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All spoilers will be unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

The Life SMP is a Hardcore Minecraft survival series started by Grian, and featuring YouTubers such as InTheLittleWood, SolidarityGaming, Smajor, LDShadowLady, and several members of the Hermitcraft Server, like Rendog, GoodTimesWithScar, ZombieCleo, TangoTek, Etho, and impulseSV.

Each season of the Life SMP has a different name, and comes with a different twist, but the concept is always the same. Each server member has a set number of lives, indicated by the color of their name, and once they run out of lives, they are out of the series. Players on their final lives gain a red name, and their goal changes from just surviving, to killing as many people as they can.

In its first season, 3rd Life, each member of the server began with three lives, losing one every time they die. When someone is on their last life, their goal shifts from surviving peacefully, to taking out as many other players as possible. The world itself is very limited - only 700 by 700 blocks - so resources are finite and players must share, cooperate or steal if they are to survive. The series uses the Voice Proximity mod, so random encounters with others are commonplace.


The second season, Last Life, began with three new members, a new name, and new rules. Unlike in season 1 where everyone has 3 lives, each member of the server was randomly assigned between 2 and 6 lives, and the ability to transfer lives between players was introduced. In addition, each episode started with the server randomly assigning a "Boogeyman", who needed to kill a player with more than one life left before the end of the day, or lose all but one of their lives. After Day 2, the Boogeyman was given a protective buff after being cured so they would have an easier time escaping from their victim's teammates.

The third season, Double Life, shook things up again. Each member of the group was once again granted 3 lives, but this time, they had to share their life counter and their health bar with their soulmate, another player. If their soulmate took damage, they would as well, and if their soulmate died, so would they.


The Life SMP is taped in three-hour recording sessions mostly on Friday, and each person's perspective is uploaded to YouTube somewhere within the following week, usually the next Tuesday.

3rd Life began on April 20th, 2021, and ended on June 8th, 2021. A second season — later dubbed Last Life — was announced in Grian's final episode of Season 1, officially started on September 21st, 2021 and ended on November 16th, 2021. Grian uncertainly teased a third season at the end of his last Season 2 episode, later confirmed Season 3 in his 12th episode of Hermitcraft Season 9, and Double Life started airing on June 17th, 2022 and ended on July 22nd, 2022.

The Life SMP provides examples of:

