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Light Novel / Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu

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Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu (InS,UnN in short on this page. Means, literally, "Iriya's Sky, UFO's Summer") originates as a four volume Light Novel series. Written by Akiyama Mizuhito, it tells the story of Iriya Kana and Asaba Naoyuki, involving aliens, love, and angst. Lots of it. An OVA series had been made, and a manga series is still on-going.

Iriya no Sora, Ufo no Natsu contain following tropes:

  • All Deserts Have Cacti: The "all deserts are sandy wastelands" variation is used to portray Nevada, complete with a raging sandstorm.
  • Annoying Younger Sibling: Yuuko Asaba - Naoyuki's little sister is obnoxious and often berates him. She also occassionally stalks him.
  • Attempted Rape: in ep. 5 of the anime a seemingly homeless-looking man tries to have his way with Iriya. Fortunately she succesfully fends him off using a hidden dagger. Or does she...?
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  • Chastity Dagger: User to fend off a potential rapist in ep. 5.
  • Hollywood Drowning: When Asaba trespesses into the school pool to take a dip, he finds Iriya there (he didn't know her back then). She's so surprised that she falls into the water and begins desperately beating the water to stay afloat since she can't swim. No screaming though.
  • No Social Skills: Iriya being raised as a space fighter pilot has little to no clue on how normal human society works.
  • Phlebotinum Girl: Kana Iriya is the only person who can pilot a super-advanced fighter jet.
  • The Xof Y: An unusual case in that there's two "of"s but no "The".