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Light Is Not Good / Music Videos

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  • In Danger Days, the album by My Chemical Romance, the main antagonist throughout the videos is Better Living Industries, a Mega-Corp that deals entirely in pristine monochrome. Black and white logo, white vending machines, etc.
  • Dirty Computer by Janelle Monáe takes place in an almost all-white facility that is reminiscent of a church and discusses "cleansing" and "coming into the light" repeatedly.
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  • In Miserable by Lit, Pam/Vallery has golden blonde hair, wears a bikini that is almost entirely white, and even has white nail polish. However, that doesn't make her good. Despite seeming friendly at first, once she's done being climbed on by the band, she starts gleefully devouring each member one-by-one as they beg her for mercy.

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