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The most beautiful trio of ladies ever to play video games (From left to right: Taylor, Rae, and Peyton). Yes.

Peyton: And I am Player One, lord of Kain's every passing action! Yes.
Taylor: And that's Peyton, expressing her tyranny over the controller.


Sometime between creating the My Little Pony: The Mentally Advanced Series and dealing with Content ID, master chief Greg Hoffman (a.k.a., FiMFlamFilosophy) took the voice of his version of Rainbow Dash, and crowned her Queen of the Mojave Desert. This act planted the seed that would grow into the Let's Ramble With Rae series.

Unlike other Let's Plays that run between 30 minutes to an hour, if not longer, each Let's Ramble episode lasts around 15 minutes or less. Let's Ramble also uploads one new episode for each current playthrough about once a week barring scheduling conflicts. The brevity and frequency of new episodes is due to how busy Hoffman & Co. are with other projects, as well as how much effort it takes to make a Let's Ramble to start; for comparison, Hoffman's latest let's play — for Fallout 4 — has no voice acting and scripting, allowing him to put out a 20-minute video every day.


Since the series began in May of 2013, Rae and her two friends, Taylor and Peyton (all three of whom are simians), have tackled (in order of appearance; current playthroughs in bold):


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