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"Hey what's happening, everyone. This is Yamimash here."

Aaron Ash, better known under his YouTube name Yamimash or Yami, is a British gamer who does Let's Play videos on YouTube. His channel predominately features playthroughs of Survival Horror games, such as Slender, Penumbra, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, though his channel does feature non-horror games, such as Pokémon, Super Meat Boy, Minecraft and Garry's Mod. He is good friends with various big let’s players, such as Markiplier and Mangaminx. Yamimash is known to be one of the more laid back and friendly Let's Players, a big pokemon fan and is often easily frightened.

Yamimash has currently reached over one million subscribers.

    Games Yamimash Has Played 


Yamimash provides examples of:

  • Cowardly Lion: He's easily scared out of his wits by most of the horror games he plays, but he'll keep pressing on.
  • I Am Very British: Invoked. Often when he's making jokes, or having jokes at his expense and playing along.

"Come to the Mash!"

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