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Planet Raeth Gaming is a Let's Play group of mainly four friends that have recently started up a channel on YouTube. They compose of Wolfknight, Blaze, Zeo, and Apollo. Wolf Knight is in charge of every major thing including recording the videos, editing them, and uploading them to Youtube. Blaze is the younger brother of Wolfknight who sometimes aids him in recording videos. Zeo and Apollo are friends that Wolf has known since Middle School who also help with the channel.

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The Group As Whole:

  • Aborted Arc: A couple of lets plays were taken down. The first was the Sonic Forces gameplay with Apollo saying that it wasn't good enough due to poor audio, no mods existing at the time, and no gameplay of Episode Shadow or the Super Sonic DLC. A Hat in Time was taken down because Wolf said he wasn't going to get back into gameplay anytime soon and lost interest. Pokemon Next Gen was also cancelled due to Apollo wanting to jump to Kingdom Hearts gameplay.
  • Catchphrase: ALL of the boys tend to use the word "Dickish" whenever something upsets them. Wolf and Blaze are particularly fond of using the word "Bootlegged" as well.
  • Childhood Friends: Zeo, Wolf, and Apollo have known each other since Middle School.
  • Curbstomp Battle: During a video of Kirby Super Star, Wolf and Zeo delivered this to King Dedede so much the King could barely get a hit in!
  • Early-Installment Weirdness: Earlier videos didn't have much special editing features until some of the later Smash videos were made.
  • Filler Arc: Due to the boys not being able to meet up a lot, Wolf often uploads videos on the side to keep the channel alive until all four of them are able to record again. Gameplays of Super Mario Maker and Kirby Super Star are often examples of filler (though Kirby Super Star is more of actual gameplay of Wolf and Zeo together doing a vid).
  • First-Name Basis: Subverted as Wolf actually doesn't want anyone to say their real names. And if someone does, Wolf will have it bleeped out.
  • Forgot About His Powers: As shown in Kirby Super Star and Kirby Star Allies, the boys constantly forget that they can guard to avoid taking too much damage. Zeo often picks up on this but is quick to forget as well.
  • Putona Bus: The Pokemon Nex Gen gameplay. It was meant to be uploaded but Apollo decided to get rid of it in favor of playing Kingdom Hearts. Also the Sonic Forces gameplay was completely taken down.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Blaze and Apollo are the red onis while Wolf and Zeo are the blue onis.
  • Running Gag: Wolf's laughing, Zeo's habit of winning a lot in Smash, Blaze making a pun, and Apollo being first out in a Smash match.
    • Also, in some edits of Smash, a lot of clips usually from popular memes appear. The most common ones are "Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru followed by Nani?!" whenever someone is about to get struck hard (usually by a Falcon Punch or a Warlock Punch), "How Could This Happen To Me?" whenever someone dies due to a mistake, or, most recently, "ONE PUUUUUUNNNNNNCH!!!!"
  • Shout-Out: The boys tend to reference other media and the edits are often references to popular memes. Even Zeo in one video admitted he quotes Vegeta a lot from Dragon Ball Z Abridged (most likely because Vegeta is his favorite character from that series).
  • Special Guest: Tiger Lily who is the wife of Wolfknight. She sometimes plays games with the boys and is set to do a recording of Kingdom Hearts games with Apollo in the future.
  • True Companions: Despite a lot of salt and yelling the boys tend to do at one another, they are still great friends that always try to have fun when playing games.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Apollo is this with EVERYONE especically Wolfknight who the two often take shots at each other.
  • We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties: A couple of Smash videos ended with the game crashing promting the boys to end the video then and there.


The leader of Planet Raeth Gaming. He is the one who mainly sets up the equipment and is always the first voice heard in the intros.
  • Berserk Button: Wolf often gets annoyed by the others calling by each other or swearing. Doesn't help that Apollo has a habit of doing both. He also hates it when someone burps loudly during recordings. Unfortunately for him, Blaze has a habit of doing this.
  • Big Fun: The tallest of the group and argubly the most cheerful of the group. Though he is prone to anger.
  • Confusion Fu: Wolf often plays as characters with a unique moveset and often goes all over the place with his attacks. This is definitely shown whenever he plays as Villager.
  • The Hyena: It's very, VERY easy for Wolfknight to laugh. Especially when others are being salty or Wolf is attacking them (especially shown in Mario Kart videos).
  • It's Personal: If you get a kill off Wolfknight, he WILL not stop until he kills you back!


