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Light Novel / Last and First Idol

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This existential widescreen yuri baroque proletariat hard sci-fi idol story has carved out a new legend in science fiction history! Gengen Kusano's astounding debut collection!

Last And First Idol is a Seiun Award-winning short story by Gengen Kusano, the first debut work to win the award in 42 years. It has been published in English by J-Novel club, in a collection with two of Kusano's other stories, Evolution Girls and Dark Seiyuu (which for the sake of convenience will also be listed on this page). It began as a Love Live! fanfic before being adapted into an original novel.

Mika Furutsuki dreams of being the greatest idol of them all, but when an immense solar flare devastates Earth, it'll take the insane obsession of an old friend, a little genetic engineering, and a lot of hard sci-fi until she takes her rightful place among the stars...


Tropes appearing in Last and First Idol

  • Ascended Fanfic: The story was originally a Love Live! fanfic.
  • Expy: Due to its Love Live! fanfic roots - Mika is Nico and Maori is Maki.
  • Idol Singer: Mika Furutsuki wants to be the greatest idol of all, and won't let a little thing like the annihilation of the human race stop her.
  • Shout-Out: The title is a reference to Last and First Men. Both stories share the trait of spanning millions and millions of years.


Tropes appearing in Evolution Girls

  • Shout-Out: Evolution Girls is a mobile game turned anime involving female anthropormorphised animals that unexpectedly gained popularity due to the anime's sci-fi twist... much like Kemono Friends.

Tropes appearing in Dark Seiyuu