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The first season of Ryouseiken's Let's Play of XCOM: Long War, a mod created for the game XCOM: Enemy Unknown and more specifically its expansion XCOM: Enemy Within. Titled with the name XCOM Universum, this Let's Play is known for the gamer integrating his friends, fans, and even his family.

The playlist for this season of XCOM Universum can be found here.

XCOM Universum contains examples of:

  • A-Team Firing: Certain soldiers such as Sora and AquaBreaker are recognized for their inaccuracy when shooting at the aliens. Of course most of this is seen in a non-official series and stated to have been the case in games unseen by the viewers.
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  • Aerith and Bob: Due to the fact that generally all the soldiers are named after Ry's friends, fans, family, and even those in the comment section, this leads to varying names. From the normal like Michael and Alice, to the obscure like Delta and Muffins. Granted, Ry is guilty of creating some pretty ridiculous surnames by himself...
  • Anyone Can Die: This holds true even to the base game of Enemy Unknown. When a soldier dies, they're gone and with it, the experience and strength they bring to the table. And with the tremendous scale of difficulty Long War brings, this trope comes into effect quite often and sometimes without warning.
  • Butt-Monkey: In a series involving a lot of people he knows, this is a given. Some have it worse than others.