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Shinryuu 82 is a user on YouTube who originally recorded various matches in M.U.G.E.N, but nowadays records runs of various games he plays, mainly Mega Man fangames and ROM hacks, although there are a few exceptions here and there. Much like qzecwx and PinkKittyRose, he provides his commentary through annotations rather than voice.

He serves as one of the judges on the third installment of the Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest series of fangames.


His channel is here.

Games Shinryuu 82 has done playthroughs of:



  • Audience Participation: Has ran a few polls.
    • Before his Live A Live run, he ran a poll through a Filler video asking viewers to pick a number between 1 and 7, the numbers corresponding to the selectable chapters in that game. After completing each chapter during the run, he would continue to run more polls to determine which chapter to play next. He also ran a poll midway through the Kung-Fu chapter in which the viewers vote for which of the three successors should be chosen.
    • In his playthrough of Shovel Knight, after completing the first and second sets of the main Order of No Quarter stages, he ran polls asking viewers which stage from the next set of Order of No Quarter stages he should do first.
  • Boss Game: Has done playthroughs of Rockman Infinity and its sequel, Rockman Infinity 2, both of which consist only of boss battles.
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  • Filler: He did several filler videos in-between chapters of his Live A Live playthrough during the voting phases, showcasing some of the more bizarre Mega Man themed ROM hacks and pirates.
  • Insult to Rocks: How he describes the final boss of Super Mega Man 3:
    So far this game has had sprite-clashing, jerky animations, and unappealing sprites. Now it seems ALL those aspects have joined together for this...well, I was going to use the word "abomination" to describe this boss, but I think that's too kind of a word.
  • Pacifist Run: In Live A Live, he chose to complete the Ninja chapter without killing any human foes.
  • Painting the Medium: His text box glitches out during the Panda Prince miniboss in the Grand Dad fan game playthrough.
  • Rage Quit: Has sadly quit two playthroughs midway due to this:
    • He quit Mega Man Eons of Dreams 2 after experiencing frustration with the Platform Hell Metal Man stage.
    • His run of the initial Obvious Beta release of the fangame Mega Man DOS Remake ended after discovering to his horror that passwords do not record Wave Man's defeat (who was reduced to a Bonus Boss in the remake, only unlockable by collecting the W A V E letters), and that the 8 fortress stages have the same design choice of simply filling each screen with tons of enemies. He redid the game in 2016, finally finishing it due to the developer having improved the game in that time.
  • Running Gag: Upon reaching a teleporter Boss Rush in his playthroughs of Mega Man games, he usually cuts the entire segment out with a brief message and sound clip, after which the gameplay resumes with all the bosses defeated. There were a few exceptions to this, such as in his run of Mega Man 42.
  • Suddenly Voiced: This announcement video is the first time he's vocally spoken on his channel at least, not counting co-commentating with other people, but states that he'll only vocally speak on his channel when doing announcement videos or other special occasions, as he gets nervous when recording his voice solo.
  • Take a Third Option: On May 2, 2017, YouTube officially discontinued the ability to add or edit annotations to videos. Since YouTube doesn't offer a good replacement for the system, and Shinryuu doesn't want to do vocal commentary, he just adopted PinkKittyRose's old commentary style for his playthroughs.