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  • Aerith and Bob: Some members of the server go by their real-life first names, while others go by their internet nicknames, resulting in a sharp contrast between names like Scott, Cleo and Joel, and names like Grian, Scar and Tango.
  • Anyone Can Die: A given due to the fact that it's a non-scripted Hardcore series. Whether you died in a heroic battle, or by accidentally falling off a cliff, lose all your lives and you're out of the game.
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: Player names are displayed in different colours depending on how many lives they have, and some also choose to change their skins to reflect their life count. Green indicates three lives, yellow is two, and red is one. In Last Life, players have the possibility of obtaining four or more lives, which is indicated by dark green.
  • Construction Is Awesome: With a good portion of the players being good builders, it's unsurprising to see beautiful buildings in the server, even with its constricting border.
  • Cutting the Knot:
    • On Day 3 of Season 1, Bdubs and Martyn (among others) decide to play Tango's minigame, Dare to Flare. After carefully reading the rules and seeing that they prohibit all fire resistance potions, Bdubs uses a golden apple to minimise damage from the lava and Marytn uses Ender pearls to jump straight to the reward chest and back out again. Tango lets both keep the prize but bans consumables and Ender pearls from that point forward.
    • On Day 6 of Season 2, Grian and Impulse resolve to gather the three Wither skeleton skulls scattered across the server. After two successful heists at the Shadow Fort and the Snow Fort, they are unable to find the one at the Scottage and eventually conclude that it's inside their Ender chest, meaning that they could never retrieve it. Rather than throw in the towel, Impulse heads to the Nether fortress and grinds Wither skeletons until he finally gets a new skull, which he presents to Grian at the end of the day.
  • Deadly Game: Essentially. While the series tends to start off calm, with alliances and the bare bones of a society being formed, it's only a matter of time before someone turns Red, either through the Boogeyman, a mistake, or just plain bad luck... and that's when all hell breaks loose. Inevitably, the fragile faction system that always emerges on the server collapses as more and more people turn Red or die, and in the end, only one survivor remains.
  • The Dreaded: The Reds. While they're not the only ones on the server with the capability to kill, they are the only ones allowed to initiate PVP, and have killing everyone else as their explicit goal.
    • In Season 2, the Boogeyman also fills this role. At least one player is assigned this role each session, and they have until the end of the day to kill another non-Red player, or have all but one of their lives taken away, leaving them on Red. It's basically the concept of the Reds but with an extra layer of Paranoia Fuel, as the Boogeyman can be literally anyone, and you won't know who until they cave someone's head in. invoked
  • "Everybody Dies" Ending: It's a Foregone Conclusion that all but one of the perspective characters die, by the premise of the series, but there's been a tradition since the first season for the series to end on a Last Survivor Suicide (either directly or by proxy).
  • Evil Costume Switch: A good number of players have a separate skin for when they get knocked down to one life left, often being Red and Black and Evil All Over, with grey skin and red eyes. The list of people without a Red Life skinnote  is smaller than the people with themnote .
  • Fatal Fireworks: While their first major use in combat as explosive projectiles is on Day 6 of 3rd Life, during a skirmish at Dogwarts, it isn't until Last Life when they play a major role in a player's demise.
    • For Last Life, Lizzie fills most of her hot-bar with firework-loaded crossbows and unleashes a fair amount of them onto Bdubs when he betrays her on Day 7. While Lizzie loses her final life, her firework rockets weaken Bdubs enough that he's killed by his fellow Red Names when he tries to run.
    • On Day 9 of Last Life, Grian and Joel arm themselves with firework rockets for their rampage and end up killing Pearl with them.
    • In the Double Life finale, Joel decides to utilize the same plan to kill Scott for burning the Relation-Ship in the previous episode, only with stronger rockets. He credits Lizzie for the idea from the last season.
  • Glass Cannon: Played With. Players on their Red Life are the only ones allowed to initiate PVP and directly kill other players, with their explicit goal being to take out everyone else. However, while other players will simply respawn with one life missing, a Red player's death means they're out of the game for good, meaning they have to be extremely careful about how and when they try to kill other people. Averted with the Boogeyman in Season 2, who is randomly chosen and can have any number of lives, and after Day 2 is granted a temporary buff after making their kill to prevent instantly getting revenge-killed afterwards by their target's allies.
  • Grey-and-Gray Morality: None of the people or factions on the server are what you would call morally upstanding.
    • Season 1: Dogwarts actively seeks to kill everyone on the server and wages war against those who refuse to join them, and the Desert scams everyone out of everything and sets up traps for their allies and enemies alike. Even the Flower Forest, arguably the most peaceful faction, joins the Desert after they've been threatened by Dogwarts, and when Jimmy is killed, Scott goes on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge, vowing to destroy Dogwarts for murdering his husband.
  • Helmets Are Hardly Heroic: No one on the server wears a helmet. Enforced in that one of the rules of the server specifies that no one is allowed to wear one. Tango is executed by firing squad in Season 1 for violating this rule.
  • History Repeats: Several recurring incidents have occurred without fail in every season thus far, so much that they have been called "curses", by the fandom and sometimes the content creators themselves.
    • Grian being, in one way or another, responsible for the death of at least one of his allies (or as one may put it, loved ones).
    • Jimmy being always the first to be Killed Off for Real.
    • Scott building part of his base, especially the defensive walls, out of wood, prompting Joel to burn it down just because he could.
    • Tango Dying Alone for his final life, often in a seemingly "meaningless" way or by no fault of his own.
  • House Fire: Griefing other factions' or players' bases by setting them on fire is a very common occurrence throughout the series.
  • Humans Are the Real Monsters: While the in-game monsters are dangerous, the various alliances formed along with backstabbing have resulted in much drama and many players losing lives.
  • Kill Tally: The fan wiki keeps track of how many kills/eliminations (and other records) each player has per season via multiple criteria, including and not limited to overall kills, most final kills (having someone Killed Off for Real), most lives lost per session, etc. For relevance to the trope:
    • In terms of overall kills, Grian wins in Season 1 with 8 killsnote , Joel wins in Season 2 with 13, and Joel wins again in Season 3 with 3 direct killsnote .
    • In terms of most final kills, Scar wins in Season 1 with 3 eliminationsnote , Scott wins in Season 2 with 4 eliminationsnote , and Pearl wins in Season 3 with 2 eliminationsnote .
  • Killed Off for Real: Everyone who loses their final life is put into Spectator-mode, only able to watch the rest of the game go on.
  • Mass "Oh, Crap!": Every time someone dies, especially when it means they're now on their last life.
