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Elliot Law is MegaGWolf, a British YouTuber who showcases games, mods, and Sonic fan games. He is known for his 'GView', 'Sonic Hack Showcase' and his playthrough of the Dragon Block C mod for Minecraft. He is often described as a Sonic Enthusiast who does Let's Plays and Hack Showcases. He also has a second channel, Pixellated Memories, which is more focused on casual video game reviews (particularly those of games he's played before and games from his childhood) and Top 5 lists, as well as "Pixellated Bytes" centered around more recent releases.


    List of L Ps/Series 

    Sonic Hack Showcase 

    Pixellated Memories 

    Pixellated Bytes 

  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!: He can get easily distracted by custom art in Sonic hacks.
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  • Author Appeal: Snow levels, as his "Top 5 Snow Levels" video can attest to.
  • Berserk Button: Omochao. Also Pixelmon because of the hidden blacklist code.
  • Drinking Game: The result of the Sonic Ring Ride hacks.
  • Funny Background Event: Vegeta can be heard snarking at Tyrian (Elliot's character) while they fight in Dragon Block C.
  • Head Desk: Does this during Sonic 1: Omochao Edition.
  • Nightmare Retardantinvoked: His "5 Scary Things That Aren't Scary" video.
    • He finds the inclusion of Mario characters in (Mario) The Music Box to be this.
  • Overly Long Gag: The Fan Showcase video for Sonic Zero Remastered starts off with him speaking in a Simpleton Voice as he pretends to praise a bad fangame called "Sonic The Hedgehog PC" for about a minute before stating he's only kidding and starting the video for real.
    • The Fan Showcase video for "Sunak The Beefhog" is like the one for "Sonic The Hedgehog PC" (in that it pretends that the game's the best thing ever even though it's obviously not), only with the entire video being the joke (instead of only being part of the video as a gag), without the Simpleton Voice and invoking Blatant Lies by telling us what fellow viewers had got to say about it, only for the quotes that appear on the screen in text being the direct opposite on whomever said it.
  • This Is Gonna Suck: His opening remarks about some of the hacks he reviews.
    • Played with in Sonic Mega Hack Ultra. He immediately decides its a joke hack and isn't worth playing, until glimpses of the boss fights make him continue.

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