Can be considered The Lancer of the group. Blaze is the #2 of the group and is very well known for being a skilled Smash player and a Super Mario Maker player.
  • Berserk Button: When the boys are playing Smash, Blaze does NOT like losing a lot in a row. Also, when he is focused in a tough battle, do NOT say anything that will bother him. Apollo learned this the hard way.
    • Also, don't make any funny puns during a video. That's HIS job!
  • Blood Knight: Blaze is VERY competitive and is always happy to get into a smash fight with someone.
  • Catchphrase: Has a lot but the main ones are "Ghetto" and "Dangit."
  • Combat Pragmatist: Blaze WILL take advantage of you if you're playing as a character with poor recovery. Just look at his Jigglypuff play! If he traps you with the midair forward kicks, you might as well take the fall. There is no getting out of that once you're trapped. He also will knock you away more even if it looks like you're not going to recover.
  • Hot-Blooded: Not as much as Apollo but he does have a temper. This usually happens when his Berserk Button is pressed.
  • Keet: When he isn't in a bad mood, Blaze is always the one to make jokes and playfully laughs at others.
  • Pungeon Master: LOVES making puns at every chance he can make. To the point it's a Berserk Button of his whenever others try to make puns.
  • No Indoor Voice: Often yells out whenever something upsets him. This trait is also shared by Apollo but not as obsessive.
  • Suddenly Shouting: Blaze has a habit of going from normal speech to a Big "YES!" and a Big "NO!" in an instant.
  • The Lancer: Blaze is the #2 of the group and is always willing to get into a battle.
    • As of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate'', Jigglypuff, Samus, ROB, and Mr. Game and Watch.


The Smart Guy of the group. Zeo is one of the two other friends that commonly visit the channel to Smash with Wolfknight and Blaze.
  • The Ace: Is this in Smash considering he usually wins the most matches of a game.
  • Animal Motifs: Zeo has mentioned that foxes are his favorite animal and also plays as Fox in Smash. His character pic of a channel even features a fox boy.
    • Now dragons as he mentions his oc has been revamped to have a dragon form and his new main is Corrin.
  • Always Second Best: Tends to place 2nd overall in Mario Kart races. Very subverted in Smash videos though.
  • Berserk Button: He doesn't have too many in Smash but in Mario Kart, Zeo DESPISES the Lightning item. In one video, the boys kept getting hit by them over and over again. While some just laughed it off, Zeo was definitely annoyed by it. He also does not like getting hit by random green shells.
  • Borrowed Catchphrase: Zeo often says quotes that Blaze often says (such as "You Tried!" or "Ghetto!")
  • Combat Pragmatist: Zeo has said it himself in a video that he will use any means to win a match if he can exploit it. In one match, it was down to Zeo who was Yoshi and Wolf who was Little Mac. Zeo took advantage of Little Mac's poor recovery by using Egg Lay off the side of the stage earning him the win.
  • Evil Laugh: Tends to laugh rather menacingly at times. Ironically tends to do this when playing as Wario.
  • Keet: Arguably the most level headed of the group. As of now, Zeo is the only one of the four not to have the dreaded salt shaker image over his image. This is due to always trying to keep on a good face for the audience. Though, unlike Blaze, Zeo is often the most quietest of the group.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Zeo often plays as characters that hit hard and fast (Captain Falcon, Little Mac, Fox, and DK).
  • The Smart Guy: Though does share this with Apollo, Zeo is more prone to point out things in Smash. This is definitely shown during item matches in Smash where Zeo will usually comment on the type of item that is used. This is also shown in the Kirby Super Star videos where he often points out the names of enemies.
  • Verbal Tic: Tends to let out a quick "Heh" whenever something amuses him.
  • Token Evil Teammate: Likes to think of himself as this. Zeo is the most prone to evil laughter, isn't afraid to fight dirty, and loves watching others get knocked around.
  • Worthy Opponent: Views both Wolf and Blaze as this. He also admits to Apollo that he's awesome as Samus.


The Big Guy of the group. Like with Zeo, Apollo is a member that will often come over to do videos with the others.
  • Always Second Best: Or in this case, Always FOURTH Best. Apollo has a habit of coming in last (mainly in Smash). Tends to vary in Mario Kart games.
  • Beam Spam: Apollo is very fond of using characters with spammable projectiles. Mainly Mega Man's Charged Shots and Samus' missiles or charged blasts.
  • Berserk Button: A lot of things can set off Apollo but him being the first to be K Oed in Smash his is biggest one. Doesn't help it happens VERY commonly.
    • He also isn't too found of [[Gasshole Wario]] and Little Mac.
  • Butt-Monkey: A good friend to the group but, unforunately, is often the butt of the others. Apollo is usually always the first to go in a Smash match. Even when it seems like Apollo may finally win a match for once, something happens that causes him to lose again. Apollo, so far, has won only one on screen Smash match. Also, Apollo is the primary target of the salt shaker icon.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Apollo definitely has his snarky moments in the series.
  • Hot-Blooded: Oh yes! Out of the four, Apollo is very easy to anger.
  • No Indoor Voice: Yeah...this comes with being the most hot blooded of the group.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: Oh yes! If you watch a Smash video, expect Apollo to drop f-bombs! A lot!
  • Throw the Dog a Bone: There is, so far, ONE match where Apollo finally wins in Smash.
  • Yank the Dog's Chain: Right was when Apollo was about to be in 1st during a race in the "Raging Across the Finish Line" video, Zeo suddenly shows up and nabs first (even saying WALUIGI!!! as he passed by). To rub salt on the would, Wolf suddenly appears as well and nabs 2nd place from Apollo RIGHT WHEN HE WAS AT THE FINISH LINE! Apollo, naturally, was not pleased by this.