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The Dpads is a lets play channel created by James Ibbitson, Lewis Bullen and his brother Nathaniel Bullen on the 1st of august 2011. The channel currently has one complete let's play with one close to completion and others currently ongoing. They do a verity of shows including one for each of the duo combinations, a solo series each and a entire channel multiplier series. They also record a podcast and a top ten every month. Their channel can be viewed here


The dpads contains examples of

  • Aborted Arc: Many of the early let's plays have been discontinued after very few episodes many only receiving one.

  • Catchphrase: the opening to every video is "Greetings paddles"

  • Jerkass: James and Lewis are often this to Nathaniel (Lewis even once blamed Nathaniel for playing poorly when he wasn't even involved in the let's play.)

individual let's plays show examples of:

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  • Rage Quit:Lewis rage quits tribal stage after the stress of managing a tribe gets to much for him.
  • Shout-Out: various including doctor who,the voice and britans got talent (much to Lewis shame.)
    • the annoying orange
  • Squee: Lewis did this after seeing their spore creature for the first time. he later apologized after finding it rather annoying.


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