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Lodgeworld is a series of light novels adapted from roleplays between Craig Bayfield and Tricia Greiner. Sega City is a bustling metropolis which is recovering from a golden age of superhero activity. In that time it has become a gathering point for people born with superhuman abilities. The plot revolves around the residents of an open-house lodge outside of the city for powered individuals to live. Each novel revolves around a different theme and set of characters from the ensemble cast.


So far the novels are:

  • Double Act - Tricia Greiner is caught in an accident which grants her electricity based super powers and introduces her to the powered world of Sega City.
  • Eternal Optimism of the Exceedingly Average - Craig Bayfield has only just started off in the real world, holding down a job and apartment, when his childhood imaginary friend returns to tell him how he -should- live his life.
  • Saygrem - Stressed Bayfield has separated from Craig and has decided that to be his own person he needs to walk his own path, he travels to another world where a holy war is ravaging the land and becomes tangled up in affairs.
  • Passing Time - The story of a young girl on the run with her father, a rebellious youth being raised in a monastery and a young girl thrust back in time to the home of her parents at the start of their relationship. All three tales mingle and combine in a story of time travel, gods and parental bonds.
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  • Normal - Craig Bayfield is tired of being mixed in with all of the insanity of the lodge and its growing family of powered citizens, in a fit of anger he proclaims that he would be happier if everyone were normal. He wakes up the next morning to find he got just what he wished for.
  • Brotherhood: Anonymous - Reporter Ken Ellis finds himself tied up in a story regarding cults who abduct young children and raise them to revile the ideals of parenthood. In his investigations he meets Brother Seven, a child abducted so early on in life that she does not know of life outside of the cult.

Two special discontinuity books are set in an alternate future.

  • Confessions of a Combat Waitress - Jane Matthews is a waitress at a small Sega City diner and she enjoys talking about the political climate of the city in days gone by and in sharing her wisdom she attracts the attention of some of the figures from those old times.
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  • Grief - Amberleigh Anderson is dead, killed by an anti-power protester. Consumed by grief, Stressed uses her death as a platform to abandon his life in Sega City and return to the world of Saygrem to finish off the work that he had started there years ago.

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