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Light Novel / Harem Prince

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Harem Prince is an English language Web Serial Novel written in the style of a Light Novel by a Fiction Press user going by the penname of Spooky Rose. As the title suggests, this is in the Harem Genre, but not in a conventional way. The story centers around Takuhiko Koizumi, a first year high-school student who is forced by his mother to make some friends in the real world by taking his computer privileges away. Now Takuhiko is on a quest to build a Harem using nothing but real girls. Reality Ensues as well as hilarity.


Chapters were posted twice a week on Fiction Press as well as DeviantArt. Until September 1, 2016 when Spooky Rose announced that due to various reasons it will not be continued in serial format and that the ones already posted will be retitled "previews". A few days later, it was announced that the series will receive a massive rewrite, possibly under a new title and medium.

Harem Prince provides examples of: