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I didn't know Solid Snake did Let's Plays.

"Hey everyone, this is Manly Badass Hero, and welcome..."

Manly Badass Hero is a Role-Playing Game player on YouTube. He specializes in Let's Plays of mystery games where he tries to explore and solve the mystery and explain it to the viewer. Known for having a very soothing voice, for being very thorough in his playthroughs, and for live-streaming video game play.

His channel can be found here.

    Games Manly Badass Hero Has Played 
And many others that aren't currently listed above.


Tropes associated with him:

  • 100% Completion: When a small game has multiple routes, he'll cover them all. As such, he's among the few LPers to see the "secret good ending" in Doki Doki Literature Club! whereas others like jacksepticeye, PewDiePie, Markiplier, and Game Theory Live thought that the regular ending (where Monika deletes the game after seeing Sayori grow possessive over the player) was all there is.
  • Badass Baritone: He has a relatively deep voice.
  • Berserk Button: A couple of them.
    • He is so mad from getting killed by Sans in Undertale again and again (24 times in a row in total) that you can hear him at one point hitting/throwing an object (which sounds like throwing a controller out of rage - but Manly has been playing Undertale in his computer so that cannot be the case... unless he threw the computer's headphones, mouse, microphone, or anything else).
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    • Don't use rape inside the video games he will play. It 'will' piss him off. It is what covers up most of his Everyone Has Standards reactions.
  • Blatant Lies: Many of his videos that are horror games disguised as cute games have video titles that describe them as being normal cute games where nothing goes wrong.
  • The Comically Serious:
    • He's nowhere near humorless, but if he chooses to react to something in a deadpan tone of voice, the situation suddenly becomes even more hilarious.
    • Pretty much the only source of humor during "Paranormal Syndrome", where the premise is basically running away from Japanese creatures hell bent on killing you and dialogue is scarce and usually devoid of horror. During chase scenes he will pretend what the monsters will say based on their point of view.
  • Catchphrase:
    • He always says "take it easy" at the end of his finale videos. He lampshades this when playing a game where one of the characters says the same thing.
    • "You're going to burn, alright." if he gets the ability to set things on fire.
  • Cold Ham: Tries to keep his commentary as calm and neutral as possible, while also making as many jokes as possible.
  • Corpsing: During his Let's Play of the Mad Father remake, he begins to break down mid-line when Aya tells her doll "My father's a kind person..."
  • Crossover: He does this every now and then. The best example is his crossover playthrough of "Let's Meow Meow" with Manga Minx.
  • Deadpan Snarker: He has this brand of humor.
  • Everyone Has Standards: He gets really uncomfortable with certain dialogue and situations.
    • While playing Misao, he's obviously upset about poor Misao getting sexually assaulted by her teacher after she was raped by a boy earlier.
    • During his playthrough of The Dark Side of Red Riding Hood, he gets understandably upset when the hunter reveals that he's a sexual predator who makes Red Riding Hood his slave.
    • While playing Pom Gets Wi Fi, he repeatedly voices his disgust with Reddig, a parody of Reddit.
    • When he got to that scene in Wadanohara, all he could say was, "Jesus CHRIST."
  • Evil Laugh: He can pull this off very well.
  • Genre Savvy: Really good around the tropes, especially during the channel's earlier days without him probably knowing about Tv Tropes, and he genuinely doesn't know about the plot of the game he's playing. Some examples include:
    • In his playthrough of OFF, he made several correct guesses on how to solve the puzzles and the true nature of the plot, as well as defeating a hard bonus boss on his first try. The most amazing part he returned to the cleared area based on the hunch he had on the "fade away" transition.
    • In Year Walk, when other lets players are having trouble with the puzzles, he manages to solve them by having enough common sense to guess how it goes, like by listening to the voices that sound the most human. Oh yeah, and did we mention that this guy plays blind without at times consulting a walkthrough?
  • Gratuitous Japanese: When playing Japanese games, he will incorporate Japanese words and phrases.
  • Heroic BSoD:
    • When he kills Papyrus in his Genocide run in Undertale, his reaction is silence. And when he speaks, he sounds utterly depressed.
