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Gaming and stuff is a channel owned by a guy who doesn't want to reveal his name nor update his age every year. He started making videos in February 2014, but, because of shyness, he didn't do voice narrations until episode 4 of his Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky Let's Play. He uses emulators because he can't afford capture cards. He invented the Parlocke, a type of nuzlocke where if you use more or less pokémon than the gym leader you're fighting, you have torelease the difference.


In his 100th video, he said that he plans on starting to do non-pokémon videos after finishing his Explorers of Sky and Emerald Parlocke let's plays. In december 6 2015, he finally started doing a non-pokemon series: The Legend of Zelda: Link's awakening DX death mode

By december of 2014, his videos started being recorded much less frecuently because his laptop's screen broke, so he had to either use a TV or a PC screen to record and couldn't go to his room to do it. The screen was fixed on mid 2015, so he now records more frecuently and recovered his confidence lost when the screen broke as he had started to do videos only when no one was at home.

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Tropes found in this channel:

  • The unreveal: Episode 13 of the LP of Pokemonmysterydungeonexplorers of sky, he finally decided to use a webcam......only showing his neck and below, he never used one again (though it may be somewhat possible to see his face if you look closely at reflections in any video done with a camera)
  • Art Evolution: He went from no sidebars, to sidebars made with a mouse in paint and hand-made sidebars to photoshop sidebars with images taken from the internet
  • The unfought: Steven in the emerald parlocke, as he lost to Wallace
  • Performance Anxiety in the last episode of his Pokemon Emerald Parlocke, he lost to wallace's gyarados even though he could have won had he attacked instead of trying to set up. This may have been because it was the finale and nervousism, or it may have just been a case of {{didn't think this through}}
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  • Really Dead Montage: At the end of the Emerald Parlocke, it showed all of the pokemon that died (including the ones that died on the final battle and accidentally excluding Manly Man the Machop), how they died and the last attacks on most major battles.*
  • DoubleMeaningTitle: Episode 13 of the LP of Pokemonmysterydungeonexplorers of sky was called "SHOCKER", which meant two things:
    • 1: The dungeon he went to in that episode mainly had electric types
    • 2: He used a webcam (even though it ended up being The unreveal)

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