    • When Scar reached his last life during Season 1 and became the first person to go Red, everyone else freaked out, especially those on bad terms with the Desert, resulting in many hasty alliances being made to try and ensure their safety.
  • A Molten Date with Death: Often invoked, as other than TNT and other explosives, one of the most common lethal forms of trap used throughout the series is lava.
  • No Blood for Phlebotinum: Given that the world is only 700 by 700 blocks big, there's bound to be conflicts over resources. In Season 1, see Scar and Grian's attempt to create a monopoly over dark oak trees and sand, the server conflict earlier on over villagers, and people begging for and stealing cows. In Season 2, there's shortages of sugarcane (used in the server-specific TNT recipe) and villagers (as there was no village, making the only way to get them by curing zombie villagers). In Season 3, the sugarcane shortage continues when Grian starts to hoard the server's supply, and when that fails by Day 3, there's a shortage of sand because there isn't a desert on the server and Grian ends up hoarding most of the server supply of that too.
  • Omnicidal Maniac: What everyone becomes upon being reduced to their last life; their ultimate goal is to kill everyone else on the server.
  • Precision F-Strike:
    • On Day 1 of Season 1, Martyn drops the F-bomb when a skeleton surprises him in a ravine.
    • On Day 7 of Season 2, Impulse and Skizz attack Ren and damage his tower, prompting him to call them bastards.
  • Red Is Violent: Those on their last life get a red name, and their goal becomes to take out as many people as they can.
  • Running Gag:
    • As of Season 1, Martyn likes to play a Creeper's hiss sound while in groups of people to scare them. So far, he has successfully scared everyone at least once.
    • During Season 2, Mumbo repeatedly loses/gives away the spyglasses that Jimmy makes for him, solely to annoy Jimmy.
    • Following the massive success of Grian's TNT trap killing three people, all his subsequent traps aside from the redstone-less bubble elevator trap either fail to work or somehow don't kill anyone when they do work, leading him to be increasingly exasperated at his own lack of redstone expertise. In Season 2, he outright says that it seems to be a running gag for traps to never work, leading to extreme surprise on the rare occasion a trap does work.
    • During Season 2, there's an amusing trend of people building secret rooms underground and behind walls with a respawn bed and a chest of supplies in case they die, and when they die and respawn there, discovering that they forgot to leave themselves a pickaxe to get out of the room so they must slowly break their way out by hand.
    • In most Season 2 episodes, Martyn and the other Southlanders like to watch Mumbo doing his intro from a distance, often through spyglasses, while Martyn does an impression of Mumbo.
    • When Scar changes into his purple wizard robes in Season 2, several people ask why he's dressed as a grape, much to his annoyance.
  • Sequel Escalation: The first series, Third Life, lays the bare-bones groundwork for the sequels. The next seasons have twists that make it much harder to survive.
    • The first season is hard on its own; a small hardcore world with limited resources where you're given three lives. If you aren't the first one to become a Red Life, then you'll have Red Lives at your throat trying to kill you. When you become Red, then you'll have to balance trying to kill people while also surviving yourself.
    • The second season, Last Life, has every player randomly generate with 2-6 lives, meaning some players are given a vast disadvantage from the start. Lives can be given, meaning that they're the most valuable—but severely finite—currency on the server. Then there's the Boogeyman mechanic. Each session, at least one non-Red Life is randomly cursed to be a Boogeyman and must kill someone or else they automatically become a Red Life next session. There's also the new rules surrounding the enchanting table. There is one enchanting table set at spawn and players are unable to make more. The table is constantly stolen, traded, held hostage, or profited off of, consequently making enchanting gear and tools a hard task.
    • The third season, Double Life, adds the soulmate mechanic. Although the randomly assigned lives, lives transfer, and Boogeyman are absent from this season, the new twist ensures that people are twice as likely to die and twice as quick to become Red Lives. Players are randomly assigned a soulmate and the two must share a health bar. It's possible to suddenly die if your soulmate happens to brush too close to a Creeper, but in the case of both soulmates being attacked, the health bar depletes so fast that they're given little time to fight back. The Enchanting Table is given a invoked Difficulty Spike. Like the last season, there's only one, but it's located deep underground in the Ancient City. Not only must players find it, they also must evade the strongest mob in the game, the Warden, or at least make as little sound as possible to not spawn it in. The first session having 4× as many deaths than Last Life's first session (4 versus 1) is a testament to its difficultynote .
  • Shout-Out:
    • One defunct faction from early Season 1 is "The Village People". At least one YMCA joke was made.
    • On Day 6 of Season 2, Scott tells Pearl and Cleo that he intends to ambush Jimmy and Lizzie for his Boogeyman kill. Upon leaving, Cleo calls after him "Have fun storming the castle!".
    • Also on Day 6 of Season 2, five people decide to play a game of Red Light, Green Light in the style of Squid Game, meaning anyone caught moving gets shot (although a single arrow isn't fatal). Martyn even creates his thumbnail to have himself, Etho, Bdubs and Impulse in green jumpsuits and Grian dressed as the giant doll, and names the episode "Red Light, Green Light".
    • After Bdubs, Martyn and Scar rescue some Allays from a Pillager outpost on Day 1 of Season 3, Bdubs compares them to Navi.
    • When Tango chews out Cleo for her Escort Distraction that cost him and Jimmy their goats on Day 2 of Season 3, he says "I blast my horn in your general direction!".
    • In the Season 3 finale, Grian gathers the other Red Names on the server to form "the Fellowship of the Red" to knock the Yellow Names down to Red.
  • The Smurfette Principle: Cleo was the only female member of the server during Season 1.
    • Later averted in Season 2 with the addition of Pearl and Lizzie.
  • Switching P.O.V.: Every player in the series has uploaded their perspective of the events that unfolded to YouTube, allowing viewers to watch the series from whichever perspective they like.
  • Video-Game Lives: The core concept of the series. In Season 1, everyone had 3 lives, and in Season 2, everyone has between 2 and 6. Once you have one life left, your name turns red and your primary goal is now to kill everyone else. If you die one more time? You're permanently dead, and are now out of the series.
  • Yet Another Stupid Death: Because the server is on hardcore, there are plenty of people who die to very stupid and preventable means. For example, Scar became a Red in Season 1 because he walked blindly off a cliff, Scott dropped to Yellow in Season 2 because he accidentally threw an ender pearl instead of eating food, and soulmate duo Etho and Joel lost their first lives in Season 3 because Joel broke the boat that caged an enderman when he tried to kill it.
    • Following up on Season 3, Etho and Joel also lost their second lives when both of them participated in Grian's fishing rod game at the same time, causing them to take double the amount of damage they would have taken had only one of them participated due to their shared health.