    • For the True End of Charon's Tsukimi Planet, he had a moment of silence when it turns out that Tsukimi falls to her death for feeling like she failed in helping Utarou.
  • He Who Must Not Be Seen: Like some video game players on YouTube, he doesn't use a facecam. Fanart of him would depict him with dark hair and a red scarf. Towards the end of this video though, he records himself on video. Since then, he's starting showing himself off more.
  • Hurricane of Puns: Some of his videos, such as his finale of Yanderella, have multiple puns.
  • Hypocritical Humor: In his playthrough of Outlast: Whistleblower, he calls Gluskin out on his foul language. MBH has a habit of swearing himself.
  • Iconic Item: All of his fan art depicts him wearing a red scarf. According to his Tumblr, the scarf is sentient, tsundere, and an Eldritch Abomination. At least it pays rent.
  • Manly Tears: While playing Yanderella:
    "I'm actually tearing up a little. I actually feel legitimately kind of bad. I want to just reach in there and comfort them both, through my computer screen."
  • Megane
  • Noodle Incident: During Manly's video, "Manly Talks Bout What Makes the Best Horror Game", he mentions he knows how liquid dripping from above floors, ceilings, or attics to the bottom floor works from experience.
    "If you get leaks up above, you start seeing drenched leaks down below. I know from experience."
  • Not So Above It All: Gets distracted by in-game comedy and twists really easily.
  • Oh, Crap!: While playing Yanderella, he repeatedly says, "Oh, God!".
  • Precision F-Strike: He shouts "fuck you" at the "Red Witch" ending in Wadanohara, in which it's implied that the villain raped and/or tortured Wada in front of her love interest, then made her evil. What's more painful is that this is the only ending available right off the bat, meaning that you have to see it if you want the True Ending.
  • Pungeon Master: Even in the face of death or after losing his limbs, he seems to always to be armed with puns.
  • Rated M for Manly: Not quite played straight, despite "manly" being right there in his title. He is manly in a much more subtle way than usual for this trope.
  • Reference Overdosed: Almost every 3 minutes he quotes or compares the situation to some other media in humourous ways.
  • Running Gag:
    • Expect him to say "seeecret..." whenever he finds an optional or hidden object, especially during a 100% Completion run. Less commonly, he also likes to say "uuuseless!" when a character's action turns out to be futile or something gets broken.
    • The sight of a trash can will typically prompt him to say some variation of "Hey, there’s Manly’s soul".
    • If he sees or interacts with a rabbit in a game, he will often note its existence with a gentle exclamation of "Bun!"
    • "Cute" is in the title of his video? Must be a perfectly not-scary game at all.
  • Selective Obliviousness: If he knows something is going to happen in a game, he'll pretend to not know the twists and turns of the game.
  • Self-Deprecation:
    • While let's playing Uri's The Boogie Man, he expresses his embarrassment for voicing Dick.
    • While playing the demo of Konstandin, the characters listen to a news report that's voiced by MBH. When one of them switches the TV off in the middle of it and the other asks, "Why did you turn it off?" MBH replies, "No one wants to listen to that guy."
  • Scarf of Asskicking: What his fanart depicts him wearing. He actually wears one during one of his Q and A videos.
  • Speech Impediment: Very slight, but he tends to pronounce "th" as "v."
  • Tempting Fate: Expect a couple of these since a number of his games range from mystery to horror.
    • In Part 10 of his Let's Play in Zero Time Dilemma: Towards the end of the video, a cutscene plays that reveals that Phi's hair is naturally red and she just dyed it white. When Manly saw this, he realizes his suspicions earlier in the episode about Diana being Phi's mother is probably indeed correct. But the really big whammer was what followed after that. Manly started musing about Phi possibly having gotten her eye color from her father because her eye color doesn't match with Diana's. Near the end of his sentence was a perfectly timed moment where the game happens to pan over to Sigma. Right after that, Manly immediately notices Sigma's eyes being the same color as Phi's. We are then treated to hearing Manly going completely in shock with gurgled sounds when he made the connection with the three.
    • In Part 4 of Angels of Death: At the start of the video, Manly pointed out how the last video was about having to listen to Cathy's annoying laugh. A few seconds later, cue Cathy's annoying laugh again...
      Cathy: "HAHAHAHAHAHA!"
      Manly Badass Hero: "Oh no..."


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