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Ohmwrecker, a.k.a. Maskedgamer, is a You Tube Let's Player. He is best identified by his Ohm symbol (the Greek Ω).

He is notable for having an incredibly long YouTube history (going as far back as 2006) and having played with many many people over the years.

    Games Ohm has played (incomplete) 


Tropes usually associated with Ohm:

  • Angrish: Usually when he's trying really hard not to die.
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin: In that he rarely shows his face (Maskedgamer).
  • The Hyena: Has a distinctive cackle and laughs when things are going wrong for other players. For example, enveloping the playing area in Dead by Daylight in mist so that the Killer can't even see the survivors, let alone catch them.
    Cartoonz: [playing the psychopath] Ohm's cackling like a fucking idiot.
  • Laughing Mad: Usually when playing scary characters to scare his friends—example: the monsters in Damned, or the Killer in Dead by Daylight.
    Ohm: Ohh-hoho! Ahh-haha!
  • Running Gag: Every time Ohm tries to do a "Gentlemen's Duel", he ends up killing himself.


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