    3rd Life 
  • Accomplice by Inaction: Right after Tango is executed by a firing squad, everyone thinks that's that... until Bdubs tells Etho that he too must be punished for not reporting Tango for breaking the rules, causing him to be executed in the same way.
  • All for Nothing: In an attempt to gain a monopoly over all the dark oak wood on the server, Grian and Scar spent an hour on Day 1 chopping down a dark oak forest to ensure they'd be the only one with saplings... not knowing that there was a second dark oak forest in a secluded corner of the map, right by Scott and Jimmy's base. When they hear on Day 2 that Scar scammed both Joel and Cleo out of their items by promising them dark oak saplings sometime in the future, they start distributing free dark oak saplings to everyone else out of spite.
  • Anvil on Head: On Day 6, Joel attempted to invoke this on Scott by setting up a trap at his base while he was away fighting, so that two anvils would fall on his head when he tried to enter. Subverted in that the trap was not set up correctly and only succeeded in giving Scott two free anvils.
  • Big Fancy Castle: Several of them have been built across the server, such as Etho's lava walled wool castle and Bdubs' and Cleo's Crastle with a moat.
  • Big "YES!": Grian shouts this out after successfully killing 3 people with his TNT trap, even though it initially failed.
  • Bookends: Scar is the first and last to die, killed by Grian in both cases.
  • Cliffhanger: Subverted. Day 5 ends with an all-out war between the Desert and Renchanted that doesn't see an end in that episode. However, Day 6 starts without this fight... and then it's Double Subverted when the fight resumes mid-episode.
  • Common Law Marriage: The "Flower Husbands", who simply have a small love declaration alongside Flowers of Romance (on Jimmy's part) before settling in the same corner of the map together. Besides, it's not like there's time or resources in the middle of a Deadly Game for them to have a proper ceremony anyway.
  • Deadly Prank: The first death on the server was caused by Grian leading a creeper over to a cluster of players to scare them, then setting it off by accident, blowing Scar up.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: Etho loves to make fun of the size of the Crastle to annoy Bdubs, as well as Bdubs' real-life height, which is actually average despite his testiness about it. After Etho gets Cleo to do the same, she points out that this trope is in play.
  • Downer Ending: Everyone dies. That much was a Foregone Conclusion. Grian's perspective really hammers it in: after an entire series of him and Scar wanting to make it big together, their friendship collapses and the two fight to the death. Grian wins, but his victory is hollow—everyone else is dead, and his only true friend for the entire series is gone at his hands. Grian ends the series by taking his own life: he didn't die with riches, friends, and power—he died sad, poor, and alone, in the ruins of his and Scar's magnum opus.
  • Enemy Mine:
    • The Crastle (Bdubs especially) was never on great terms with the Sand People, due to hostilities from the Desert's side that resulted in the loss of Bdubs' second life, and even the alliance that Cleo forged between the factions was tenuous at best. However, after the Battle for the Red Desert destroyed the Sand People's home base, and the resulting fight between the Crastle and Dogwarts resulted in the elimination of Cleo, Bdubs realized it'd be foolish to reject the Sand People's allegiance and invited them into the Crastle right before it was besieged.
    • The server ended up devolving into politics because of a schism between the Desert and the Flower Forest over the monopoly on dark oak. When things really get down to the wire, however, these two factions end up forming an alliance at the end of Day 5.
  • Explosive Stupidity: The TNT minecart trap on Day 4 (the one that netted Grian the highest kill count on the server) definitely counts. First off, it doesn't even detonate at first, meaning Grian misses out on so many more kills. However, as Scott proposes a fairly foolproof idea of detonating the bomb without killing anyone (shooting it from a distance with an arrow), Jimmy spies the TNT. For a myriad of reasons, ranging from greednote  to generally not thinking things throughnote , Jimmy immediately goes to grab it... and nudges the TNT minecart ever so slightly, which immediately sets off the bomb. Most of the people around the bomb have left by now, but the resulting explosion still kills Jimmy, Skizz, and Ren, placing the former two on their last life and destroying all three players' items (including the TNT Jimmy wanted so badly).
  • Gilligan Cut: On Day 3 Bdubs' told Cleo that he wouldn't participate in Tango's minigame, Dare To Flare, calling it a "stupid little game". The next shot? Bdubs telling Impulse he wants to play.
  • Kansas City Shuffle: After Grian sets up a water elevator in Bdubs's castle, Bdubs catches Grian with pufferfish and Grian admits that he'd tried to rig the elevator with it. Bdubs is happy that he caught Grian before the trap could be complete... and proceeds to burn to death when he goes up the elevator, realizing too late that Grian had rigged his trap—and that said trap was lava.
  • The Kingslayer: During the Battle for Dogwarts, Scar ambushes and kills Ren, the self-proclaimed Red King.
  • Mood Whiplash: On Day 1, a large group met up in the center of the map to trade resources, exchange information and dance to Bdubs' jukebox... until night fell, and about a dozen phantoms suddenly swooped down on them, sending all of them running for cover.
  • Please Put Some Clothes On: Said to Scar many times by various people, since he chose to not wear a shirt.
  • Point of No Return: Grian sticks with Scar even after losing his first life since it's clear there's no way he's avoiding retribution even if he ditches Scar; he's simply become too involved in the politics of the server to back out now.
  • A Rare Sentence: "You don't just climb into a coffin with another man and not be bros for life."
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: After Jimmy is killed in the Battle of the Red Desert, Scott — who up until this point had been trying to stay out of conflict as much as possible — vows to get his revenge on Ren and the rest of Dogwarts, and joins the Desert in their offensive. This rampage nets him a Kill Tally of 2 before he gets Killed Off for Real by Dogwarts.
  • Rule of Three:
    • Scar goes to burn Etho's base in revenge for Pizza, and it takes him three tries to do it.
    • The name of the season is Third Life, and each player gets three lives.
  • Shot at Dawn: Tango is executed by firing squad for violating the "No Helmets" rule.
  • Sole Survivor: Grian wins the final fight between himself and Scar, making him the winner of Third Life.
  • Suddenly Significant Rule: The "No Helmets" rule, which hasn't been paid much mind, suddenly becomes very important on Day 5 when Tango breaks it and is sentenced to execution by firing squad.
  • There Was a Door: Most people opt to break through Dogwarts' wall rather than use the door, much to Ren's annoyance.
  • Together in Death: After being Killed Off for Real, The Stinger of Scott's perspective of the finale has Jimmy give him an Afterlife Welcome in a completed version of the Flower Forest. Canon Welding with Empires SMP Season 1 also gives them a Reincarnation Romance.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Discussed twice.
    • On Day 6, Grian rigs the Desert to immediately explode when someone enters the main base. Scar, his own ally, considers stepping on the pressure plate, and Grian notes that if Scar dies, he won't even feel bad because he's been warned so many times. Later in the day, Scar admits he nearly stepped on the plate and only didn't from an accidental bug. He then intentionally sets it off to try and take out his enemies, but only ends up harming (but thankfully not killing) himself and Tango.
    • On Day 7, after Jimmy is Killed Off for Real, Grian notes he kind of had it coming since he not only failed to activate a trap despite ample warning, but only did activate the trap when Grian, his own ally, was caught inside.
  • Wham Episode: Day 7. Where do we begin...
    • Grian, Scott, Martyn, and Impulse each lose their first life, leaving Big B as the only remaining Green Name (and that's only because he was Put on a Bus for the episode).
    • Grian goes back on something he's pledged for the entire series and decides to stick around with Scar in spite of his "first life" rule—he's past the Point of No Return regarding the collapsing politics of the server, and even if he ditched Scar he'd still be a big target.
    • Jimmy, Cleo, and Skizz are Killed Off for Real, making them the first permanent casualties of the server.
    • The Red Desert is left a smoking crater in the aftermath of a vicious battle.
  • When Trees Attack: ZombieCleo got a scare when a sapling she was standing over grew into a tree, nearly suffocating her inside its trunk.

