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Up, down, all around, welcome to the JSmith town!
—"JSmith Town", his theme song

JSmithOTI (real name Josh Smith) is a YouTube let's player and ultimate scumlord from somewhere in Pennsylvania. He plays a variety of indie games for the amusement of his viewers, and streams every so often. His YouTube channel can be found here, while his Twitch is here. Every week he plays a new game as part of his "A week of" series and produces reviews of indie games under the name "Quick look @".

Known primarily for his extreme childishness and immaturity, his love of the number 69. Formerly part of the now-deceased podcast Saving Progress along with Northernlion and Michealalfox now stars alongside Northernlion and RockLeeSmile on the NLSS every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. In addition the JSmith Super Show (or JSSS) takes place every Tuesday on Twitch Tv.

Games he featured on his "A Week Of" series: (incomplete)


Add in some tropes, you scumlord!

  • Arc Number: 69, obviously
  • Catchphrase: Besides 69, he has a variety of amusing ones, such as "dongleberries" and "scumlord", and the immortal lyrics of his theme song, displayed in the quote at the top of this page
  • Fanservice: He's a fairly handsome man, and his girlfriend's also quite pretty, which makes a lot of people who would otherwise hate his use of facecam quite happy. There's a reason people keep telling him to take off his shirt on livestreams
  • Failed a Spot Check: About as bad as his friends for missing obvious things
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  • The Nicknamer: When playing The Binding of Isaac he often gives names to the items. For example, Number One becomes "my shit is piss and it rolls around". Josh even made an Isaac mod to change a lot of the item names to his nicknames.
  • Running Gag: He has about 69 of them. They're a big part of his humor
    • His love of the number 69
    • Calling everything "scum" or a "scumlord", including himself
    • People keep bringing up his "sense of childlike wonder", after he said in a livestream that it was one of his defining characteristics
    • The horse mask
    • His love of laundry and washing machines
    • Dongers, for a time, adopted from a Twitch meme that got big in the NLSS chat before being stomped on. Josh's stream is the last one to still allow them to be raised.

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