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"Welcome to my channel where I don't know what I'm doing."
Ritamatronic, describing her channel

Ritamatronic is an adult transgender girl YouTuber with 95 subscribers as of this writing, with a focus on making videos with a lot of effort put into them, often to the detriment of any upload schedule. Though she has uploaded full gameplays in the past, she leans towards more heavily edited clip shows, with sound effects and music edited into the videos to spice things up.


Her focus tends to be on games with a lot of longevity, especially Roguelikes; she has made multiple videos on The Binding Of Isaac and did a now-defunct series on Enter The Gungeon, back when she still did full gameplay. She also started a series called the L-Play Cast with former YouTuber BobombDom, though only one episode has been uploaded and the fate of the series is currently unknown.

Her channel can be found here.


Ritamatronic provides examples of:

  • Arch-Enemy: The Treadnaught in Gungeon. She doesn't like the Treadnaught.
    • Her response to meeting the Visage in Antibirth implies this as well.
  • Art Evolution: Started out with her gaming videos being unedited commentaries, and later evolved into more tight-knit clip shows.
  • Audience Participation: Commonly asks people to suggest the topic of her next video.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: All of her gaming videos prior to her uploading THE BIRTH OF PINKIE were completely unedited, and some of her videos following it retained a serious artifacting problem due to her using an older version of OBS to record.
  • Instantly Proven Wrong: In EYE OF THE OCCULT VS THE DEVIL, she claims the Pinking Shears aren't useful against Great Gideon, but uses them anyway, which proves her very wrong.
  • Interface Screw: Sort of; the artifacting mentioned previously was very noticeable and could be very distracting.
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  • No Indoor Voice: Rita tends to be very very excitable, which lends itself to a very loud voice.

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