    Last Life 
  • After the End: Downplayed, but after Day 7, the world sure starts to feel this way. All major bases were destroyed or abandoned when their members either died, turned Red, or were forced to flee after repeated attacks from the Red Lives. Tentative alliances of greens and yellows resorted to roaming the server, looting anything valuable that was left in the ruins of bases, while the Reds got a lot more outwardly hostile, attacking anyone they saw roaming the server instead of relying on traps. The few bases left standing (the Shadow Fort and Magical Mountain) were clumsily patched up and reinforced, serving as strongholds for the survivors, though the Reds managed to sweep through them multiple times, and Martyn's attempt to hide out at Magical Mountain ended in his death as it was overrun.
  • Alone with the Psycho: During Day 3, Grian is snooping through Scott and Pearl's house while they're away, when suddenly Joel reveals his presence as he sets up a trap. Grian's scream of pure unadulterated terror is truly something to behold.
  • Anti-Climax: During Day 7, all but one of Grian's wolves is killed during the chaotic warfare. The Sole Survivor proceeds to walk into a cactus and die instantly, with the Red Names watching in complete disbelief.
  • Apologetic Attacker: Happens (most of the time) when a Boogeyman kills one of their allies.
  • Aw, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other: Joel and Lizzie, being a married couple both in- and out-of-universe. In spite of their numerous attempts to off each other, on Day 7 they share declarations of love in case either one of them died while preparing to lava-trap the Scottage from above.
  • Blatant Lies: On Day 7, Joel blows up the roof of Scar's wizard hut in an attempt to kill Scott and Cleo. On Day 8, he tells Scar that Bdubs vandalized the roof, who is conveniently eliminated at that point and can't refute it. Scar learns the truth from Pearl, however.
  • Cassandra Truth: While Mumbo and Grian are building the ghast farm platform together, Mumbo spots Joel, a Red Life, climbing the ladder up to them. Mumbo immediately alerts Grian to this fact, but Grian thinks he's just joking around and trying to scare him, until Joel shoots him off the platform to his death.
  • Colour-Coded Timestop: The Watchers talking to Martyn is often shown this way, except for the chase at the beginning of Day 8.
  • Darkest Hour: The end of Day 7. Six people had lost their last lives, and were out of the series permanently. Every major base on the server was destroyed or abandoned as their inhabitants either turned Red or were forced to flee. In the end, the Reds continue to roam the server while Scott, Cleo, Ren and Etho (the last non-Reds aside from Martyn, who had split off from them at some point and was still missing, and Pearl, who missed the end of the day due to a power outage) hunkered down in the lava-casted remains of the Scottage's underground base, struggling for food and other resources, desperately trying to figure out what to do next.
  • Difficulty Spike: In-Universe. On Day 8, Grian discovered that the server had been set to "Easy" rather than "Hard", as it was intended to be. He changed the difficulty and it had immediate effects, namely Etho's death to a creeper explosion which now caused more damage than he expected, as well as a huge uptick in armored mobs.
  • Downer Ending: Once again, everybody dies. After Martyn's death, there are no more Green Lives remaining, meaning the Reds on the server have to duke it out between themselves. Scott, Cleo, Pearl and Ren form an alliance to go after Grian and Joel, and while they lose Cleo during the fight, in the end Grian and Joel go down as well. Scott, Pearl and Ren decide that they don't want to betray one another, and each of the four remaining Reds picks a cardinal direction (Pearl picks north, Scott picks east, Martyn picks south and Ren picks west), they split off, count down, and each of them charges into the center of the map where they proceed to slaughter each other until only one remains. The winner of Last Life, Scott, only gets a brief moment to say goodbye to his axolotl Binkie before he too drops dead.
  • Epic Fail:
    • On Day 2, Joel managed to go from four lives down to one. Motivated by his Boogeyman status, he tried killing other players to remove the affliction. He started with a pitfall trap. First, he lured Lizzie there to push her in, but ended up falling into it himself. Later, with a crowd lured in, Grian accidentally discovered the, exposing it to the others there. Joel panicked and tried killing Martyn, which got him killed by Mumbo. As a last resort, he went after Scott and Pearl—successfully killing Scott but also getting himself revenge-killed by Pearl.
    • On Day 5, Scar tries to enter the Southlands' fort and triggers their TNT-lava-Pit Trap. The Southlanders are stunned when he survives, meaning they've lost their TNT for nothing as well as Mumbo's redstone door. This flips on Scar when they reset the trap and he triggers it again despite knowing it was there and having several people tell him to not trigger it. He doesn't survive a second time.
  • False Reassurance: Mumbo tries to convince Grian to walk into an obvious trap, but he doesn't do it well.
    Mumbo: If you walk through at the same time as me… then… then… then… good things'll happen I reckon.
  • Food as Bribe: When Scar and Grian are trying to get Mumbo to join their respective alliances on Day 1, Grian keeps offering more and more salmon to tempt him.
  • Foreshadowing: Cleo seems to have a knack for it this season.
    • When Cleo first comes to Lizzie's Fairy Forest on Day 1, she casually remarks on its flammability, as it's made entirely of trees. Come Day 5 and Cleo, now a Red Life, burns the Forest to the ground to dislodge and intimidate her old allies.
    • Later on, Pearl shows Cleo and Scott her booby-trapped dance room in the Green Lives club, and Cleo tells her she doesn't think it will kill Martyn or Etho but it would probably get Ren. Sure enough on Day 9, when Pearl lures the three of them into the room and activates the trap for her Boogeyman kill, Martyn and Etho survive it while Ren dies.
  • Fun with Acronyms: Team B.E.S.T.'s name is an acronym made up of the first letters of its members' names (Bdubs, Etho, Skizz, Tango). Whenever one of their members turns Red, plenty of jokes are made about having to change the acronym.
  • History Repeats:
    • Once again, Grian is responsible for the loss of Scar's first life, this time by scamming him into transferring it to him.
    • Once again, Jimmy is the first to be eliminated after losing his last life. It even happens on Day 7 again.
    • Once again, Day 7 marks the complete collapse of the server's fragile alliance system as several players die and many more drop to their Red lives.
  • Ironic Echo: Early on, Grian tried to buy a life off Scar, instead being told he could pre-order one to buy later. Scar ended up walking back on that deal, pissing Grian off immensely. After Grian turned Red on Day 4, he went back to Scar to threaten him, while Scar desperately tried to make a new deal with him. Grian's response was that he could put that deal on pre-order.
  • Irony: On Day 3, Joel sets the Southlands' outer wall on fire. Most of them fail to notice at first because they're too distracted by Mumbo's new redstone door, which he specifically built to help protect them from outside attacks.
  • Jump Scare: It happens to Scar a lot. So far, Cleo has done it twice and Grian once.
    • On Day 7, Skizz did it to Jimmy, Lizzie did it to Mumbo, and Ren did it to Big B, who even put a Scare Chord over it.
  • Kill Steal: On Day 7, Martyn became the Boogeyman after Pearl, the original Boogeyman, left the day early due to a power outage. Martyn attempted to kill his only ally Grian, but unbeknownst to either of them, Joel was watching from the shadows and was able to shoot Grian once before he killed himself with Ender pearl damage. This caused the game to credit Joel with the kill, leaving Martyn friendless and still needing to kill someone.
  • Let's You and Him Fight: On Day 6, Grian attempts to spark infighting among the Red Names so that he doesn't have to deal with a unified Red Team.
  • Monster of the Week: The Boogeyman, who is randomly selected out of the living non-Red players and must kill someone with two or more lives to cure themselves or be reduced to their last life the next day. In all, the Boogeymen were Bdubs (Day 1), Joel and Scar (Day 2), Lizzie (Day 3), Ren and Big B (Day 4), Etho (Day 5), Mumbo, Etho again, Bdubs again, Joel again, Scott, and Jimmy (Day 6), Pearl and Martyn (Day 7), Scott again (Day 8), and Pearl again (Day 9).
  • Mythology Gag: A few to Hermitcraft:
    • Scar recycles a business scheme from Season 7 of Hermitcraft, which is to rename stained glass and sell them as magical crystals while dressed as a wizard.
    • On Day 4, Mumbo decides to build a ghast farm not only for gunpowder, but also for ghast tears so he can produce and weaponize End crystals, a gag from Hermitcraft Season 8.
    • In addition to events of the last season being mentioned, Scar also points out to a group of people that when Bdubs wears iron leggings and boots with his current skin, he looks like Oscar the Grouch.
    • During Day 5, Mumbo says that the way Impulse denied being the Boogeyman seemed sus, "and by 'sus', I don't mean sustainable".
    • After Tango loses his last life on Day 8, Grian makes a grave that says "rest in peace love and plants tango".
  • No Man Should Have This Power: Martyn steals the Scottage's Wither skeleton skull for this reason, but he gives it back after hearing that Grian also has one, and bringing the Scottage's skull to their base would make it easier for Grian to collect three and summon a Wither. The Scottage have also taken it upon themselves to ensure that no one faction will ever have more than one skull after Scott, Impulse and Mumbo successfully stole Grian's skull from the Team Red base on Day 5, with Scott delivering it to Lizzie after Grian turned back yellow and rejoined the Southlands.
