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Twitch Plays Pokémon (TPP) is a series of social experiments that started in February 2014 in which commands representing buttons on an original Nintendo DS (up, down, left, right, A, B, X, Y, L, R, start,) and touchscreen coordinates are entered into a chat on Twitch, and then translated into a game of Pokémon via an IRC bot. In short, thousands of people are fighting over a controller. Throughout its life, Twitch Plays Pokémon has spawned hilarious characters, memorable moments, and even a few religions.

The eighth run is a direct sequel to Twitch Plays Pokémon Black and began on July 5, 2014. The main storyline was completed on July 22, 2014, but the game itself did not end until a special Pokemon World Tournament featuring the previous seven Twitch Plays Pokémon protagonists was beaten on July 25, 2014. This time, it was the ROM Hack Blaze Black 2 rather than the standard Black 2, making for added challenge and mystery. It was then followed by Twitch Plays Pokémon X.

See also here for the archived progress of the game, here for the archived status of the run, or here for live updates, which have been archived here. There is also a recap page, found here.


Tropes found in Twitch Plays Pokémon Black 2 include:

  • Added Alliterative Appeal: Blaze Black 2.
  • Boss Rush: The Streamer added in a special Twitch Plays Pokemon Tournament at the PWT, where every single protagonist from the previous games is fought in a row, in reverse order going from Black 1 to Red. It can be viewed here here.
  • But Thou Must!: After getting the Quake Badge, Clay tells Cly to partake in the Pokemon World Tournament. The thing is, there is a PC a few steps next to the recipient and quitting is as easy as tapping Run and accepting forfeit.
  • The Cameo: The Hoenn Gym Leaders, which they can be battled. note 
  • Eagleland: The Unova Region is located in a nation similar to it.
    • Appropriately, the starter is once again Tepig, occasionally referred to as Bacon, because bacon is American!
  • Everybody Lives: The first run where not a single Pokémon was released, not even the Fire starter!
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  • Famed in Story: GMYC is renowned as the Trainer who stopped Team Plasma 2 years ago.
  • Fashion Show: Elesa's new "Gym", complete with music worthy of many Dance Riots.
  • Game Mod: Blaze Black 2 allows all Pokémon to be obtained in some way and ups the difficulty and variety.
  • History Repeats: Any time a region has been visited more than once, the second run has always been with a protagonist the opposite gender of the protagonist of the first run. With CLY as the protagonist, that still holds true.
  • Luck-Based Mission: Since Gym Leaders now use real-world competitive strategies and the Mob are still able to screw things up, whatever happens is critical to the match.
  • Nintendo Hard: The game has a higher difficulty curve than the original Black 2. CLY has yet to beat a single Gym Leader on her first try, and it took 67 tries to defeat the Elite Four, second only to Emerald's infamous 103.
  • Not Allowed to Grow Up: Defied. Since no one evolved at all last time, evolutions will be guaranteed this time around due to a code. In five days, the team was fully evolved.
  • No Casualties Run: Cly is the first Twitch protagonist to make it through the entire game with no releases at all.
  • Obvious Rule Patch: The Streamer extended the wind buffer in Skyla's Gym from 5.5 to 8.5 seconds after hours of being stuck near the beginning, allowing Cly to progress more easily around the map.
  • One Steve Limit: Cly and Clay. Clyde could be this if he is running around giving the protagonist tips on the Gym Leaders. note 
  • Running Gag: Leavanny's nickname was changed from a mess of letters to A. Subverted when it was changed again to a mess of letters.
    • Using a Parlyz Heal on a Pokémon that isn't paralyzed. This wastes a turn, but not the Parlyz Heal.
  • Screw Destiny: Not a single pokemon was released in the entire run.
  • "Shaggy Dog" Story: The Mob spent over 15 minutes trying to get a particular Rare Candy to raise Sceptile to his penultimate level... only to immediately toss it upon finally picking it up.
  • Springtime for Hitler: The Mob decides, after several losses to Elesa, to take Emboar (with some HP gone) to battle her in order to black out at the gym and heal at the Pokémon Center. With a lot of luck and questionable AI, Emboar was able to defeat Elesa's team alone, against the Mob's intent.
  • Stealth-Based Mission: Skyla's fans blow every 5.5 seconds; Cly has small checkpoints she must cover to advance before losing progress. Problem is the inputs' delay and the corners needed to cross makes it impossible to continue.
    • Was eventually overcome with the help of the Streamer increasing the delay between gusts.
  • Time Skip: This game takes place 2 years after the original Black.
  • True Final Boss: ALL of the previous protagonists from past TPP runs.
  • Unwinnable by Design: Skyla's Gym, where running is a requirement and inputs are barely enough to cover ground, due to the wind being able to push Cly back to the beginning.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: Nate was selected briefly and named "ALLQ♂♂Y", but he was swiftly erased to make room for Rosa, named CLY.
  • Your Princess Is in Another Castle!: The defeat of Champion Iris should have ended the game, but the streamer declares that the mob must make their way through the Pokémon World Tournament one more time.


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