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The Party Cats are a small youtube channel for all sorts of gaming, mainly Super Mario titles. They make videos for fun rather than fame. Their content is family friendly and can get really loud and weird. Their youtube channel can be found here:


  • Chickenwing: She is kind of a mixed bag; sometimes she's perfectly normal (which mainly shows in videos without Kitty Meow) but she isn't afraid to let out her weird side. She also edits and uploads the videos.
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  • Kitty Meow: Definitely the loudest member of the group; and usually is the cause of volume warnings. Is currently the only member to not appear in every video. Also pretends to be a cat quite often.
  • Pasta Boy: The quiet member of the group; he doesn't talk as much as the other 2, instead focusing on the videogames and doesn't let out his weird side as often. Has been stated to be obsessed with the Wii.



  • Ambiguous Gender: Chickenwing would be this due to her voice if the others didn't refer to her with female pronouns.
  • Birthday Episode: Chickenwing had one in which they played Mario Party 10.
    • Pasta Boy recently had one involving Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games.
    • Kitty Meow's birthday special involved playing Family Game Night and New Super Mario Bros. Wii.
  • Cargo Ship: Chickenwing jokingly mentions Pasta Boy x Coke during their Hyper Edition of Mario Kart Wii.
  • Cat Girl: An odd verbal example; Kitty Meow often meows like a cat and even purrs on one occasion.
    • They all are shown with cat ears and tails in one of their intros
  • Censored for Comedy: Personal information is usually censored with a Sound-Effect Bleep.
  • Christmas Episode: They made a Christmas episode in 2016, which consisted of them playing some snowy/icy courses in Mario Kart 8, the Ice Climbers stage in Super Smash Bros Brawl, and some courses in Super Mario Maker
    • They began a Christmas series in 2017, which will go on hiatus soon until late 2018.
  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: They all show traits of this.
  • Cool Big Sis: While Chickenwing isn't actually their older sister, she is the oldest.
  • Cuteness Proximity: Chickenwing commented on how cute Kirby and Luma were, and then stated that she was a sucker for cute things.
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  • Easter Episode: They made an Easter Special in April 2017 where they played Mario Kart 8, Mario Party 8 and 9, and Super Mario Maker.
  • Foreshadowing: In the Super Mario Kart videos, Pasta Boy and Chickenwing mention "a new game" they got for Christmas which is "so cool". Their next video features them playing this game, which turns out to be Super Mario Maker
  • Gosh Dang It to Heck!: Kitty Meow has a tendency to say "dangit!" especially in older videos
  • G-Rated Drug: While other gamers do Drunk Let's Plays, the Party Cats made a couple Hyper Editions (in which they ate tons of candy/sugar) due to their young ages.
  • Humble Hero: While not really a hero, Chickenwing is the one who edits the videos and uploads them, and even suggested starting the group. But she's not the leader.
  • I Am Very British: They have a character named Fat Fancy who talks in a stereotypical posh accent.
  • Just a Stupid Accent: Chickenwing tends to put on accents from time to time.
  • Kid-Appeal Character|s: Both Kitty Meow and Pasta Boy are this due to their high-pitched voices.
  • Kind Hearted Cat Lover: Kitty Meow clearly loves cats.
  • The Leader: Subverted, since Chickenwing doesn't want the group to have a leader because she wants everyone to be equal. Though recently she's had to step up and take charge of the channel since meetups were quite slow for a long time.
  • Manchild: Chickenwing is clearly older than the other two due to her voice, but she still acts immature and wacky.
  • Musical Episode: Their Hyper Edition videos seem to be this, with all the breaking out into song. It tends to happen a lot though
    • Also the balloon battle video, in a way
  • No Indoor Voice: Well, they do talk normally sometimes, but other times they tend to scream or talk right into the microphone.
  • One of the Kids: Chickenwing has a much more mature voice, which implies she's a bit older than Kitty and Pasta
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: All three of them. Sometimes Kitty Meow is called Kitty and Pasta Boy is called Pasta. And then there was Chickenwing being shortened to just "Chikn" in at least one video.
    • Chickenwing pretends her real name is Rocky.
  • Only Sane Man: Pasta Boy isn't as weird as the others, even asking Kitty Meow to stop screaming in their second Mario Kart Wii video and complaining he couldn't see the TV in their third Mario Kart 8 online video right after a total freakout over Chickenwing winning the final race
    • Then again, Pasta Boy can be weird too. It's just a different brand of weirdness than Kitty and Chicken.
  • Role Reversal: In Mario Party 10, Pasta Boy was in first towards the beginning, while Chickenwing was stuck in last. In the end they swapped positions.
    • In Mario Party 8 Pasta Boy won and Chickenwing came last.
  • Series Mascot: Cat Luigi, Cat Peach and Cat Toad, each representing one of the members
    • They also have their own iconic characters, such as Fat Fancy, Big Bea, and Mama Italiano.
  • Squee!: When they are talking about how to censor personal information, Pasta Boy says "We live in SQUEEEEEE!"
  • The One Guy: Obviously Pasta Boy.
  • The Quiet One: Pasta Boy talks less than the other members. This is especially prominent in videos without Kitty Meow to carry the commentary.
    • In later videos, he seems to talk more.
  • Vague Age: They never state how old they are.

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