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Battery is a Japanese light novel series by Atsuko Asano that was published by Kadokawa Shoten. The series is about two teenage boys, Takumi Harada and Go Nagakura, who play on the same baseball team.

Takumi Harada is a baseball pitcher who has recently moved into his grandfather's house. His grandfather is the former coach of Nitta High Shool. Takumi later meets a catcher named Go Nakagura. After playing around together, the two join their school's baseball team together.


The books have received several awards and have also been adaptated into several mediums. It received an audio drama in 2000, an on-going manga in 2004, a live-action film in 2007, a live-action series in 2008, and an anime in 2016.

Battery provides examples of:

  • Adult Fear: In the second episode, Takumi's brother Seiha doesn't come home. Go and Takumi find him after it's already gotten dark.
  • Animated Adaptation: Battery had a summer 2016 anime.
  • Comic-Book Adaptation: Battery's manga has been on-going since 2004.
  • Dream-Crushing Handicap: Everyone keeps on trying to dissuade Seiha from playing baseball because he gets winded easily.
  • Live-Action Adaptation: The novels have had two: a 2007 film and a 2008 television series.
  • Ill Girl: Seiha is a fourth grader who wants to play baseball despite his physical weakness.
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  • Spell My Name with an "S": Go's name is either "Go" or "Gou".

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