Alpha quickly points out during their training that without his powered suits or her aid, he'd be dead hundreds of times over, if not thousands, and an experienced human foe is still a massive threat if they can get the drop on him or equalize the fight, never mind a monster ambush.
  • Tank Goodness: It's mentioned that truly first-rate hunters all own their own tanks to down monsters that would normally require squads of hunters to defeat. This is also why Katsuragi refuses to return to the city with a huge number of monsters on his tail, as he'll simply be blasted away by the tanks along with the monsters.
  • They Would Cut You Up: Alpha warns Akira that he might get dissected and be reduced to a Brain in a Jar if anyone finds out about his ability to interact with the Old World domain.
  • Too Desperate to Be Picky:
    • It's mentioned that hunters can't be picky about their nanite medicine because of how much they need it to patch wounds and stave off exhaustion while fighting monsters. So they're often forced to buy whatever medicine they can find because of how difficult it is to verify its effectiveness.
    • When Sheryl starts a food truck business with Katsuragi's help, she's able to overcharge for the hot sandwiches she sells due to bringing the trucks all the way out to a construction site in the wasteland. The construction workers and hunters present have no options besides her food and whatever they brought with them, allowing her to reap a handsome profit.
  • Weaponized Animal: The ruins and wastelands are filled with animals designed for use as living weapons. Many of them naturally grow armor and weaponry from their bodies thanks to the nanomachines implanted in their bodies. These nanomachines are also self-replicating, meaning that they can also reproduce to create even more animals like them.
  • We ARE Struggling Together: There's a factional war going on within Drankam's ranks between a pro-young hunter faction and a pro-veteran faction. The former believes that young hunters are the future of the organization and that investments need to be made to cultivate talent, while the veterans feel that they're being forced to accommodate inexperienced hunters and unfairly getting their pay deducted for the young hunters' sake. This results in each faction trying to one-up the other in prestige and achievements in order to edge the other out of political relevancy.
  • We Buy Anything: Generally speaking, most merchants are willing to buy nearly any Old World relic off hunters because of the profits gained from reselling them. However, many sites, such as the Hunter Office's own relic exchange center, have preferences that affect the payout. For instance, the Hunter's Office and City Government heavily prefer technological relics that can be reverse engineered for military purposes. Other merchants may take Old World clothing that's tougher than any modern armor available today, while others may refuse to buy it outright due to being unable or unwilling to find a customer to sell it to.
  • When All You Have is a Hammer…: AAH-fans are mentioned to go to absurd lengths to prove effective the gun is even though it wasn't designed to fight heavily-armored enemies. If they eschew upgrades and modifications, AAH assault rifle users will have to aim for weak points, get into dangerously close range, and other inefficient means of attack to do more than Scratch Damage.
  • You Are Number 6: When hunters coordinate in large groups, Hunter HQ gives them numbers as callsigns. For instance, Akira is Number 27 while hunting Yarata Scorpions.
  • You Are Who You Eat: Monsters can evolve by eating the corpses of other monsters, often taking on the traits of what they've eaten. For instance, the Overgrown Snake possesses the scales expected of a reptilian monster, fur like a biological monster, armor plates and cannons like a mechanical monster, and even tires along its belly from all the hunter's vehicles it's eaten.
  • You Just Told Me: Shizuka deduces from Akira's reaction to Sara and Elena that he's the one who saved them. She confirms her suspicions by bluffing to him about the bullet he left behind, exaggerating its effectiveness as an identification tool until he confesses to her. She then advises him to allow himself to trust good people like Sara and Elena, as a hunter needs friends to survive.
  • Your Head Asplode: Akira kills Yajima by splattering his head across the ruins with his anti-materiel rifle.


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