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Light Novel / Gathering the Enchanted

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Earth. The one planet known to humanity that can sustain life. Its unique atmosphere allows for a variation of life to not only survive, but to prosper. Evolution has created some of the most fantastic creatures we can imagine. Of these, humanity is one of them. Every human is different. They all have their unique quirks that make them their own person. One quality that blesses the odd human is one of magic.


Gathering the Enchanted is a light novel created by "Alcatraz".

The story surrounds a group of six teenagers who are half Vyrilian and half Human, thus are known as Filians. They are being taken to a school for others of their kind to learn how to control and use their powers for some unknown purpose. The story is still in progress here:

The characters are:

  • Tess: A calm and serious girl who can generate poison, primarily with her breath. This basically gives her the power to kill anyone she wants, but she views this as a curse. (This could be a case of Cursed with Awesome )

  • Aurora: A very quiet girl with the ability to control water around her. She seems to be able to pull some interesting tricks with this power, such as sucking the moisture out of the air around people.

  • Xen: Xen is... Xen. There isn't much of anything known about his personality at this point. He has the ability to conjure weapons.

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  • Tristan: A brave and intelligent boy with the ability to absorb the damage he takes from hits, and then send them back at his attacker all at once. This poor kid is has been Blessed with Suck.

  • Calynn: A competitive, and yet polite and prudish girl who creates magical armor on her legs which grant her super speed and powered-up kicks.

  • Bannor: A calm yet incredibly blunt fire-controlling kid, this guy may be another case of Cursed with Awesome.


This story provides examples of:

  • Action Girl
    • Kick Chick : Calynn. She literally has feet of steel.
  • Aerith and Bob: You've got normal names such as Tess, Aurora, Tristan, and to a small extent Calynn. But then you have Xen and Bannor...
    • But then again, Xen could have been named by his Vyrilian mother. Bannor doesn't really have an excuse, he's adopted.
  • Awesome, but Impractical : Calynn's knees suddenly bending backwards. That sounds cool as hell. But in reality that would probably force her to crawl around on all fours due to the sudden change in her lower body.
    • Also, Tristan's ability technically falls under this. Sure, he can wipe out an enemy in one hit if he times it perfectly. But he would need to get beaten half to death first.
  • Ax-Crazy : Bannor when he first unlocks his powers.
  • Badass Crew : Our main group.
  • Blessed with Suck : Tristan. Poor guy needs to have the snot kicked out of him before he's able to help in a fight. And then if that one hit he musters doesn't pan out, he's gotta get beat up all over again.
  • Bros Before Hoes : Inverted. Bannor's best friend Daniel ditches him so he can date Bannor's ex, Becca. And this is all going on while Bannor is being ostracized by those around him because of the event where he saved Daniel and Becca's lives from a movie theater shooting. Ouch.
  • Cursed with Awesome : Tess. She can kill any enemy that she wants by just BREATHING on them, but she sees this as a horrible curse.
    • On the other hand, Tess has to constantly restrain her emotions to keep herself from accidentally activating her powers and choking those around her to death. So she may not apply for this trope.
    • Bannor may also apply for this, but to be fair his powers DID destroy his life completely. So he has a legitimate reason to hate them.
  • Girly Bruiser: Calynn. She's quiet and fairly feminine and able to kick serious ass with the rest of them.