    Scott: It's like the Infinity Stones, we just keep them as spread apart as we can.
  • Nothing Is Scarier: Ever since Day 1, hearing the music disc "13", especially from an unknown or hidden source, is taken to mean that someone is about to attack; although the only time it actually happened was Bdubs' Boogeyman kill against Grian on Day 1. Etho exploits this on Day 3 to frighten several people.
  • Overly-Long Gag:
    • The Southlands united when they all got spyglasses and pointed it at each other's faces while going "AHA!" They kept doing this until it came time to build their base, and Martyn let off a Hurricane of Puns around the "aha" sound, to the point where the others contemplated whether it was worth killing him to make it stop. They even make an "Aha Jahar" on Day 2.
      Martyn: I'm literally sweating from laughing, that doesn't happen very often. Like, I'm a mess.
      Mumbo: What-
      Martyn: I need a shower, or a ba-hath!
      Grian: STOP!
      Mumbo: MARTYN!
      Jimmy: Seriously, can we kill him?!
    • On Day 2, Mumbo and Grian spend a very long time digging for diamonds and try to one-up each other by pretending to have hidden diamonds nearby and saying "My diamonds are right… HERE!"
  • Pet the Dog: Since Scar is absent during Day 7 for health reasons, everyone else decides to not steal the Enchantment Table from Magical Mountain since it wouldn't be fair to him, although they do take the opportunity to get free enchants without his supervision.
  • Plot Device: The Enchantment Table. Unlike the first season, the Table is set at spawn and the players are disallowed from crafting another one or any bookshelves. Although it was clearly intended to remain at spawn, there is evidently no actual rule stating such
    • Day 1: Scar and Joel steal the Table and plan to charge others for its use.
    • Day 2: Scar and Joel are both assigned to be Boogeymen for that day. Joel tries to lure other players into a trap by saying the Table is in the back of his cave, when in reality the Table is carried in his inventory. His traps fail and he eventually loses the Table when he is killed by Pearl after killing Scott in their base. Scar tries to intimidate the duo into giving him the Table, but they manage to drive him away long enough to sell the Table to Lizzie in exchange for two lives. Scar arrives at Lizzie's Fairy Forest soon after, but he doesn't find where Lizzie hid the Table and ends up getting tricked into following Pearl and Scott again.
    • Day 3: Lizzie and the Castle Alliance set up the Table within the Fairy Forest and plan to charge for its use just like Scar wanted to do, but Lizzie agrees to trade the Table to B.E.S.T. in exchange for enchanted diamond pants and a chestplate. B.E.S.T. returns the Table to its original place at spawn attempting to facilitate free use to the whole server once again, but fail to provide sufficient security which enables Scar to steal the Table a second time. Although he allows the people of the Southlands to use it free of charge for a limited time, he's very careful to keep them from taking it. They are successful in stealing Scar's horse, however, and try to create a Hostage Situation in which they demand that Scar give them the Table for the horse's safety. Scar defies them, reminding them that it was actually Grian's horse which Scar first stole from him, and held onto the Table while the horse was dropped into lava.
    • Day 4: Bdubs gives Scar a life in exchange for the Table. B.E.S.T. opts to keep the Table in a secret location in the fort, but allow everyone to use it free of charge.
    • Day 5: Bdubs and Etho offer the Table to Scar in exchange for giving Bdubs a life which he accepts, however it turns out to be a scam and Etho, that day's Boogeyman, kills Scar right after the transaction and steals back the Table for B.E.S.T. Scar belatedly realises this, and tries to call on his new contract with Bdubs and Etho to get the table back but they've given it to Skizzleman who hasn't signed Scar's contract. Scar then goes to call on his new allies to get the table back from him, only to die while recruiting Grian (to the same trap he'd miraculously survived earlier that day) and end up as a Red name.
    • Day 6: Scar attacks B.E.S.T. for the Table but they restore him to yellow and trade it to him for diamonds, as well as the promise that he'll go after Bdubs when he becomes Red again, a request from Tango who had just been killed by Bdubs, one of that day's Boogeymen.
    • Day 7: The Table now has lost most of its driving force with the server shifting to much more open warfare, only used for occasional enchanting with not much fighting surrounding it. It completely falls Out of Focus for the rest of the season.
  • Pre-Asskicking One-Liner: After Jimmy goes Red, he attempts to return to the Southlands to collect his chest full of items. The Southlanders, obviously not trusting him, threaten that if he goes any closer to their territory, "the boys" (Grian's wolf army) are gonna get him. The following exchange ensues:
    Jimmy: Who are "the boys"?
    Grian: Well, let me introduce you. (punches Jimmy, immediately causing five of Grian's wolves to start attacking him)
  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: The survivors of Day 7. They all stem from completely different factions (Scott, Pearl and Cleo from the Scottage, Ren from the Shadow Alliance, Etho from Team B.E.S.T. and Martyn from the Southlands), with varying amounts of grief between them, forced to set it aside and work together to make a final stand.
  • Red Herring: The Scottage (Scott, Pearl and later Cleo's house) was built as a decoy, and was never actually lived in. Their real base was buried under the ground, with the house serving as a distraction for anyone coming to steal from them or grief them.
  • Skewed Priorities: Grian and Joel threaten Scar to give them lives or else they will kill him and he will continually respawn in a box that they can open to drop Scar in lava, essentially eliminating him from the series. Scar's concern, however, is that the redstone they're using may have been stolen from his shop. Grian lampshades this.
  • Spooky Séance: Parodied during Day 8, with Grian and Joel trying to contact Bdubs' "ghost" (Bdubs in spectator mode), in which they succeed when Bdubs responds to their questions in the chat.
  • Stating the Simple Solution: After Grian and Joel use a TNT minecart cannon to damage the Scottage on Day 5, Scott tells them they could have done more damage by just putting the TNT directly on the house and blowing it up. Grian and Joel's argument is that they wanted to act with flair.
  • Sword of Damocles: After the Southlands collected three Wither skeleton skulls, they planned to use the threat of unleashing a Wither on the server to strongarm others into doing their bidding.
  • Tempting Fate:
    • On Day 3, Scar refused to make a deal when the Southlands held his horse Yellow Snow hostage. Out of earshot of the Southlands, Scar confidently told his viewers that there was no way they'd hurt Yellow the exact moment that Grian was dropping the horse into lava.
    • On Day 4, Bdubs trades a life to Scar for the Enchantment Table, bringing himself down to his yellow life. He promises his teammates at B.E.S.T. that he won't be turning Red... only to fall to his death at the end of the day and do just that.
    • On Day 7, Grian's wolf army constantly drops like flies, except for one wolf, who kept teleporting back to Grian no matter what. Grian calls this out, saying that that wolf never seems to give up. Literal seconds later, the wolf runs straight into a cactus and dies instantly.
  • This Is My Side: Etho divides their shared castle between himself and Bdubs after Bdubs turns Red, by drawing a line of cobblestone down the middle of it.
  • Wham Episode: A four-parter in days 4, 5, 6 and 7:
    • Day 4: Grian, Cleo, and Bdubs all reach their last life, which deals crippling blows to their respective former factions (although technically Cleo had already left the Castle Alliance shortly before turning Red).
    • Day 5: Although the Red Lives are restored to Yellow, the Fairy Fort is burned to the ground, the Scottage is blown up, and the Southlands are betrayed by Jimmy, dealing a massive blow to their alliance. Scar is threatened into giving up his remaining lives to the Reds, putting him on yellow, shortly before falling into a trap and becoming Red himself.
    • Day 6: There are not one, not two but six Boogeymen, three of which are Boogeymen for the second time. After numerous kills throughout the day there are six Red Lives, including the entirety of the Magical Mountain faction, and the Scottage is the only faction to survive with all its members still on green. The Southlands are officially disbanded, and as the three remaining members torch their base to put their old alliance to rest, they remain victorious in that they now have three Wither skeleton skulls (although Martyn doesn't know that).
    • Day 7: The Scottage is submerged in lava by Lizzie and Joel, B.E.S.T.'s snow fortress is destroyed by a Wither spawned by the now-Red Grian and Impulse, six players are Killed Off for Real and the six remaining non-Reds are forced to band together to survive.
      • Furthermore the entire dynamic of the server shifts noticeably. Where before the Reds were more focused on trapping and harassing yellow and green names, they now shift to actively hunting them down. Every faction save for the Scottage is destroyed or disbanded as their members have either died, turned Red, or were forced to flee their homes after repeated attacks from the Reds. In the end, Scott and Cleo resort to gathering the few remaining non-Reds together (save Martyn, who they couldn't find, and Pearl, who missed the second half of the day) and hiding them away in the Scottage's now-destroyed underground base. From this point forth, the Survivors spend most of their time looting the remains of abandoned bases, trying to fortify the few structures still left standing to protect themselves, and hiding away from the Reds to avoid being hunted down and slaughtered.

