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Light Novel / Full Metal Panic! Another

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Adelina Aleksandrovna Kerenskaya and her Arm Slave, the Zy-99M Shadow.

Full Metal Panic! Another is the sequel to Full Metal Panic! series, set 10 years after the end of FMPnote . Arm Slaves have become a common sight, not only with various militaries all over the world, but they've been also used for civilian applications, such as the construction industry, where they're known as Power Slaves. Mithril has permanently been disbanded due to personnel losses and facilities destroyed after they were captured/destroyed by Amalgam-led forces with no one to back them. Dana O' Shee Military Service, an American PMC, was established to help militaries who don't have Arm Slaves be trained in their use, not to mention that they provide training service for militaries that want to improve their Arm Slave forces.


Ichinose Tatsuya is a mild-mannered high school student who does part-time work with his father's construction company in order to help him out. It was until he encounters a Russian Dana O' Shee Military Service security contractor named Adelina Aleksandrovna Kerenskaya, who needed help to transport her Arm Slave known as "Shadow". While a military test takes place the JGSDF and DOMS, one of the Arm Slaves goes rogue and starts attacking ASes from both sides. Ichinose agrees to to join DOMS after piloting Shadow in order to save his sister from being nearly killed a rogue AS, not to mention his father has a growing debt problem and his wishes to be an actual AS pilot.

Full Metal Panic! Another consists of the original light novels, which were written by Naoto Ōguro with illustrations done by Shiki Dōji. They were published under the Fujimi Shobo label in Fujimi Fantasia Bunko's Dragon Magazine from August 20, 2011 to February 13, 2016 with a total of 13 volumes. It also had a manga adaptation, with the illustrations done by Yō Taichi, published by Kadokawa Shoten under Kadokawa Comics Ace's Newtype Ace magazine from March 26, 2012 to August 26, 2014 with a total of 6 volumes. Another manga adaption, known as Full Metal Panic! Another Sigma, is published under Kadokawa Comics Ace's Kadokawa Niconico Ace magazine from February 26, 2015 with 2 volumes officially published.


A series of FMP!A short stories were also published, as was a manga.

A Work In Progress.

The series provides the following examples of:

  • 20 Minutes into the Future: Like Full Metal Panic!, it plays on Arm Slaves becoming more and more common.
  • All There in the Manual: The light novels and the various guidebooks provide more details on the characters/organizations/Arm Slaves making their debut in Another, as well as what happened to those involved before Another started.
  • Driving Question: Who or what was responsible for making a JGSDF Arm Slave go amok during a combat test?
  • Expy: The storyline of Another is similar to Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, where PMCs are starting to become more common with the public and their services are always rendered.
  • Multinational Team: DOMS has its personnel recruited from various countries.
  • Private Military Contractor: DOMS or Dana O' Shee Military Service. It's based in the United States, which was established by ex-Mithril officer Melissa Mao thanks to hidden wads of cash from Mithril and Amalgam reserves.
  • Reality Ensues:
    • Due to Ichinose being involved in a potential terrorist activity with a rogue Arm Slave nearly killing civilians and JGSDF/DOMS personnel, he's picked up by the police as a person of interest.

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