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LuckysevenDX (real name Jamie) is a Let's Player on Youtube. He specialises in handheld games, and is quite focused on showing every single detail of the games he plays. He is a member of The Midway Gate, a collaborative channel that has since become defunct.

Current projects

Games he has completed solo:


Games he has played with multiple people:

Tropes pertaining to him:

  • 100% Completion: Will show every little detail, even those that are not part of the definition of 100%.
  • Aesop Amnesia: The moral of New Super Mario Bros 2 is that "Greed is bad", for whenever Lucky is greedy, bad things happen. He outright refuses to learn this lesson.
  • Dear Negative Reader: After a large portion of his fanbase requested Mario & Luigi: Dream Team shortly after the game's release, he posted a video explaining, in simple terms, why he did not do "Day One LPs", or Let's Plays released alongside the game.
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  • Motor Mouth: Can get a lot of commentary out in a short span of time.


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