    Double Life 
  • Achievements in Ignorance: Martyn and Joel end up accidentally killing the "Ranchers' Revenge" Warden with fall damage on Day 4 while playing around with fishing rods.note 
  • Arrows on Fire: On Day 6, while Scott and Pearl are sieged on top of Pearl's tower base, Martyn and Cleo briefly shoot arrows through fire at the Red Lives in an attempt to set them alight.
  • Bad People Abuse Animals: Throughout Day 5, the Red Names have absolutely zero qualms threatening or killing Scar's Jellie Pandas or burning down the Sanctuary Scar built for them to try to cow Scar into submission, and later shoot Scar's pet Allay while using it for target practice. In the finale, Joel and Scar also casually blow up Pearl's dogs for no reason other than the fact they can, solidifying her stance against the Red Names.
  • Big "NO!"/Oh, Crap!: Grian's reaction when he realizes he's linked to Scar.
  • Blow That Horn: In Grian's first episode, he collects several goat horns in a mountainous corner of the world to test out their sounds, and gives away the "bad" ones (e.g. the Seek variant, which makes a noise identical to the sound that plays during Pillager raids) to other players. These players later unofficially form a group called the Horn Club/Gang, where they would respond by blowing their own Goat Horns when a member blows theirs.
    • On Day 5, the horns turn into the Horns of Destruction type when the Reds use it as a rallying cry when hunting down Grian and Scar.
  • Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick: Scar's description for his third episode goes as follows:
    Welcome to Last Life season 3 renamed Double Life SMP - episode 3! We start Double Life Ep3 by opening the Jellie / Panda reserve and couples retreat. The first visitor is Mart[y]n and Cleo and I try to bring them back together. We became the worst paper salesman and play Grian's snow bucket challenge with Bdubs. Who will win, Bdubs or me? You will have to find out. Also, Tango lets a Warden out onto the map...
  • Call-Back: A group of players find an amethyst geode on Day 1, and Martyn wastes no time in making a spyglass and an "aha" pun. The others tell him to not bring that back.
  • Can't Live Without You: By the synchronized nature of soulbound pairs, when one player dies, their soulmate dies as well immediately afterward.
  • Chekhov's Gun:
    • On Day 4, Ren and BigB rig a trap using a zombie spawner, and use their generated zombie "army" to crash Bdubs and Impulse's pool party at the end of the episode, killing them in the chaos that ensued. This returns as a Chekhov's Boomerang on Day 5, when Scar digs into the zombie pit and loses his and Grian's first life trying to escape.
    • The modded mechanism where Skulk Sensors can be triggered by the sound of someone's voice. At first, it's just an obstacle for anyone venturing into the Ancient City to get enchantments in order to avoid spawning the Warden in, but on Day 5, Joel and Etho rig a TNT trap using one, killing Scar (and thus Grian) while he was trying to invite everyone to a funeral for Jimmy and Tango (who had been Killed Off for Real earlier the same episode).
    • At the start of Day 5, Grian attempts to prank Scar using a falling dripstone stalactite, which almost kills the both of them. At the end of the episode, he skewers Ren with a falling stalactite and causes him and BigB to be Killed Off for Real with the same trick.
    • At the end of Day 5, Grian makes a grave in the mountains for BigB after accidentally killing him by proxy. Scott stumbles across it on Day 6 and he later steals the sand from the grave-site to make TNT, which is later used to either distract the two Wardens the Red Lives ferried up to the surface... or to commit suicide at the end of the series.
  • Downer Ending: As usual, everyone dies. Once the Red Lives hunt down the remaining Yellow Lives, two of the five remaining soulbound pairs at the time end up dying as a result of their own or their partners' stupidity (in oddly ironic/symbolic ways to boot). After Pearl kills the remaining two enemy soulbound pairs, she meets up with Scott. She gets a few moments to relax with her dogs, …before Scott blows himself up, instantly killing them both due their synchronization.
  • Dramatic Irony: On Day 5, while discussing how Scar stole the Enchanting Table the previous day and how they'd have to find a way to get it from him, Martyn remarks, "There's no way he's not buried it in the Panda Sanctuary, by the way, it's just gonna be underneath a couple of, like, dirt blocks or something for sure." As it turns out, according to Scar's episode for Day 4, that's exactly what he did, and that's what the Reds find when they start griefing the Panda Sanctuary.note 
  • Due to the Dead: Zig-Zagging Trope.
    • While members of the server hold or attend unofficial funerals and make small memorials for those who are Killed Off for Real, even if they themselves were the killers, most have no issue stealing from the dead's bases like they would have done anyway if they were alive.
    • Robbing the dead's inventory-items if they're not on their final life is more grey territory than anything; putting the dead's items in a double-chest is usually considered basic courtesy, especially if the people in question just turned Red and can freely murder item-thieves as revenge.
  • Exact Eavesdropping: At the start of Day 5, Scott and Cleo learn about Team Rancher's plan to kill Grian and Scar, the last Greens left at the time, by eavesdropping on the Reds' meeting the Ranchers called. Martyn also happens to eavesdrop on them at the same time, and the three gather to seek out Pearl, believing Working with the Ex to be the best option for them.
  • Foil: Scar and Scott, on a small scale. While both of them build an animal-related structure claiming it can help to bring soulmates closer together (the Jellie Panda Reserve/Petting Zoo and the Relationship Ranch, respectively), Scar seems genuine in his attempts, while Scott does so with the explicit intention of gaslighting soulbound pairs into falling apart. This ultimately doesn't last due to Cerebus Syndrome.
  • Foreshadowing: Likely unintentionally. On Day 5, Joel swears that if the Relation-Ship burns, everything burns. In the episode after, him and his soulmate lose their last life by burning in lava in Martyn and Pearl's trapped Nether portal after their portals linked up.
  • Gone Horribly Wrong: On Day 3, Tango attempts to get revenge on Grian and Scar burning down their ranch by ferrying a Warden up into their base, which just results in the Warden roaming the server and terrifying everyone. The resulting chaos indirectly causes the death of soulmate pair Ren and BigB near the end of the session, making the first Red Lives.
  • Got Volunteered: Tango and Jimmy get roped into defending Grian and Scar from the wrath of the rest of the server on Day 4 because they happened to come up to their safety platform so Tango could enchant his boots just before everyone else shows up to lay siege on them.
    Grian: (in the chat) tango and jimmy are going to defend us to the end
    Jimmy: Grian, I don't think we agreed on that.
  • History Repeats: On Day 5, Jimmy becomes the first to permanently die on the server. For the third time.note  Naturally, this is lampshaded by everyone, including his content creator counterpart who titles his episode "I AM CURSED..".
  • Hostage Situation: Played for Laughs on Day 5 when the so-called "Divorce Quartet", the only Yellow Names at the time, take Jimmy hostage and trap him in a cobbled deepslate and dirt box in his own Ranch just to mess with him.
  • Irony: After Bdubs betrayed Impulse and took his last life at the end of 3rd Life, and Impulse helped summon the Wither that brought Bdubs down to Red and directly resulted in him losing his last life in Last Life, the two are now partners in Double Life and must keep each other alive.
  • Joke and Receive: When off adventuring in caves with Pearl, Martyn jokes about the possibility that both of their soul-linked partners have also teamed up. Later, it turns out they have, and their partners quickly tire of waiting for Martyn and Pearl and abandon them.
    Martyn: I think whoever we're soulbound with, I think they're also hanging out together. I would love that parallel, seeing what we're doing and what they're doing at the same time.
    Pearl: I know. Imagine if both the people we're partnered with, yeah, if they're linked. You'd see two POVs of both of us wondering who they're partnered with.
  • Kick the Dog: Just about everyone bullies Jimmy and Tango. On Day 2 alone, Scott leads an effort to stop them getting goat horns and then gets everyone to stop responding to their horn calls after they get horns, then gets Cleo to do an Escort Distraction so he can steal their goats, which directly results in Scar burning down their base since they stole his horse while they were falling for Cleo's trick.
  • Love Letter: Grian, unsatisfied with his own soulmate, secretly has eyes on BigB. At the end of Day 2, he breaks into Box and builds a not-so-secret heart. He attaches a sign saying "Get yourself a soulmate who doesn't die to endermen <3". He also gifts a chest full of bread with a sign reading "I baked you this bread, it's made of GRAIN", a hint for BigB since "grain" is a misspelling of 'Grian'.
