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"When traveling through Sweet Land, remember to remain in control of your appetite at all times."

Deadinsky665: Why did we have to name a bunny vore?
Trollkitten: Not sure if better or worse than what we named the Poliwag.
Comments from the Twitch Plays Pokémon subreddit

Twitch Plays Pokémon (TPP) is a series of social experiments in which commands representing buttons on an original Game Boy Advance (up, down, left, right, A, B, L, R, start, and select) are entered into a chat on Twitch, and then translated into a game of Pokémon via an IRC bot. In short, hundreds of people are fighting over a controller. Throughout its life, Twitch Plays Pokémon has spawned hilarious characters, memorable moments, and even a few religions.

Twitch Plays Pokémon Sweet is one of the side-games played during Arena intermissions, using the "full democracy" system in which players get to vote on a single input in-between every Arena match. The game featured, Pokémon Sweet, is a hack of Pokémon FireRed taking place in a "dessertified" Kanto, in which Pokémon have been replaced with PokéSweets, such as Squirpie, Meowffin, or Mintanyte. It also features an alternate type chart as a result, composed of 12 pastry-related types : Vanilla, Cherry, Strawberry, Apple, Orange, Banana, Lemon, Lime, Blueberry, Grape, Raspberry, and Chocolate.


Pokémon Sweet began on May 4th, 2018, replacing the previous sidegame Bootleg Green, and kept running for the remainder of Season 5 (aside from a two-week long Halloween-special intermission, during which the featured sidegame was the creepypasta-based Hypno's Lullaby instead). It came to an end on February 10th, 2019, right before the start of Season 6, and was then replaced by the SpaceWorld 1997 Demo of Pokémon Gold and Silver.

As a side-note, the game's sequel, Pokémon Sweet 2th, was originally considered for a main Season 5 run, but those plans were scrapped due to the hack not being stable enough.

See here for the archived status of the run, and here for archived progress of the game in screenshot form.


Twitch Plays Pokémon Sweet contains examples of:

  • Aerith and Bob: This run has un-nicknamed Pokémon like Piestoise and Bananaby, more elaborate names such as "Gateau", the usual vulgar and/or meme-based names among which "VORE", "ARS" and "YOU", ... and then there's Airblim, whose name is just a lone double quotation mark.

  • Ascended Meme: The topic of vorarephilia, or "vore" for short, has been a recurring subject of jokes among viewers of TPP, which expectedly became even more numerous when playing a game about literally edible Pokémonnote . As a result, "VORE" became the name of the Cottonbun that hatched from the Egg received at the end of the game.

  • Ascended to Candyvorism: The Cottonbun that hatched from the Egg obtained at the end of the game was named "VORE" ; because of this, most of the lore around it tends to depict it as having a sweet tooth for its fellow PokéSweets.

  • Bilingual Bonus: Meowffin, who later evolved into Cupcat, was named "Gateau", which is French for "cake" and is used in English to refer to an elaborate luxury dessert, and doubles as a pun on the word "gato" which is pronounced the same and is Spanish for "cat".

  • Curse Cut Short: The chat intended to enter "ARSE" as the name of their newly-caught Reginger, but one user put bribed for a start input early, resulting in the incomplete "ARS" as its final name.

  • Game-Breaking Bug: An update to the PBR system ended up causing massive performance drops during side-game inputs, with the game slowing down and stuttering considerably. It got to the point where the command to hide the side-game wouldn't even get through, leading to it staying visible on screen during PBR matches, and it had to be taken down temporarily as a result.

  • Irony: On May 16th, the automated screenshots of the game were temporarily malfunctioning, causing all of them to appear pitch black. The first screenshot to be recorded in the archive after this was fixed? The blackout screen.

  • Pun: Paula's Meowffin, the Vanilla-type PokéSweet equivalent of Meowth which later evolved into Cupcat, was named "Gateau", which designates a luxury cake and is pronounced like "Gato", the Spanish word for "cat".

  • Sneaky Spider: Played With. Spinacake is an absolutely adorable pastry-shaped Spinarak ; however, the screenshot archive started malfunctioning and displaying pitch black images right after encountering one, leading a few users to theorize that its venom might have caused a form of Temporary Blindness to Paula.

  • Take That, Audience!: Smorelax, the PokéSweet equivalent of Snorlax, was nicknamed "YOU". May double as a form of Self-Deprecation, since this was basically viewers making fun of viewers.