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Light Is Not Good / Animated Films

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There has been indeed a great cry in all of Egypt.

  • Some animated Disney movies can feature delusional light:
  • Toy Story 3. Sunnyside Daycare may sound like a nice place, but it's not. Even in its brightest daytime glory, it is not. Also, there's the famous quote, referring to almost literal Hellfire:
    Rex: "Hey, I can see daylight! We're gonna be OK!"
    Woody: "I don't think that's daylight..."
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  • In Kung Fu Panda, murderous villain Tai Lung is a snow leopard, whose fur is light grey and white, and he's willing to rampage the entire valley just for being denied access to the Dragon Scroll. In the sequel, Lord Shen is a white peacock who is a ruthless conqueror. He is perfectly willing to commit genocide on the Giant Pandas to thwart a prophecy and then kill anyone in the way of his ambitions. Chillingly fitting considering that, in the Chinese culture, white is the color of death.
  • The Prince of Egypt very much uses this for the final plague; when God Himself sends the Angel of Death itself to smite the firstborn. It appears as a downright Lovecraftian white gust of wind. Any house struck by it has a white flash inside.
  • Darla Dimple, the child actress Big Bad of Cats Don't Dance has a pink heart motif. This motif appears all over the place in her Villain Song wherein she plots the downfall of our heroes.
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  • The Great Candlestick from The Painting is painted in bright colors, but he's a Knight Templar who goes to extremes to maintain the status quo in the world of the painting.
  • In The Star God's light drove the barn animals insane due to insomnia.
  • The french animated movie Time Masters has an evil alien God of light that turns people into completely white, blank faced angels.
  • In Coco, Miguel's skeleton transformation will be permanent if he does not leave the Land of the Dead before sunrise. Also, Ernesto de la Cruz wears a white outfit in the Land of the Dead, but he is a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing who murdered his former singing partner in order to plagiarize his songs, and is willing kill anyone to maintain his fame, even if it's his supposed great-great-grandson.
  • The Big Bad of Zootopia is a tiny white sheep by the name of Dawn Bellwether.

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