  • Mega Neko: The Jellie Pandas, to some degree. While they are functionally Panda mobs, exclusively from Scar's perspective, they're retextured to look like his cat Jellie, resulting in huge "cats" the size of giant pandas.
  • No, You: When Pearl and Martyn try to make a trade with Impulse and Bdubs, Pearl suggests to Martyn that they could find better deals elsewhere, saying that they're "scraping the bottom of the barrel". Bdubs angrily tells Pearl that it is her, not them, at the bottom of the barrel.
  • Papa Wolf: On Day 4, the sight of Joel and Etho threatening his Jellie pandas was enough to motivate Scar into jumping down from a tall platform. And surviving with the water bucket trick. Joel and Etho actually left Scar alone for the rest of the siege in shock that Scar was able to pull a move like that off.
  • Portmanteau Couple Name: In-universe. While Joel refers to him and Etho as "Boat Boys" or "Boat Gang", on Day 1, Grian calls them "SmallEtho".
    Grian: Well, you can't be "EthoBeans"!
  • Professional Killer:
    • On Day 4, several soulbound-pairs of the server consider the idea of hiring the resident Red Lives to kill their enemies for them. For example, Scott and Cleo hire Joel and Etho, who had just turned Red earlier that episode, to kill Team Rancher in an established feud. Joel and Etho contemplate this, but accept the offer upon learning Tango has access to the enchanting table that Scar stole at the start of the episode.note 
    • On Day 5, one idea bounced around in the Red Lives' meeting is to get Cleo (a Yellow Life at the time) to attack Scar and Grian for them.
  • Red String of Fate: The main gimmick of the season is that two soulbound players share a health bar, and realize someone is their soulmate when the other takes damage (or in the case of Jimmy with Tango, when the other dies). As a result, there's a tendency on Day 1 for players to hit each other to see if the other is their soulmate. This is eventually Played for Drama on Scott and Cleo's side as they decide to Screw Destiny, among many other twists and turns related to this.
  • Relationship Sabotage: Many players try to do this in order to weaken other partnerships and alliances.
    • Bdubs and Impulse try to get people alone to give them vague warnings about their soulmates trash talking about them behind their backs, although it doesn't always work due to some people knowing that their soulmate couldn't possibly have had time to gossip, and some people already being on bad terms with their soulmate making Bdubs' and Impulse's efforts unnecessary.
    • Grian tries to get Big B to break up with Ren by making himself out as a secret admirer to Big B. It somewhat works since Big B was willing to secretly ally with Grian, and the "affair" has put some strain on Big B and Ren's relationship.
    • Scott creates the "Relationship Ranch" on Day 3, which he markets as a couples' retreat meant to strengthen relationships with trust exercises. Its true purpose, however, is for Scott to gaslight the couples by Accentuating the Negative in supervising the activities and inciting concern between the couples.
  • Rod And Reel Repurposed: Much of Day 4 is dedicated to every other person on the server playing around with fishing rods by flinging entities far into the air with them. While it is indeed fun, it carries a strong risk to it in that the entity in question can be killed if they don't land in Soft Water or have enough health to survive the fall—first demonstrated by the "Ranchers' Revenge" Warden at the start of the episode, then Etho and Joel in the middle of it, causing the two to become Red Names.
  • Screw Destiny: Due to their soulmates having gone adventuring to the Deep Dark and the Nether in the very first episode, Scott and Cleo decide to choose to become pseudo-soulmates purely because their own soulmates refuse to show up to player gatherings, and they call their soulmates out for this at the end of the episode. Unfortunately, Pearl doesn't take this well, due to not exactly volunteering to go adventuring in the first place, and perceives it as abandonment in turn.
    Scott: I like Cleo. I don't need a soulmate. I pick my own destiny, BigB!
  • Sticky Fingers: This applies to just about everyone when it comes to everything; everyone's base is pretty much free game when it comes to robbing valuables.
  • Stylistic Suck: Ren and BigB's Box was designed to be as unappealing as possible so people would be deterred from visiting/attacking. As its name implies, it's a giant cobblestone box with facial features being added as the series progresses.
  • Suspiciously Apropos Music:
    • During the pool party at the end of Day 4, Impulse (the "DJ") puts on the music disc "13", a creepy ambient track, when armed zombies begin rising from the pool thanks to Ren and BigB's trap. The music plays as night falls and Bdubs is chased by the pair until he is killed.
    • Averted at the memorial held for the burning Relation-Ship, since the only music disc the attendees had was "otherside", a light and upbeat march.
  • Synchronization: The premise of this season. Each player's health-bar is linked to another, if one takes damage so will the other, and if one dies, the other does as well. The official series description refers to these duos as "soulmates". Since the game doesn't directly tell people who their soulmate is, most of the first day was spent with everyone running around punching each other to find their partner. (And in Jimmy and Tango's case, they didn't find out until the latter lost his first life.)
  • Tempting Fate: In Scott's second episode, while discussing the goat horns and the goats living near them, he and Cleo both decide to hide the goats from Jimmy so he can't get a horn. The very next scene starts with Scott spotting Jimmy leading a couple of goats away.
  • This Is Gonna Suck: After Tango and Jimmy end up getting stuck up on a wooden platform with Grian and Scar while the entire server is out for the latter two's blood, Tango ends up asking a very important question.note 
    Tango: Is the pillar up to this made out of wood?
    (Grian silently looks at Scar)
    Tango: Your awkward silence speaks everything.
  • Underground City: The only Enchanting Table allowed on the server begins squirreled away in the Ancient City. Scar steals it on Day 4, causing him to become Hated by All on the server. The location becomes vital on Day 6 as one of the sites of confrontation between the factions at the time.
  • Undignified Death: After being targeted by the Red Names for over half the episode, pulling off the S-tier MLG Water Bucket the previous day, on top of surviving several days in the series without dying, Scar ends up falling into Ren's zombie spawner pit and dying in it on Day 5.
    Martyn: (in the in-game chat) yikes, the reds can't do it so the world did
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: On Day 2, Pearl goes to Ren and BigB's Box where she jokingly steals their horse. When Ren tries to retrieve it, he accidentally looks at an Enderman and is killed, taking the first life of him and his soulmate, BigB. This leads to Pearl being banned from Box and Ren branding her as a harbinger of evil and "demoness".
  • Visual Pun: Joel and Etho, being soulbound to each other, have built a large ship as their base called the Relation-ship. Scott burns half of it to ashes on Day 5; combined with Joel's resultant Madness Mantra of "If the ship burns, everything burns", it ends up as unintentional foreshadowing to Joel and Etho's final death in the finale by burning in lava.
  • Wham Episode: Episode 4, when things really start to hit the fan. By the end of the session, there are four pairs of Red Lives, and everyone else is Yellow except Grian and Scar, whose base was sieged by literally everyone else for the stolen enchanting table save Jimmy and Tango, who became one of the Red Life pairs during their defense against the siege.
  • Working with the Ex: Discussed on Day 5. At the start of the episode, when Team Rancher calls the other Red Names to a meeting, Cleo and Scott snoop on them and discuss that if they're forming a Red Alliance, they'd have to team up with their separated assigned-soulmates to stand a chance against them, as by that point, the Red Names consisted of over half the server population. It's later played straight when the Ranchers' call turns out to be one to kill Grian and Scar, the last Green Lives left, and the two believe they'd be the Reds' next target as the only Yellow Lives left; though in the end, they stick to primarily working alongside their non-soulbound partners as it made them less vulnerable, forcing enemies to go through two health-bars instead of one.


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Grian finds his soulmate

Grian discovers that he's been paired up with Scar (who is both infamous for how much he keeps dying, and had already partnered up with him two seasons prior). He doesn't take it well.

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