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Simon Says: Let's Play Video Games is a YouTube Let's Play channel hosted by Simon Flavelle. Originally a member of The Layabouts when they were "media creation heroes", he is one of the founding members of LP group The Deadbeats.

     Simon's Played Video Games 

Simon Says: let's demonstrate these tropes:

  • A.I. Breaker: A short clip from Monopoly Family Fun Pack for PlayStation 4 shows the last remaining AI owing $600 to Simon. It has $19. It ends up with every house and hotel sold and every property mortgaged... except for Mayfair and Park Lane (with a hotel and 4 houses, respectively) which it absolutely refuses to do anything to. When it becomes clear the AI would have to sell something on either property, it instead freezes and refuses to do anything until Simon closes the game.
  • Death as Comedy: Played with in Borderlands, in two separate examples.
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  • Death from Above: Attempted by Simon a few times in the Simon Versus The Hidden video when he climbs up on top of someone sitting in the corner. They end up noticing and killing him before his killing blow, or sometimes, right after, due to network latency.
  • Guest Host: Deadbeats Minecraft episode 9 is instead hosted by his youngest sister, after she dropped in during the previous video.
  • Mood Whiplash: After filling the top of Chronos' monastery with gravel, combined with the quietness of the Deadbeats Minecraft server toward the end of Season 1, Simon apologised and personally took down the whole 'prank' with a depression-induced commentary.
    • The video showing Simon's depression in full effect. In the middle of recording a video, he gets playfully shot at by Brian, and overreacts, going completely silent and first trying to get himself killed by monsters that had appeared that night, then climbing up to Phil's Murderlator and jumping to his death, then disconnecting.
  • Multi-Take Cut: The Grand Theft Auto V Online Heist videos (specifically The Prison Heist, the Hydra hijack mission for the Humane Labs Raid, the Raid itself, and the actual heist part of the Pacific Standard Heist) cut between gameplay footage and rendered camera shots of the action (made possible by the Rockstar Editor). In the Pacific Standard, this is what lets the viewer watch Brian and Chronos as they complete their task in the bank.
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  • Precision F-Strike: "And in summary, FUCK LAVA!"
  • Punctuated Pounding: With the battering ram into Zulf's body in Bastion.
  • Silence Is Golden: His most popular Euro Truck Simulator video is simply a delivery job in real-time while wearing the Oculus Rift. Any dialogue is not directed at anyone.
  • Slow "NO!": Simon very nearly blows himself up with TNT in Minecraft by dropping into a pit of zombies he'd just lit one in. Somehow he managed to escape death.
  • Something Completely Different: One of Simon's Borderlands episodes is called "The Vault". As soon as he, Chronos and Brian find out that Casey is unable to play, the video Jump Cuts into a playthrough of Payday 2's Diamond Heist.
  • Thing-O-Meter: A "Phil Count" appears every time a "Phil" card appears in Cards Against Humanity with The Deadbeats' custom card decks.
  • Too Dumb to Live: On the Deadbeats Minecraft server, when detonating TNT in the bay found underneath Ross' house.
    Chronos: You really should be careful with that stuff Simon.
    Simon: Naaaaah!
    [Neurario was blown up by Neurario]
  • Trash the Set: Essentially what happened when Simon fought a Wither in Minecraft, and then five ender dragons at the spawn. And then when several Deadbeats got together to fight TWELVE Withers. In all cases the spawn town was very much torn up. It got better.

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